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Richasi's Le Grand Chapiteau began operations on June 16, 1999 and since that time we've continued to grow, morph and change. In this section you'll find a list of what we've updated since our inception. There's a lot to take in here so be sure to use the links to the right to access each year's update notes (which will appear when selected). The current year is already in view.


01/06/22: Updated Alegria: INAL Tour Dates
          Fixed finale date for La Forge aux étoiles
          Added song list for La Forge aux étoiles
          Updated Messi10 Tour Dates
          Updated Final Show Dates for: AXEL, Paramour, TOTEM,
            and VOLTA (closed due to COVID-19)
          Updated ZUMANITY Backup Host List (Pepe Muñoz)

01/07/22: Retired JOYA's Jump Ropes, replaced with Hoop Diving
          Updated TWAS THE NIGHT to 2021 Version, Pics Coming

01/10/22: Added Pics to TWAS THE NIGHT Experience

01/11/22: Updated X: THE LAND OF FANTASY Experience (Pics Coming)

01/12/22: Fixed some errors in TWAS THE NIGHT and X: THE LAND OF
            FANTASY Experience pages.
          Updated a couple of ZUMANITY songs-to-acts
          Added pics to X: THE LAND OF FANTASY Experience

01/13/22: Added MORE pics to X: THE LAND OF FANTASY Experience

01/16/22: Added "Invisible Creatures" act to Retired for X: THE
            LAND OF FANTASY.
          Added even MORE pics to X: THE LAND OF FANTASY Experience
          Updated KOOZA Itinerary, Vocalist Info

01/18/22: Updated X: THE LAND OF FANTASY Personages and Scénographie
            pages, adding pics and tweaking the text.

01/19/22: Fixed typos on ALEGRIA Itineraire
          Fixed typos on ALEGRIA: IN A NEW LIGHT
          Added Breakdance/B-Boy to AMALUNA
          Fixed link issue for EVENTS pages
          Added Concept text to VITORI Special Event
          Added Opening/Finale to Wintuk, tweaked Music

01/20/22: Added 2 Beau Rivage clown pics to ALEGRIA
          Added 2 Stage pics to AMALUNA
          Added 5 Les Macloma pics to QUIDAM
          Added 1 Les Frères Velasquez pic to QUIDAM
          Added 2 Store pics to IRIS
          Added 2 Icarian Games pics to KA

01/21/22: Added 2020 and 2021 Historia Texts

01/22/22: Added NYSA Sketeches to 2021 Historia
          Added Under the Same Sky Sketches to 2021 Historia
          Added "CirqueConnect" Banner to 2021 Historia

01/23/22: Added more to 2021 Historia Text (New CEO)

01/24/22: Added 1994 Mystere Brochure to 1994 Historia
          Added 2002 Quidam Wall Picture to 2002 Historia
          Added Varekai ZINK images to 2004 Historia

01/25/22: Fixed Broken Link for B-Boy Pix (Amaluna)
          Tweaked "O" Vocalist/Music
          Added Ice Giants scene to WINTUK Experience
          Revised Act Lineup and Song List for Scalada: Vision
          Added Song List for Scalada: Stelar
          Updated OVO Experience to retire Foot Juggling and Slack
                Wire. Added Chinese Poles and Duo Trapeze
          Added Aerial Hoop Backup Act to LOVE (Yesterday)

01/26/22: Updated Wintuk Experience Act Descriptions
          Updated Bazzar Create Team List
          Added a couple more pix to 2020/2021 Historia
          Added Daniel Lamarre's New Book "Balancing Acts" to
                Livres Page with two excerpts.
          Added Welby Altidor's 2017 Book "Creative Courage" to
                Livres Page

01/27/22: BAZZAR: Added 2 pics to Cyr Wheel Act
          BAZZAR: Added 5 pics to Costumes/Characters
          CORTEO: Added 3 pics to Set/Stage
          Luna Petunia: Added 5 Concept Pics to "About the Series"
          Luna Petuna: Added 2 "Return to Amazia" Posters

02/01/22: Quick update to Joya vocalist: Júlia Tázie
          Updates to Quidam vocalists: André Boileau and Alain Labrie

02/02/22: Reworked the "Soleil de Minuit" Event Page
          Edited the "Big KA Coloring Book" Page
          Edited the "Balancing Acts" Book Page

02/04/22: Added Cirque at SEA - COSMOS
          Added Cirque at SEA - EXCENTRICKS
          Added New JOYA Singer - Ruth Robles

02/22/22: Fixed Italics in Alegria: INAL
          Added Song to Luzia's Slack Wire
          Updated Drawn to Life to include Icarian Games
          Updated Aerial Cradle, Cyr Wheel, Juggling music for La Nouba
          Updated Dei Ex Machina and High Bar music for Mystere
          Updated songs for Nouvelle Experience

