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The Timpani Clan

My valiant brothers of the Timpani Clan are fierce warriors, virtuous fighters, and naturally skilled hunters. They are known all over Pandora for both their spirituality and their great hunting skills. When the Tipani hunt, they move without making a sound, like water slipping through the cracks in the ground. Their statuesque presence, brute strength, astute sense of hearing, and sharp eyesight enable the Tipani to walk the land without fear. Sure and light-footed, a Tipani goes easily undetected. The most experienced Tipani warrior can stock their prey with such precision that the hunted scarcely realizes its danger until only moments before its unfortunate demise.

The Timpani hunt with a bola, a hunting weapon that requires a bit of choreography. One must twirl the bola high in the air, then with great might, fling the weighted rope with exact accuracy. When the target is hit, the strands are wrapped around the animal and used as a method of restraint. There is no intent to make the animal suffer with the bola. It is a non-harmful form of hunting to respect Eywa’s creatures. Moments before taking the animal’s life, the hunter kneels beside the creature to place a calming hand on its chest. A transfer of spiritual energy occurs between hunter and prey, ensuring a tranquil passing into the afterlife.

The Tipani rely heavily on their keen senses and predatory instincts for survival. During their adolescent years, strict focus is set on developing both the mind and body for battle under the guidance of the clan elders. While many clans have a hand in fashioning armor but the Tipani are the only ones to wear these protective pieces regularly. In fact, there is a wardrobe of various armors for specific purposes such as hunting, training and battle, and less aggressively, singing and dancing. The armor is mostly made of bones, shells, plants, insects and even claws of deceased animals. The Tipani believe the animals’ predatory and survival instincts are transferred to the warrior who wears the armor.


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• The Timpani Clan

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