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Richasi's Le Grand Chapiteau began operations on June 16, 1999 and since that time we've continued to grow, morph and change. In this section you'll find a list of what we've updated since our inception. Use the links to the right to access each year's update notes (which will appear when selected). The current year is already in view.


01/03/19: Added "X - The Land of Fantasy" logo to Creations Page
          Added "Thunder" lyrics (Totem)

01/09/19: Added "Dancing Ants" lyrics (Volta)

01/13/19: Updated KURIOS Itinerary
          Added Recent TORUK visual / Updated Itinerary
          Added Recent CRYSTAL visuals / Updated Itinerary

01/14/19: Added BAZZAR Experience (acts) w/pics (Preliminary)
          Added BAZZAR Poster to Tour/Itineraire page

01/15/19: Added Recent VOLTA visual / Updated Itinerary
          Added Recent LUZIA visual / Updated Itinerary
          Added Recent OVO visual / Updated Itinerary

01/16/19: Updated SEPTIMO DIA Pages
            - Created Proper Itineraire Page w/Visuals
            - Added 3 Visuals / Updated Itinerary
          Updated KOOZA Itinerary

01/17/19: Added "Alegria: Return of an Icon" landing page
            w/banner, brief introduction, and Creators List
          Added Recent TOTEM visual / Updated Itinerary
          Added Recent AMALUNA visuals / Updated Itinerary

01/18/19: Added "Big Top Academy" landing page
            w/character description & Episode List
          Added Recent CORTEO visual / Updated Itinerary
          Updated CORTEO's Vocalists

01/20/19: Updated/tweaked Vocalists for: Amaluna, IRIS, & KA

01/21/19: Updated/tweaked Vocalists for: Kooza, La Nouba, "O", and Saltimbanco

01/22/19: Updated/tweaked Dralion's vocalists & dates on its
            other pages; Updated Vocalists for Alegria & Quidam.

01/23/19: Updated/tweaked Vocalists for: Corteo, JOYA, Varekai

01/24/19: Updated/tweaked Vocalists for: Viva Elvis, Totem, Zaia

01/25/19: Updated/tweaked Vocalists for: Zarkana, Zumanity, Delirium

01/26/19: Added "Sisyphe" lyrics (Alegria)
          Added "Globetrotters" lyrics (Volta)
          Tweaked Experience for OVO, Mystere

01/27/19: Updated Experience (Act Order) for: Corteo & JOYA
          Added BAZZAR Music Page (Vocalists & Songs)

01/28/19: Updated Experience (Act Order) for: Volta & Zumanity

01/29/19: Added a prelminary "X: The Land of Fantasy" page
            (Banner, Creators List, Brief Description)

01/30/19: Updated Alegria 25th Anniversary Acts Listing
          Added New Employee "Mystere 25 Live" Vinyl to Musique (Cover)
          Added "Messi10" Logo to Creations Page

01/31/19: Added Slackwire act to Luzia (Reserve)
          Added cities to vocalists: Banana Shpeel, MJ Immortal, Zarkana
          Tweaked Zumanity some more
          Updated Volta's Aerial Straps Duo w/text & Pics
          Added VOLTA DVD Cover - Digital Only/Canada Only (No Page)

02/14/19: Added Set & Stage, Music, and Costumes & Characters
            to BAZZAR from Press Kit

02/21/19: Reordered 1985 Tour Experience

03/14/19: Tweaked Mystere's Giant Characters description
          Added UPC to NAGA version of Nouvelle Experience cassette

03/15/19: Tweaked Alegria's Clowns descriptions & pics

03/18/19: Tweaked the "8400 2e - Cirque IHQ" article (added text)

04/19/19: All about Alegria 2019:
            - Tweaked the logo & banner for the page
            - Added in Characters w/Descriptions & Pictures
            - Added in Vocalists & Music to Acts List
            - Added in Experience pages (pics coming)

04/22/19: Updated Alegria 2019 Music to Acts List
          Made Other Corrections/Updates across multiple shows
          Added Mystere Live 25 Album particulars

04/23/19: Updated Alegria 2019: Added "Handbalancing"
          ZUMANITY: Changed "Wind" to "Come Together" and added
            pics to: Aerial Lyra, 2Men (Wushu), Body2Body, Cyr
            Wheel, SpyMonkey, Aerial Hoop, and Fire acts
          Added pictures to: Kooza's Cyr Wheel act; Amaluna's
            Cyr Wheel act; Kurios' Aerial Cart act; OVO's Hoops act;
            ZAIA's Strap act; JOYA's Juggling act; Saltimbanco's
            Strap act; Quidam's Dance Trapeze act; Volta's Diabolo
            act; and Luzia's Slackwire act
          Updated some site banners

04/24/19: Updated VOLTA's Scenographie with text from Lighting &
            Sound America

04/26/19: Added a few more new pics to Alegria 2019

05/01/19: Updated ITINERAIRE for Corteo, Kooza, OVO, Totem,
            Amaluna, Kurios, Toruk, Luzia, Volta, Crystal,
            and Bazzar.
          Added R.U.N Logo to Creations Page / Resident Shows
          Added REBEL & VITORI Logos to Creations Page / Events

05/03/19: Updated Alegria 2019: Added Scenography text and pics,
            added Costumes text and pics, added text to Music,
            and added new act pictures throughout Experience.

05/23/19: Added AXEL Logo to Creations page. Linked to
            CirqueFasination articles for AXEL, MESSI10 and RUN
            for now.

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