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    At Cirque du Soleil, each show is a concept in itself. A general theme is developed around an acrobatic and theatrical framework. The cast comprises the house troupe, guest acts, clowns and musicians. The house troupe is the foundation, the heart of the show. The performers who are chosen as its members go through a three-step process: research and training; creation of dramatic characters in workshops; and finally, rehearsals and staging. Research and training is carried out in our Montreal studios and lasts several months. Performers from various disciplines are supervised by skilled instructors, coaches and teachers, all aware of each performer's achievements and experience. Their job is to mould the artists into a homogeneous group that will dazzle audiences with original circus acts. During the creation process, the director brings out the performers’ creative potential. He asks them to look deep within themselves and express themselves fully. This is the very essence of the creation process for each and every Cirque du Soleil show: letting each performer’s energy and potential inspire the whole troupe. It is in doing so that the performers discover and explore the range of their talent. — "The Spirit of Cirque"

While Alegría pursues its journey across Europe, Quidam finishes up its North American tour, which includes a stopover in Dallas, a first for Cirque du Soleil. During its three-year tour, almost 1,000 performances have been held under the blue-and-yellow big top. All in all, over 2,500,000 North American spectators have applauded Quidam.

Cirque du Soleil continues to expand, opening up another regional HQ: In January 1998, Cirque du Soleil opened an office in Singapore - its first permanent presence in Asia. A staff of 40 will work out of the Singapore office to make the circus a household name to Asian audiences. The head office will be located in a "shop house" - a traditional Singaporean commercial building. The first project on the agenda will be setting up a rotating tour on a three-year cycle, with Saltimbanco as the debut production. Cirque du Soleil already operates a satellite office in Tokyo. The Japanese office cultivates business relationships with such long-time partners as Fuji Television Network in Tokyo and Twin Dome City in Fukuoka. Saltimbanco will premiere in the fall of 1998 and run through early 2002. Stops scheduled for the tour are Singapore, six cities in Japan, Korea, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, six cities in Australia, and New Zealand. Cirque du Soleil’s entry into the Asia-Pacific market will extend the lifespan of Cirque productions from six to nine years.

Inspired by the success of Mystère, Bellagio developer Steve Wynn had big ideas for anaquatic Cirque at his new resort, opening in October 1998. Really big ideas: "An Olympic stadium-sized water thing (with) lasers, fountains, dry ice and ski-jumpers," Laliberté recalls. "Thank God there was a cost factor related to the craziness of his thinking that forced (Wynn) to focus a little bit, and we brought him back to the theatrical environment again," he adds. "We had one reference that we didn't want to achieve: The 'Waterworld' movie," Hollywood's notoriously over-budgeted 1995 dud. Instead, the $92 million "O" became a Las Vegas must-see and sets a new benchmark for excellence in theatrical entertainment everywhere. And after almost 10 years of discussion, Cirque du Soleil finally teams with Disney to present La Nouba in Orlando. The agreement occurs after direct intervention from Michael Eisner, chairman and CEO of Disney, who concedes to Cirque's long-maintained insistence that it retain creative control. Moreover, a custom-made theatre is built for Cirque’s unique requirements. The show opens in December to rave reviews.

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