03/10/22: Updated Quidam Songs-to-Acts
          Tweaked Mystere Songs-to-Acts
          Tweaked Luzia, Corteo, Kurios, OVO Vocalists

03/11/22: Updated OVO Experience
          Updated Bazzar Songs-to-Acts
          Added "Best of Pomp (Vol 1)" CD to Pomp Duck Page

04/15/22: ALEGRIA INAL: Added Official Descriptions to German Wheel
            and Trapeze acts, and added Juggling (Pins) to Reserve.
          Updated "O" Vocalists Marie Marceau and Dina Emerson
          Hopefully fixed special characters display error on Pomp Duck CD
          Updated acts list/running order for SAND: Amal and Fakhar
          Moved KOOZA's Diablo act to Main.
          Added FIERI Event Page w/Details
          Updated JOYA for 2022

05/27/22: Added MAD APPLE, FUZION, and MUV logos to Creations Page
          CORTEO: Noted Vocal Aerial Silk and Aerial Silk are
                  retired, added Diabolo Duo.
          KOOZA: Returned Diabolo to Reserve. Noted The Indian Singer
                 role has officially been renamed the "Spirit Singer"
                 as of 2022.
          Fixed some typos/added to Music to Acts on the Musique pages
          Added Acts / Music to ALLAVITA in Special Events
          Added Aerial Cube to JOYA Reserve Acts list
          A couple of other odds and ends...

06/27/22: Reordered OVO Acts
          Fixed Corteo music listing error (Paradise)
          Retired Crystal's "Balancing on Chairs", added "Canes"
          Added "New Bungees" song to Mystere Music (Song added
                in the show on Jun.21.2022)
          Noted Mystere's "Aerial Silk" is back as an act in reserve
          Updated Wintuk's Rola Bola song - "City Workers"
          Temporary replaced "Russian Cradle" with "Chinese Pole" for
                Kurios, due to an extended injury.

06/28/22: Updated/Added "Twas The Night" Personages Page
          Updated "O" Character Descriptions w/Pix
          Added FIERI Event Page w/Details & Pix

06/30/22: Added MAD APPLE landing (index) page

09/21/22: FUZION: Fixed Picture Error and Updated Music Listing
          Updated singer Cristian Zabala to Cris Zabala in Alegria and Dralion
          Updated Music/Singers pages for Dralion, KA, Corteo,
                Mystere, Paramour, and Joya
          Fixed Alegria INAL to IANL (Whoops!)
          And a couple of other odds and ends

09/22/22: Updated BAZZAR vocalists, music to acts
          Added Hula Hoop to BAZZAR Experience
          Un-retired KURIOS's "Russian Cradle Duo" and retired
            "Chinese Pole" again.
          Added "Juggling" to KURIOS' Reserve act list
          Updated KURIOS vocalists (Estelle Esse)
          Changed song name of SALTIMBANCO's Diabolo, Artistic Bike,
            and Aerial Strap acts from "Bicycle" to "Grand Tour"
          Moved SALTIMBANCO's Aerial Straps to Main
          Updated ZARAKANA Songs-to-Acts
          Fixed a typo on the ZARKANA Personages page

09/23/22: Added "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer" song to TWAS THE NIGHT
            Juggling acts.
          Retired KOOZA's "Aerial Straps" and added "Flying Silks"
          Updated OVO's Vocalists, Added "Hair Hanging" to Experience
          Added MAD APPLE Vocalists; Retired "Russian Bar"
          Fixed Alegria: Le Film link error on Musique Index Page
          Added new LUZIA Singer: Enid Ayala (backup)
          Updated LUZIA Songs-to-Acts list
          Retired LUZIA's "Slack Wire"; Added "Artistic Bicycle"
          Added LA MAGIE Perche act
          Added MUV Page to Events
          Added VIVE NOS DIVAS to Hommage Events Page

11/16/22: Updated Kurios' Chinese Pole act retirement date
          Added Alessandra Gonzalez to OVO's Vocalist List
          Fixed OVO's Hair Suspension Act Placement
          Added "Solo Straps" to Alegria: INAL, fixed typos
          Fixed typo on Saltimbanco's "Balancing on Canes" dates
          Updated TWAS THE NIGHT Personnages text
          Bifurcated TWAS "The Spark" and "Acrobatic Table" acts
          Updated ZARKANA music listing for Cyr Wheel/Cerceaux act
          Updated Paramour Hamburg character understudies
          Updated KOOZA "Flying Silks" act start date
          Added Creative Team list to MUV event
          Added SAND 2022 (Sarwat Wata) to Event List
          Updated Drawn to Life "Unicycles"
          Added "Cube Manipulation" to BAZZAR Reserve list
          Updated BAZZAR Songs to Acts Listings
          Added new "Solo Aerial Strap" to BAZZAR Experience
          Some act shifting around for X: The Land of Fantasy
          Added ECHO (Tour 2023) landing page           

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