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The Omaticaya Clan

Deep in the heart of the jungle, in the alcoves and hollows of a soaring Hometree, is the habitat of my clan, the Omaticaya, a friendly and highly spiritual people. Hometree is an individual tree that grows as a mighty structure. For the Omaticaya clan, our home is an ever-present symbol of the strength in community. The Omaticaya excellent weavers; their intricate patterns create some of the most sophisticated fabrics and structures in all the land. The unbreakable focus and dexterity of the Omaticaya at the loom makes this one of the most mesmerizing sights to be seen on Pandora. They weave the joy of working with the loom into every piece they make.

As such, the Omaticaya take a more simplified approach to dress than other clans and typically bare more skin. This giving of flesh symbolizes their open, pure, and giving spirit towards Eywa. A main piece of dress is the tweng (loincloth). It helps distinguish the various families within the greater Omaticaya clan. Members of the same kin wear specific color combinations, woven patterns, and decorative accents with pride, some of which can be traced back to ancient ancestors.

Here, among my people, is where the first sacred object in the prophecy was made; it represents our totem animal, the Great Leonopteryx. The Leonopteryx is also known as the Toruk, which roughly translates as “the last shadow”. When stalking a prey, the Toruk casts a massive shadow that blankets the landscape. It's shadow may well be the thing you will see before your spirit joins with Eywa and your ancestors.


• Omaticaya Clan
• Lu Aw Navi

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