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Set & Stage


The Storyteller
Omaticaya Clan
Ralu & Entu
Inside Hometree
Weaving Song
Shaman's Vision
The Clearing
Tree of Voices
Tawkami Clan
River & Desert
The Anurai Clan
Palulukan Bone
The Tipani Clan
Borrowed Energy
Kekunan Clan
Prophecy Signs
Hallelujah Mtns
Toruk Makto
The Reunion




Vocalists & Songs

  The composers lugged their equipment out in the woods to record the beats for the show’s soundtrack in order to achieve as natural and organic a sound as possible. Instead of using drumsticks to compose the different rhythmic patterns, the composers used objects or phenomena in nature – footsteps on dry leaves, a stick hitting the trunk of a tree, a branch slapping the ground, etc. Many of the beats recorded in the woods were used as is, and not as mere samples doctored in the studio.
Composers and Musical Directors Bob & Bill had to meet the challenge of creating otherworldly music that captures the vibe of Pandora, in addition to composing cinematic-sounding transitions between scenes that blend perfectly with the “Na’vi” sound. In addition to coming up with an overall show sound, Bob & Bill created a specific signature for each of the five clans, each with its own theme, timbre, instruments and voices. For the forest-dwelling Omaticaya, wood instruments, flutes and the everyday sounds of the village were used to create beats. World renowned countertenor Daniel Taylor lent his voice to create the signature sound of the noble Anurai. Hollow sticks were used to create beats associated with these hunters who live in an animal sanctuary littered with animal bones. Even the fierce predator Toruk has its own unmistakable two-note theme. The composers turned to Paul Frommer – the linguistics expert who invented the Na’vi language – to translate into Na’vi the lyrics to all of the songs written for the show. Bob & Bill also drew inspiration from the musical instruments and theory explained in-depth in the Pandorapedia, James Cameron’s official field guide to the world of AVATAR.

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    • Cumie Dunio Creation
    • Priscilia le Foll Nov.12.2015 - Mar.26.2017 (Bossier City to Dayton);
    Sep.01.2017 - Jun.30.2019 (Christchurch to London)

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The Storyteller Omaticaya Clan
Omaticaya Clan Omaticaya Clan/Lu Aw Navi
The Game Omaticaya Clan/Lu Aw Navi
Inside Hometree
Weaving Song
Shaman's Story Shaman Story
The Vision
The Clearing
Tree of Voices
The Tawkami Clan Tawkami Clan
River & Desert
The Anurai Clan Sanctuary The Anurai Clan Sanctuary
Viperwolves Viperwolves/Timpani Clan
The Tipani Clan Viperwolves/Timpani Clan
Direhorses Direhorses
The Kekunan Clan Kekunan Clan
Hallelujah Mountains Hallelujah Mountains
TORUK The Toruk
Lava & Flood
The First Toruk Makto
The Luminous Reunion Luminous Reunion

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