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The Mystery of Mystère
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Filmed /// 2007 | Las Vegas Run Time (80 min)

Cirque du Soleil presents “Mystery of Mystère!”, a captivating documentary on Mystère, the critically acclaimed theatrical production playing at the Treasure Island in Las Vegas. Meet world renowned anthropologist Philippe Frey, geneticist David Suzuki, physicist Fred Alan Wolf and astrophysicist Trinh Xuan Thuan as they boldly explore The Mysterey of Mystère through each of their fascinating and distinctive scientific field of expertise.

As the documentary plays on, the show and its mythology are continuously explored through seemingly less and less relevant conversational clips from the scientists, and the meaning of their contributions become more and more mysterious (read: boring). Discussions about the origin of man and his relationship to the desert notwithstanding how do relativity theory and quantum physics concepts relate?

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General Features
    cirque du soleil presents the mystery of mystè, a productions conte iii inc. production. Executive Producer: jacques méthé. Director: sylvie joanisse, mario rouleau. Producer: martin bolduc.
Video: NTSC, Color, Wide-Screen (1.78:1), 1080i (Digital)
Audio: English, Dolby Digital 5.1

Bonus Features
  • "Franco Dragone Meets the Scientists" (13:33) — Mystère's Director joins the crew poolside at Treasure Island and an even more banal conversation with these universal experts ensues.

  • "Food for Thought" (16:00) — The scientists get their chance to voice their concerns about topics foremost on their minds, while characters from the show interact with the desert backdrop behind them.

  • "Impressions and Interrogations" (2:37) — Earlier we’ve heard from the scientists about what the mystery of Mystère is, now it’s time to hear from the artists who put on the show: why does Mystère remain popular after all these years? We hear from Brian Dewhurst (Clown), Florence Gaillard (Dancer), Eligiusz Skoczylas (Chinese Poles), Ashley Jean Lamb, Vladislav Lissenkov (Korean Plank), Michelle Cronje (Dancer), Arnaud Bertrand (Dancer), Paul Cameron, and Steel Wallis in this very short montage.

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