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The Fall
Flight of Icarus
The Meeting
Synchro Tumbling
Solo Trapeze
Clown Magic
Zeppelin (Cloud)
The Kidnapping
Georgian Dance
Fireflies (Gitans)
Slippery Surface
Lounge Singer
Solo on Crutches
Aerial Straps
Cyr Wheel
Russian Swings

Dance Trapeze
Solo Aerial Strap

Pas de Deux
Water Meteors
Triple Trapeze
Aerial Hoop
Icarian Games




Tour Itinerary & Visuals

Milestone Date Time Location
First Announced 11/16/2001 n/a Montreal, QC
Name Registered 12/06/2001 n/a Montreal, QC
Press Conference 04/02/2002 11:00am Montreal, QC
Premiere 04/24/2002 8:00pm Montreal, QC
1000th Show 12/03/2004 4:00pm Dallas, TX
1500th Show 05/03/2006 8:00pm Seattle, WA
2000th Show 10/05/2007 4:00pm Perth, AU
2500th Show 02/24/2009 4:00pm Sevilia, ES
3000th Show 08/04/2010 8:00pm Oostende, BE
3500th Show 02/xx/2012 n/a Belo Horizonte, BR
4000th Show 10/27/2013 5:00pm Mexico City, MX
4500th Show 06/26/2015 n/a Winnipeg, MB
5000th Show 03/05/2017 n/a Birmingham, UK
Final Show 12/23/2017 5:30pm Frisco, TX
As soon as the first standing ovation had been given to Dralion in the spring of 1999, fans began to wonder what would follow and who would direct it. Although from all accounts Dralion was a box-office success, it was not always seen as a critical success. Many commented that the show seemed more "off the shelf" than previous Cirque productions, and as such did not feel immersed in the world of Dralion. In fact much of Dralion is an "off the shelf" Chinese touring circus that was purchased wholesale by Cirque du Soleil, deconstructed, and re-constructed in the Cirque-fashion. When Cirque finally announced that it was launching a new live touring production for 2002 it was welcome news indeed.

But the new production (tentatively titled "ROM" - in the gypsy language "ROM" means man") would be the brainchild of a team of twelve creators, many of whom were working with Cirque du Soleil for the first time, including the Director, Dominic Champagne. "Our goal was not to make Varekai better than other Cirque productions, but different," Champagne said. "We didn't want to be a reflection of past glories." He invisioned an odyssey inspired by the bond between circus artists, acrobats, dancers, jugglers, contortionists, clowns and actors who come from the four corners of the world to express the beauty and joy of transcending limits. "Every day, regardless of where the wind blows them, they risk their lives to defy laws of gravity and leap over volcanoes, showing the world that something else is possible." And it would prove without a doubt that Cirque du Soleil could and would continue without Franco Dragone.

"The fall of Icarus is the starting inspiration," says Champagne. "It's quite beautiful, the idea that the closer you get to the Tree of Knowledge in the Garden of Eden, the closer you get to the light, you're facing also the danger of being burned. That type of lesson you can apply to many different levels of your personal experience. I don't think we can explain everything or keep the knowledge of things in little drawers or cans where everything is totally understandable." Although Champagne crafted a unique, and crowed pleasing show, in its earliest form the two halves were a bit uneven - the second half dragging almost to a halt; therefore, before the show reached Toronto, Director Dominic Champagne changed a few things (notibly Aerial Straps and Triple Trapeze switched places) and not only did it survive, Varekai thrived! And now over more than 6 million spectators have seen this fantastic show...

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