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Richasi's Le Grand Chapiteau began operations on June 16, 1999 and since that time we've continued to grow, morph and change. In this section you'll find a list of what we've updated since our inception. Use the links to the right to access each year's update notes (which will appear when selected). The current year is already in view.


01/01/18: Added "Bows over the years" pix to La Nouba Evolution page

01/02/18: Updated ZAIA pages:
            - Added 6 Theater Pix to Scenographie
            - Added 9 Creation Storyboards to Evolution
            - Added "Tai Yang Ju Tuan" Logo to Evolution
            - Added 3 eCard images to Evolution
            - Added 4 Costume pix to Personages

01/03/18: Updated WINTUK pages:
            - Added 2 Storyboard Pix to Evolution
            - Added 6 Theater/Stage pix to Scenographie
            - Added new pix to Charivari, Slackwire, Rola Bola, Straps
                and Russian Bar acts to Experience

01/04/18: More Updates...
            - ZARKANA: Added 5 pix to Evolution; 3 pix to Aerial Straps
            - KOOZA: Added 5 pix to Scenographie; text from Scène Éthique
            - TOTEM: Fixed Scenographie text (Scène Éthique); added pix
            - LUZIA: Added 4 pix to Scenographie; text from Scène Éthique

01/05/18: And More Updates...
            - DELIRIUM: Updated Scenographie text
            - BELIEVE: New Scenograpie Text & Pix, Character Pix
            - MYSTERE: New Character Pix, Tweaked Expérience
            - KA: Added 6 Costume Pix, Musicians Pix to Vocalits

01/08/18: Updated Luzia's Experience Pictures

01/12/18: Updated Quidam's Experience & Scenographie Pictures

01/15/18: Clean-up edits for Alegria, Amaluna, IRIS, and "O"
          (adding dates to acts, fixing errors, and other code changes)

01/16/18: Clean-up edits for OVO, Corteo, Dralion, and Kooza

01/17/18: Clean-up edits for La Nouba, Kurios, KA, and Quidam

01/18/18: Clean-up edits for Saltimbanco, Varekai, Mystere, and Zarkana

01/19/18: Clean-up edits for Wintuk, Zumanity, Volta, Joya and Zaia

02/01/18: Added some new pix...
            - JOYA: Horizontal Juggling, Icarian Games, Handbalancing on
                    Canes, Aerial Straps, Aerial Ring, Trapeze Duplex,
                    Rola Bola, Rope Skipping, and Roller Skating
            - KA: Dressing Ritual, Handbalancing
            - VOLTA: Batons, B-Ball
            - WINTUK: Aerial Cube, Skipping Ropes, Roller Skates,
                        and Perches
            - MYSTERE: Duo Straps, Flying Man in Silk
            - CORTEO: Diabolo, Foot Juggling, Teatro Intimo, Stage

02/02/18: More New Pix...
            - AMALUNA: Static Trapeze, Hoops, Diabolo
            - KOOZA: Aerial Straps, Hand-to-Hand
            - DRALION: Balancing on Chairs
            - ALEGRIA: Flying Main in Silk
            - ZUMANITY: Dance Trapeze
            - QUIDAM: Cloud Swing (Male)
            - ZARKANA: Rola Bola, Icarians, Chairs, Hoops, and Bed

03/01/18: Overhauled Zumanity's Scenographie page
          Updated text in Zumanity's Personages page (Costumes)
          Updated Zumanity's Index page, massaging the intro text
          Upated Alegria's Scenographie page (Beau Rivage)
          Added a Scenographie page to Paramour
          Overhauled Viva Elvis' Scenographie page

03/02/18: Updated La Nouba's Scenographie Page
          Overhauled MJ ONE's Scenographie Page

03/03/18: Overhauled "O"'s Scenographie Page

03/06/18: Overhauled KA's Scenography Page (Text & Renderings)
          Updated Zumanity's Costumes Page (Added Text)
          Updated Zumanity's Music Page (Added Text)
          Added Projections to Zumanity's Scenographie Page

03/07/18: Overhauled Zarkana's Scenogaphy Page
          Updated Zarkana's Costumes Page (Added Text)
          Zarkana's Characters List Redux (w/Pix)
          Added Text to Zarkana's Vocalist Page

