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A Thrilling Ride Through Koozå
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Filmed /// 2007 | Montreal Run Time (47 min)

Starting in early 2007 and taking us through to the official premiere, we embark on a journey that starts at the humble beginnings of some of Cirque’s creative pioneers as they share their personal voyage – and a few revealing anecdotes – that highlight the multiple stages of the creation of a live show. We hear from Director David Shiner the ideas and thoughts behind what kind of show he was looking to create (one that brought us back to Cirque’s roots - thrills, chills and emotions) and all the work that he put in to conceiving a show of this caliber.

We're taken on the journey the costume, make-up, and set designers must undergo in order to bring the spectacle to life. We meet the clowns and acrobats that bring Koozå to life as these audacious performers discuss their experience and share a few insights into this daring acrobatic show - from studio rehearsals to the big top rising, to settling into everyday Cirque life to the world premiere.

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General Features
    cirque du soleil presents a thrilling ride through kooza, a productions conte inc. production. Executive Producer: jacques méthé. Director: roger cantin. Producer: martin bolduc.
Video: NTSC, Color, Widescreen (1.78:1)
Audio: English, Dolby Digital 5.1

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