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Set & Stage


The Storyteller
Omaticaya Clan
Ralu & Entu
Inside Hometree
Weaving Song
Shaman's Vision
The Clearing
Tree of Voices
Tawkami Clan
River & Desert
The Anurai Clan
Palulukan Bone
The Tipani Clan
Borrowed Energy
Kekunan Clan
Prophecy Signs
Hallelujah Mtns
Toruk Makto
The Reunion




Weaving Song & Initiation

The time has come for Ralu and Entu to pass the first trial of their initiation before becoming Taronyu - true Na'vi hunters - by proving they can survive any condition they may find out there in the wild. In this case, holding on to your bow while crossing a valley of fire by rope.

There are many bows a Na’vi of any clan may fashion or acquire. from a young child to a sage elder. The most basic is a child’s bow often adorned by hand with twine and other decorative elements. While a children’s bow is nothing particularly inventive in terms of design, it can still be lethal if an arrow is shot with cunning accuracy. When a Na’vi youth reaches a certain point in adolescence, they carve a bow from the Hometree. This represents a coming-of-age ritual. At this point, the bow is called “The Hunting Bow”, appropriately named for the task it often carries out.

One of the most prestigious bows is the Ceremonial Bow, often used by clan elders for various ceremonies. One’s path to earning a Ceremonial Bow requires patience as it is traditionally passed down through generations. A Ceremonial Bow is carved from the Hometree and is a beautiful representation of the peak of Na’vi design. Its curved shape honours the Direhorse, a six-legged creature native to Pandora, known to help the Na’vi during hunt or battle.

Ralu completes the difficult trial flawlessly, but his friend Entu falls, breaking his hunting bow, failing this task. Feeling humiliated, he flees deep inside the forest.


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