03/09/18: Overhauled LOVE's Scenography Page
          (Concludes Scénographie Update, Phase 2)

03/12/18: Updated ZUMANITY Experience
            - Added a lot to Retired Acts

03/13/18: Updated LUZIA Experience with new official
            texts from latest Press Kit

03/14/18: Updated TOTEM Experience
            - Moved "Handbalancing" and "Foot Juggling" to Retire
            - Moved "Contortion" and "Escalated" to Main
            - Added "Cyr Wheel" to Reserve

03/15/18: Added "Aerial Cart" to Kurios' Acts in Reserve
          Updated CORTEO Experience
            - Moved "Tightwire" and "Duo Adagio" to Retire
            - Added "Hula Hoop" and "Suspended Pole" to Main

03/16/18: CRYSTAL Page Updates:
             - Added "Personages" Page (Costumes & Characters)
             - Added "Scénographie" Page
             - Added "Expérience" (Acts/Scenes Texts w/pix)
             - Added "Itinéraire" (Updated Tour & Added Visuals)
             - Re-worked Main Index Page Introduction Text & Banner

03/20/18: Updated QUIDAM Scenographie with "Sound Design" text
            from Meyer Sound
          Updated QUIDAM Music page with more behind-the-scenes
            on music creation
          Updated DRALION Scenograpie with quotes from Roy
          Updated DRALION Itinerarie with more creation story text
          Updated ALEGRIA Fire-Knife Act description, and
                Shoulder-Pole Wire description
          Updated ALEGRIA Clowns text

03/22/18: Updated Historia (1983-1991 entires) with some new text
          Updated NOUVELLE EXPERIENCE Experience, Personages, and
            Main Index Page text
          Updated REINVENTE with Experience and Personages text
          Updated VAREKAI Experience with some new text
          Updated VAREKAI Personages with new Character pix

05/11/18: Updated "Koudamaré", "The Forest" lyrics (KA)
          Updated "Mer Noire", "Svecounia", "Nostalgie" lyrics ("O")
          Updated "Kooza Dance" lyrics (Kooza)

05/17/18: Added "Sound Design" to Corteo (From Meyer Sound)
          Tweaked La Nouba's "The Red Pierrot" character description
          Updated "Zumanity" Evolution w/Debra Brown text
                and intro "Animation" text.

05/19/18: Updated Kooza's "Itineraire" intro text
          Tweaked Dralion's Musique intro text
          Updated ZED's Evolution text
          Tweaked "O"'s Milestone's Box, "Feu" act text

05/21/18: Tweaked Alegria's "Old Birds" description
          Tweaked TOTEM's Scenography intro text, and touched the
                "Perches", "Rings Trio" and "Characters" texts
          Tweaked OVO's Scenography intro text

05/23/18: Added text to IRIS's Musique Intro
          Tweaked Zarkana's Evolution text (Zark in Russia)
          Tweaked KA's Scenography & Evolution page text

05/25/18: Added to ONOD 1 Intro Text
          Added to LOVE's "Because", "Get Back", "Glass Onion"
            Experience Text. And to some Background/Evolution texts

05/26/18: Added to VIVA ELVIS' Background/Evolution
          Added to ZAIA's Background/Evolution

05/30/18: Added to ZARKANA's Acts, Characters, Costumes Text
          Added to MJ Immortal's Texts

09/01/18: Updated Banana Shpeel's Background/Evolution and
            Character page

09/02/18: Added "Banana Blog: Schmelky Production", a copy of the
            defunct blog in association with Banana Shpeel in
            NYC, from the point of view of Marty Schmelky.

