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Cirque du Soleil K
MARVEL, 2012

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On June 13, 2012, Cirque du Soleil and MARVEL Entertainment announced a partnership to tell the story of the epic Las Vegas production K through a series of collectible comic books. These comics would follow the heroic journey of the Imperial Twins, separated by war, who encounter adventure and peril at every turn on their quest to reunite their kingdom - just like in the show.

The first installment debuted at the Marvel booth at Comic-Con 2012, July 12 - 15, in San Diego. "Fans can take the journey home with them or visit it live exclusively at MGM Grand in Las Vegas where K unfolds on a colossal 360-degree rotating stage, complete with aerial adventure, perpendicular acrobatics, and an ever-changing theatrical landscape that conjures an entire empire on stage."

The original plan included five books in all; however, that was reduced to 4 in 2013, and further reduced to 3 in 2014. Book 3 concludes the story, and the project's website has been taken offline.

• Book 1 - Distributed at 2012 SDCC
• Book 2 - Distributed at 2013 NYCC
• Book 3 - Distributed at 2014 NYCC


Rosemann & Gagnon
Kmic Book Creators

"K-smic K-mic K-nversation"
Keith Johnson, 2012


{Issue #1} {Issue #2} {Issue #3}

The Artists

Bryan J.L. Glass Writer:

Bryan J.L. Glass is the Harvey Award-winning writer of The Mice Templar. Author of Quixote: A Novel, co-creator of 86 Voltz: the Dead Girl and Ship of Fools, and founder of mereBreath Drama. For Marvel, he crafted both Thor: First Thunder and Thor: Son of Asgard, while also adapting the Magician and Riftwar series of fantasy novels. He lives on the outskirts of Philadelphia with his beautiful wife, three cats, and a steady supply of mead.

Wellinton Alves Artist:

Artist Wellinton Alves broke into the comic book industry via the independent title Shi, then found steady work at Marvel with Nova, War of Kings: Ascension, Thunderbolts, Marvel Zombies Return, Shadowland: Blood on the Streets and the New York Times bestselling Daredevil: Season One.

Jean-Francois Beaulieu Colorist:

Jean-Francois Beaulieu is a freelance colorist, and co-creator of the Sacred Circles comic. He is most known for his work on G.I.Joe: Americas Elite, and more recently Marvels award-winning adaptation of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, The Marvelous Land of Oz, Ozma of Oz, and Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz, as well as Marvel Zombies 3 and 4, and Dr. Voodoo: Avenger of the Supernatural. He currently lives peacefully in small-town New Brunswick with his wife and innumerable pets.

Issue #1 | Pencils & Previews



Issue #2 | Pencils & Previews


Newsarama talked with the team beyond the K comic book writer Bryan J.L. Glass, artist Wellinton Alves, editor Bill Rosemann and K stage show artistic director Marie-Hlne Gagnon about how the unique project came together.

    Q. Bryan, how do you begin the seemingly unlikely task of adapting a Cirque du Soleil stage show into a comic book? What kind of prep work was involved? And did it include a trip to Las Vegas to see the show? { Read Answer }

    Q. Wellinton, obviously adapting a Cirque du Soleil show doesn't seem like a simple task for an artist. How did you approach bringing something so firmly established as a stage production into the comic book medium? { Read Answer }

    Q. Bill, what can you say about the inception of the project, and what made Marvel and Cirque du Soleil an intriguing partnership to you? { Read Answer }

    Q. Marie-Hlne, what made comic books a natural medium to extend the story of K, and Marvel in particular the right company to partner with? { Read Answer }

    Q. Bryan, K has a more straightforward plot than most Cirque du Soleil productions. How helpful was this in structuring the comic? Was it mostly working within what had already been established, or did it take a lot of expanding on the story? { Read Answer }

    Q. Wellinton, visually, how much of the comic is directly inspired from the visuals of the actual show, and how much of it is your own interpretation? { Answer }

    Q. Bryan, what is it about the story of K that was appealing to you as a writer? Do you see similarities between it and any of your past work? { Read Answer }

    Q. Wellinton, as someone known mostly for superhero comics, what was it like working on K? Was it essentially the same type of challenge, or a different way of illustrating for you? { Read Answer }

    Q. How familiar were you, if at all, with K before starting work on the series? And from your perspective as an artist, what is it about the show that has lent itself well to the comic book medium? { Read Answer }

    Q. Bryan, along with your own series like Mice Templar, you've written various unique licensed properties, from video games to the Thor tie-in comics for Burger King last year. Clearly, it seems that you have an aptitude for this kind of work what do you think it is about your strengths as a writer that has drawn you to such a wide array of projects? { Read Answer }

    Q. Marie-Hlne, how unique is doing something like the K comic book for Cirque du Soleil? Have there been any similar multimedia efforts in the past?
    { Read Answer }

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