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Hoop Diving
Icarian Games
Flying Trapeze
Straps (Athertons)

Aerial Strap Solo
Aerial Lyra

Rotating Hoop
Juggling (Pins)
Duo Trapeze
Trapeze Duplex
Horizontal Juggle
Aerial Rings
Roller Skating
Jump Ropes
Juggling (Balls)
Aerial Silks
Rola Bola




Vocalists & Songs
    "What a blessing it was to work on JOYÀ! During the creation process, our first goal was to compose music inspired by the Mexican culture that would sustain the script and the acrobatic numbers with an original cinematographic approach. As for the final result, the music of JOYÀ is a subtle mix of classic sounds intertwined with contemporary effects, with a touch of Mayan percussion, mariachi, and Mexican jazz. Sometimes festive and danceable, sometimes melodic and warm, we wanted to create a trip for audiences into a musical environment with many feelings." — Bob & Bill

A singer with a soaring voice like a celestial being from another time. A trumpeter whose sweet, sublime sounds come from everywhere – the stage, the aisles, and the catwalks. A percussionist who plays mischievous beats. A guitarist who blends the sounds of rock, samba, and merengue. These are the artists who make the stunning music of JOYÀ – a whimsical score for a wild night. The music of JOYÀ is your incredible guide through a strange new world, zigging and sagging alongside Joya and her grandfather on their magical journey. In true Cirque du Soleil fashion, the music and the artists who create it are main characters in the show. Their unforgettable melodies bring all the elements together to create the mind-blowing spectacle that is JOYÀ. And also in true Cirque du Soleil fashion, there are surprises everywhere. What guests don’t realize is that there are really four parts to the musical experience of JOYÀ.

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    Elizabeth Gobbo Creation Only
    Sophie Guay Nov.08.2014 - Apr.03.2016;
    May.08.2016 - Jul.10.2016;
    Jul.20.2016 - Jan.29.2017
    Bryden Baird Nov.08.2014 - Mar.2020 (Backing Vocal)
    Denise Stefanie Apr.06.2016 - May.07.2016;
    Jul.13.2016 - Jul.17.2016
    Flor De María López Jan.26.2017 - Nov.14.2017 (Permanent)
    Dec.30.2017 - Jun.02.2018 (Backup)
    Nicola Dawn Nov.05.2017 - Feb.xx.2019
    Claudia Treviño Nov.28.2018 - Mar.2020 (Backup)
    Júlia Tázie Feb.2019 - Jan.29.2022
    Joshua Boyd Mar.2020 - Present (Backing Vocal)
    Omar Martinez Nov.2020 - Jun.2023 (Backing Vocal)
    Ruth Robles Feb.01.2022 - Present

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    Main Show

    Opening Naturalium
    Hoop Diving (2021+) Naturalium
    Icarian Games Comedy of Errors
    Solo/Flying Trapeze Renais En La Penumbra
    Hand-to-Hand Adventure at Sea
    Fish Puppet The Dive
    Handbalancing Profunda Belleza
    Aerial Straps (Athertons) (2020+) "Ritual", Legacy
    Trampoline Wall Nueva Era

    Other Songs

    Aerial Ring {Reserve} (2014+) Reinas En La Penumbra
    Aerial Strap {Reserve} (2014+) "Ritual", Comedy of Errors
    Rola Bola {Reserve} (2017+) Comedy of Errors
    Aerial Silk {Reserve} (2018+) Comedy of Errors
    Juggling (Balls) {Reserve} (2019+) Naturalium
    Rotating Hoop (2014-2015) "Ritual", Legacy
    Duo Trapeze (2014-2018) Renais En La Penumbra
    Horizontal Juggling (2014-2018) Naturalium
    Juggling (Pins) (2015-2017) Naturalium
    Trapeze Duplex (2016-2018) Renais En La Penumbra
    Aerial Rings (2019-2020) "Ritual", Legacy
    Roller Skating {Reserve} (2015-2021) Comedy of Errors
    Jump Ropes (2015-2021) "Dirt Innovation"
    Cube {Reserve} (2022+) ("Unknown")

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