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STONE: Hommage à Plamondon
XSCD1610 (XS Music)
Composer /// Luc Plamondon Run Time (71:35)

 01: “Le parc Belmont”............ (5:45)
 02: “Monopolis”.................. (4:59)
 03: “Oxygène”.................... (5:31)
 04: “Le monde est stone”......... (6:58)
 05: “Lili voulait aller danser”.. (4:38)
 06: “Ma mère chantait toujours”.. (3:53)
 07: “L’île aux mimosas”.......... (3:51)
 08: “Je danse dans ma tête”...... (4:13)
 09: “Call Girl”.................. (4:29)
 10: “Tiens-toé ben, j’arrive!”... (5:46)
 11: “Le Blues du Businessman”.... (5:37)
 12: “Les sans-papiers”........... (3:44)
 13: “SOS d’un terrien
            en détresse”.......... (4:48)
 14: “Le monde est fou”........... (3:49)
 15: “L’hymne à la beauté
            du monde”............. (3:34)

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The soundtrack created for STONE, Cirque du Soleil’s Hommage à Plamondon, has been the subject of high praise since it was enjoyed by the public at the Cogeco Amphitheater in Trois-Rivières last summer. So, for the first time, an album featuring the songs from the tribute show was the subject of a music album release.

But it wasn’t as simple as just placing the music on a soundtrack; Concalves put in a lot of studio work to adapt the show’s musical pieces for an album. “It was necessary to adapt the music because sometimes there were breaks or lengths required by the show in the structure [of the music]. Additionally, I had to remix [the music] completely [for the album] because the mixing done for a large amphitheater is very different from one made for an album that will be listened to at home or in a car.”

“In the end, I [feel] that the album stands very well on its own, detached from the visual of the show. Of course, it is a soundtrack so people who have had the chance to see the show will [relive the experience], but it will also be interesting for those who have not seen it.”

Although Conclaves is not convinced STONE is his best work among the three shows presented at the Cogeco Amphitheater thus far, he is convinced that this soundtrack deserves to be heard. “In the context of shows, it’s the one I went the furthest away on from musically because we did not work from master tapes; we had new performers. The end result definitely deserved to be on an album. For me, it was a shame to lose this work after only twenty shows. I wanted it to survive and it’s a feeling that people at Cirque also shared.”

On the album are...

  • "Le Parc Belmont" by Martha Wainwright
  • "Monopolis" by Milk & Bone
  • "Oxygène" by Betty Bonifassi
  • "Le monde est Stone" by Beyries
  • "Lili voulait aller danser" by La Bronze
  • "Ma mère chantait toujours" by Marie-Pierre Arthur
  • "L’île au Mimosas" by Klô Pelgag
  • "Je danse dans ma tête" by Marie-Mai
  • "Call girl" by Valérie Carpentier
  • "Tiens-toé ben j’arrive!" by Catherine Major
  • "Le blues du businessman" by Safia Nolin
  • "Les sans-papiers" by Marie-Josée Lord
  • "S.O.S d’un terrien en détresse" by Ariane Moffatt
  • "Le monde est fou" by Gabrielle Shonk
  • "L’Hymne à la beauté du monde" by the cast

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Edition Info

    XS Music
    Released: May 18, 2018 (CAN)
    Released: May 25, 2018 (Internationally)

      CD • Catalog #: XSCD1610
      • Item #: 2048733X
      • UPC: 776693161020

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