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Cirque du Soleil Presents: Corteo
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Filmed /// 2005 | Toronto Run Time (101 min)

Illusion mocks reality as a dreaming clown sees his own funeral and a joyous procession of jesters form a festive parade in a stage spectacular so imaginative it could only come from the minds of Cirque du Soliel.

As the angels linger lovingly overhead and the carnival atmosphere explodes with vivid color and playful revelry, the seldom seen space between heaven and earth opens up to offer a touching look at the juxtaposition between the tragic and the sublime, the enor-mous and the microscopic, and the flawed and the perfected.

Despite their outward playfulness, even clowns are fragile on the inside, and as the Cirque performers offer a lyrical, eye-popping spectacle of wonder that highlights the deep-rooted humanity within each of us.

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General Features
    cirque du soleil presents corteo, a productions conte inc. production. Executive Producer: jacques méthé. Director: jocelyn barnabé. Producer: martin bolduc.
Video (DVD): NTSC/PAL, Color, Widescreen (1.85:1)
Audio (DVD): English, Dolby 5.1/2.0
Video (Blu) HD 16:9/1080p
Audio (Blu): Dolby AC-3 Surround Sound

Bonus Features
  • “Through the Curtain – An in-depth look at Corteo” (45:00) — Is a behind-the-scenes featurette has plenty of interviews with the creative side of Cirque, and traces the development of the show, from the concept through to the show's premiere. It's a great, compact history of how the show was created, and should be of interest to anyone into the show.

  • "A Day in the Life of Corteo Artist" (11:00) — Acrobats Edi Moreno and Mitchell Head, a couple who met at Cirque seven years previously, lead the camera through an average day in their lives.

  • "Filming Corteo" (7:45) — Is all about how the show was brought to the screen, with discussion from the director on why he made the choices he did and the efforts involved.

  • "Teatro Intimo" (8:00) — When eight characters pile into a miniature theatre to present "Romeo and Juliette," confusion upstages them all. Expect the unexpected in this madcap performance, which was cut from the official recording of the show but is included here as a bonus feature.

  • Photo Gallery — An extensive still-photo slideshow that plays with a quick pace and a pair of promos for the Cirque Club and the Cirque DVD releases.

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    Cirque du Soleil Images (2007+)

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