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DELIRIUM concludes its two-year tour in the United States and begins wowing audiences in some never-before-visited cities across Europe. The premiere of Koozå in April launches Cirque du Soleil's 13th touring production (18th overall) since 1984. Directed by David Shiner, Koozå returns Cirque du Soleil to its acrobatic roots. Saltimbanco is re-staged in the arena format and begins touring the United States and Canada by summer. And in November, Wintuk, Cirque du Soleil's first "seasonal" show (as it runs for a few short weeks in the winter) premieres at Madison Square Garden's WAMU Theater.

In media, Cirque du Soleil releases three documentary DVDs: "The Mystery of Mystère", "FLOW: A Tribute to the Artists of «O»" and "A Thrilling Ride through Koozå", which take us behind the scenes of these fascinating shows. Cirque presented a Pre-Game Show at Super Bowl XLI, the American football game to decide the National Football League (NFL) champion for the 2006 season at Dolphin Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida. This performance was produced by David Saltz. And Cirque du Soleil has also launched a fiction/non-fiction book entitled The Spark, which invites readers to discover the power of creativity and imagination and apply it in their own lives. Written by John Bacon and based on an original idea by Lyn Heward, the book is distributed in several countries.

And, on September 25th, Cirque du Soleil's contortionists, Natasha Patterson (10), Julie Bergez (14), and Dasha Sovik (15) who perform in Koozå, set a new Guinness World Record for the Highest Circus Act ever performed at the top of Toronto's CN Tower, the World's Tallest Freestanding Tower. This feat was performed in the Glass Floor observation deck, 342 meters (1,122 feet) above the ground and as high up on Toronto's CN Tower.

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