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The Storyteller
Omaticaya Clan
Ralu & Entu
Inside Hometree
Weaving Song
Shaman's Vision
The Clearing
Tree of Voices
Tawkami Clan
River & Desert
The Anurai Clan
Palulukan Bone
The Tipani Clan
Borrowed Energy
Kekunan Clan
Prophecy Signs
Hallelujah Mtns
Toruk Makto
The Reunion




The Storyteller

"I am the storyteller, an I am here to tell you a tale of great bravery and resolve. It is a story about overcoming your fears in the face of grave danger, about standing together in times of trouble, and about facing the unknown to achieve the impossible. It is a tale of brotherhood and courage that took place on my beautiful home moon, Pandora. There is no worse fate for people than to face extinction. This was the destiny that awaited all my brothers and sisters. Never since the time of the First Songs had we faced destruction on this scale. And time was running out...

"In what we now call a time of great sorrow, a huge lake of fire rose from deep inside the belly of our world. The fire threatened to destroy the sacred Tree of Souls - our connection to Eywa, our deity and Great Mother. It threatened to annihilate my people.

"Ralu and Entu, two Omaticaya boys about to become Taronyu - true Na'vi hunters - decided to listen to their hearts and take matters into their own hands. When the learned that Toruk - the fire-colored preditor that ruled the sky - could help them save the Tree of Souls if they could first gather five sacred objects, they set out on a long quest that would lead them to the Toruk's hunting ground up in the Floating Mountains. Along the way they encountered a like-minded member of the Tawaki clan named Tsyal who had truly special skills. But the divided clans, not realizing how clever and wise the trio's plan was, failed to heed their message.

"How could the prophect be fulfilled at last? Would a pure soul rise from among us to ride Toruk for the first time and save the Na'vi from a terrible fate? What and where were these five sacred objects that belonged to five different clans? And above all, what were Ralu, Entu, and Tsyal to do when they came face to face with Toruk, the deadliest of all creatures on our world?

"Let us find out..."


• Omaticaya Clan

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