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Taking the stage in January is DELIRIUM, an all-new concept by Cirque du Soleil. Created and directed by Michel Lemieux & Victor Pilon, the show featured remixed music and Cirque's signature acrobatic style when melded created a musical experience unmatched. DELIRIUM would begin touring arenas throughout the United States before hopping the pond to Europe.

Later in the year, LOVE, a creation celebrating the musical legacy of The Beatles opens at The Mirage Casino-Hotel in Las Vegas. The show becomes Cirque's fifth resident show in Las Vegas and the first official collaboration with the BEATLES since their last public performance on January 30, 1969. LOVE features a first for Cirque du Soleil - no live music - using original Beatles tracks mixed and re-arranged by Sir George Martin
and his on Giles Martin.

During this time, after touring in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia, Cirque du Soleil has set out to make a name for itself in South America by presenting its show Saltimbanco in Chile, Argentina and Brazil. Saltimbanco, after conquering South America, ends its almost 15 years on tour under the grand chapiteau in Rio de Janiero. And where projects are concerned, Cirque du Soleil entered into an exclusive agreement with CKX Inc. — through its subsidiary Elvis Presley Enterprises — for the creation, development, production and promotion of Elvis Presley projects, featuring touring and resident shows, as well as multimedia interactive “Elvis experiences,” throughout the world. The first of these projects is slated to debut in 2009 at the MGM City Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. And Laliberté suggested it wouldn't be the last, calling Las Vegas a gold mine. "If I can be producing 10 shows, I'll be producing 10 shows," he said.

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