09/03/18: Updated BELIEVE Costumes & Characters Page Text

09/04/18: Updated BELIEVE Evolution page Text

09/05/18: Updated MJ IMMORTAL Evolution/Background Text

09/06/18: Updated MJ ONE Evolution/Background Text

09/07/18: Updated BELIEVE Scénographie page, adding texts to
            Projections and The Venue sections

09/08/18: Updated VIVA ELVIS' Scénographie page, adding texts
            to all sections from Sound and Communication

09/09/18: Updated "Run" lyrics (Amaluna)
          Updated "You Must Be Joking" lyrics (Kurios)
          Added "To The Stars" lyrics (Volta)

09/10/18: Updated Halifax G7 Special Text (Events)

09/11/18: Updated "Gamlan" lyrics ("O")
          Added "Hum Jaisa Na Dekha" lyrics (Kooza)
          Added "Burn Me Up" lyrics (Amaluna)
          Added "We've Been Waiting For So Long" lyrics (KA)
          Added "Gravity Levitas" lyrics (Kurios)

09/12/18: Added BAZZAR logo and Index Page to Creations

09/13/18: Updated VOLTA section to bring it up to the current
            version of the show (retired Parkour, Batons, etc.
            Removed the old Prologue, and added Mr. Wow, etc.)

09/14/18: Updated Balto & Sergey text for La Nouba

09/15/18: Added New Pix to SCALADA pages

09/16/18: Added DIVA to Special Events Section (Text & Pics)

09/17/18: Reworking Cirque at Sea Page (Special Events):
            Intro, Carousel Lounge, and Creative Team text
          Added "Dance Interlude" to La Nouba

09/18/18: Continuing Cirque at SEA rework - VIAGGIO

09/19/18: Finished Cirque at SEA rework - SONOR

09/20/18: Added STONE, Hommage à Plamondon to Hommage Series

09/21/18: Added "Juste une P'tite Nuite", Hommage à Les Colocs

09/22/18: Updated Luna Petunia Pages
            - Added Episode Synopsis/Pics for Season 3
            - Added Episode Synopsis/Pics for Season 4
            - Added Episode Synopsis/Pics for Season 5

09/23/18: Added Luna Petunia "Extras"
            (Color Wheel, Growth Chart, 3 Color Sheets)
          Added "IRIS CD Sampler" to Musique / White Labels
          Tweaked 2017 Events texts and added icons

09/24/18: Added 2018 Monaco 45 Degrees show to 2018 Events Page
          Added "2018 Dubai World Cup" to 2018 Events Page
          Added "88th Saudi National Day" to 2018 Events Page

09/25/18: Added 7 Boutique Pics to MJ ONE Scenography
          Added 7 Theater Pics to MJ ONE Scenography
          Added 9 Lighting Plot Pics to MJ ONE Scenography

09/26/18: Added old "Madame's Diary" to Zumanity Features
          Added "The Effects" text to "Warrior's Path" - McLaren Racing
            Special Event. Plus added 8 new pictures of the event.
            [From Moment Factory]

09/27/18: Added "KA Creators' Notebook" to KA Features
          Added "Wintuk Creators' Notebook" to Wintuk Features

09/28/18: Added REVOLUTION LOUNGE to Noted Special Events & Projects

09/29/18: Added GOLD LOUNGE to Noted Special Events & Projects

09/30/18: Added LIGHT NIGHTCLUB to Noted Special Events & Projects

10/01/18: Updated "Superbowl XLVI Halftime Show" listing on Events Page
    - New Text and 13 pictures

10/02/18: Updated Varekai Music Text (added some quotes from Corradi
                about Cirque Music)
          Updated Mystere's Evolution Text (3.0)
                (more to be done there later)
          Updated Quidam's Scenogrphy Text (Sound Design & Telepherique)

10/03/18: Updated & Expanded 2010 History in Historia

10/04/18: Updated & Expanded 2011 History in Historia

10/05/18: Updated & Expanded 2012 History in Historia

10/06/18: Updated & Expanded 2013 History in Historia

10/07/18: Updated & Expanded 2014 History in Historia

10/08/18: Added 2015 History to Historia

10/09/18: Added 2016 History to Historia

10/10/18: Added 2017 History to Historia

10/11/18: Added "Battlefield" lyrics (KA)

10/12/18: Added "Evolution: Alegria 2" Tour DVD to Telemagik
          Added "Spirit: Dralion" Tour DVD to Telemagik

10/13/18: Added "Voyage: Corteo" Tour DVD to Telemagik
          Added "Treasure Box: Kooza" Tour DVD to Telemagik

10/14/18: Added "Totem" Tour DVD to Telemagik
          Added "Panasonic ZED" Bluray to Telemagik

10/15/18: Added CirqueVR to Projects/Creations

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