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The Tawakami Clan

The special seed - the second sacred object in the prophecy - comes from the jungle where Tsyal lives among her people, the Tawkami.

An unrelenting curiosity, combined with a persistent quest for knowledge of the natural world, marks the Tawkami as proficiently gifted. These gentle people possess a great skill that they have refined over many generations. Their deep botanical knowledge allows them to combine elements found in nature to create a vast array of powerful potions and extract essenses from any natural material. Where most see a beautiful forest full of plants, the Tawkami see a great collection of ingredients and recipies, each with its own special powers and virtues. With this skill, they may gain power over other creatures and manipulate the world around them with an expertise that provides great advantage over predators. But a Tawkami’s mission is to sustain the sacred nature of Pandora’s beautiful ecosystem. Many clan members take shelter inside massive, bioluminescent flowers from which they draw great spiritual wisdom.

Speaking of seeds, with their botanical knowledge, The Tawkami make what is called the Tranquil Seed: a complex combination of various leaves, roots, and pollens which are then mashed into a thick syrupy substance to extract psychoactive chemicals. Over time, these chemicals bond together to form little kernels. The Tawkami break open these kernels to release a tranquilizing smoke that can be used to tame wild animals, which is how Tsyal was able to chase away the pack of Viperwolves.

To continue on their quest, Tsyal leads her new friends to her home among the Tawkami, deep in the jungle of bioluminescent plants, in the hopes of obtaining another of these special seeds, but as the Tawkami track and store the Tranquil Seed’s precise formula in their mind with no tangible record, unless the Chief is acceptible to handing one to them, their quest may come to a screeching halt.


• Tawkami Clan

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