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Q. Who releasd/releases the catalog?
Q. Why is Le Magie listed at 90min/50min?
Q. What Documentaries have been made?



   Throughout the Cirque's formative years, the company's video
   productions were overseen by Télémagik, an in-house production
   company, and released independently through Cirque du Soleil's
   distribution arm. Formed in 1987 under the direction of Hélène
   Dufresne, Télémagik would go on to record and release a number
   of Cirque du Soleil's shows to video, such as: "Le Cirque
   Réinventé", "Nouvelle Expérience", "Saltimbanco", and the
   documentaries "Quel Cirque!", "Saltimbano’s Diary", "Alegría:
   The Truth of Illusion" and "Full Circle: The Making of Quidam".

   However, the story of Cirque du Soleil on video does not begin
   or end with Télémagik.

   Two previous recordings were made for television broadcast by
   Le Club des Talons Hauts, Inc., the company producing Cirque du
   Soleil at the time. The first, a video of the 1985 Tour (called
   "Cirque du Soleil-Tournée 1985"), was originally distributed by
   the Multimedia Group of Canada in collaboration with Téléfilm
   Canada, Les Productions Fildefer, and with participation of La
   Société Radio-Canada (better known in the English-speaking world
   as the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, the CBC). The second,
   a recording of the 1986 Tour ("La Magie Continue"), was originally
   released as a 90-minute special on VHS and Betamax on July 1,
   1987 via mail order from Les Entreprises Radio-Canada (the CBC,
   again) or was available at the exit of the Le Cirque Réinventé
   big top.

   In May 1997, Télémagik was renamed Cirque du Soleil Images (or
   CDSi for short) to better brand the multimedia company with its
   parent, and each new release since Quidam's filming in 1999 has
   been on this label.  But while Cirque du Soleil Images handles
   the filming and production (through various film production
   companies) thereof, releasing said product to DVD has been
   handled in a variety of ways:

   In 2000, with the release of "Cirque du Soleil: Journey of Man",
   a new partnership with Sony Pictures was born. While "Journey of
   Man" was released through the Sony Pictures Classics label, over
   on Sony's Columbia/Tri-Star label, most of the previous VHS video
   catalog was getting the DVD release treatment for the first time,
   with a few glaring exceptions. Only "Le Cirque Réinventé",
   "Nouvelle Expérience", "Saltimbanco", a new 50-minute version of
   "Le Magie Continue", and the documentary "A Baroque Odyssey" would
   find their way to DVD. Dralion would follow in 2001, Alegria in
   2002, Varekai in 2003, La Nouba in 2004, Corteo in 2005, and a
   few documentaries about these shows.

   By 2007, Cirque du Soleil Images would bring the design and
   distribution of its video releases in-house, and in the years that
   followed, create a bunch of new documentaries ("Mystery of Mystere",
   "FLOW","ZED in Tokyo", "ZAIA: Crossroads in Macau" among others),
   re-release a few titles that had been part of the Columbia/Tri-Star
   group ("Alegria", "Quidam", and "Varekai"), but only sporadically
   release filmed versions of its shows ("Kooza" in 2007 was the only
   show filmed for public release during this time). A lull due to
   the expiration of previous agreements with BRAVO and other television
   outlets where these recordings had once made their world-wide

   In 2015, Cirque du Soleil Images absorbed the Cirque du Soleil
   Musique label and business interests, and began recording the
   company's spectacles for home consumption again with "Toruk",
   "Luzia", and "Kurios" leading the way.

   Today, Cirque du Soleil Images is the de facto multimedia division
   of Cirque du Soleil, handling all of the company's audio and video
   recording needs.

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   A recording of the 1986 Tour ("La Magie Continue"), was originally
   released as a 90-minute special on VHS and Betamax on July 1,
   1987 via mail order from Les Entreprises Radio-Canada (the CBC,
   again) or was available at the exit of the Le Cirque Réinventé
   big top for $29.95. Unfortunately, and it is unclear why, Cirque
   considered it necessary to re-cut the show down to a 50-minute
   run-time for its DVD release. Considering the show's age and the
   missing footage being only a curiosity to fans, the full recorded
   version of "Le Magie Continue" will probably never see the light
   of day again.

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   Cirque du Soleil has produced a variety of documentaries for
   Television over the years, and they are:

	[Not Available]

		.) Run Before you Fly

	[Released as Stand-Alone Products]

	   {Out of Print}

		.) Quel Cirque (VHS)
		.) Saltimbanco's Diary (VHS)
		.) Truth of Illusion: Alegría (VHS)
		.) Full Circle: The Making of Quidam (VHS)
		.) Journey of Man: Behind the Scenes (VHS)

	   {In Print}

		.) A Baroque Odyssey (VHS/DVD/Digital)
		.) Inside La Nouba (VHS/DVD)
		.) KÀ Extreme (DVD/Digital)
		.) Lovesick (DVD)
		.) Mystery of Mystère (DVD/Digital)
		.) FLOW: A Tribute to the Artists of "O" (DVD/Digital)
		.) A Thrilling Ride through Koozå (DVD/Digital)
		.) LOVE: All Together Now (DVD)
		.) ZED in Tokyo (DVD/Digital)
		.) Crossroads in Macao: ZAIA (DVD/Digital)
		.) Flowers in the Desert (DVD)
		.) #SodaCirque (DVD)

	[Released as a DVD "Special Feature"]

		.) In the Heart of Dralion - Dralion DVD
		.) Making of an Angel - Varekai DVD
		.) Through the Curtain - Corteo DVD (and Corteo CD Bonus)
		.) A Look at Cirque du Soleil - Midnight Sun DVD
		.) Toruk Takes Flight - Toruk DVD
		.) Luzia: The Story of an Encounter - Luzia DVD
		.) Kurios About... - Kurios DVD

	[Released Digitally Only]

		.) Hatching (OVO)
		.) Michael Jackson: The Immortal Tour

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