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Palulukan Bone
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Toruk Makto
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The Palulukan Bone

During the night, Entu once again has a nightmare about the Palulukan that attacked and killed his parents. Meanwhile, as the young Na'vi sleep, the Anurai are paying tribtue to the Palulukan, their totemic animal, by building a kinetic structure with parts of the creature's skeleton.

Constructing a Palulukan Totem is a balance-testing ritual that relies on the complete sync of two or more clan mates. This harmony is something only true teamwork can provide. Bones are strategically stacked as a fellow clan mate maintains footing. It is impossible to create this totem alone. A single misstep can send bones cascading with great force. The totem honors the mighty Palulukan, Pandoraís deadliest creature, to teach the importance of unity, trust, and team work. It reminds the Anurai to react to each otherís actions with empathy and purpose. With a spirit of togetherness, there is hope to champion all of lifeís dangers.

In addition to sculpture, music is another art form the Anurai explore with animal bones. The animalís spirit infiltrates the clan membersí body like a forceful muse to guide every cut of the blade. During this process, the artistsí movements are almost instinctual. The animalís spirit takes over and vanishes in an instant when the instrument is complete. This is a very exciting moment when the Anurai discover the instrumentís sound for the first time. The sound is said to be an expression of gratitude from the animal to the creator. It is an expression of thanks for creating a piece of art that allows their voice to live on. Little is known about this particular flute, but it is said a Naívi could use this particular musical bone to call upon the Great Leonopteryx.

When the trio awakes, Ralu picks up a unique bone and recognizes it as one of the five sacred objects. He blows into it, which immediately draws Toruk's attention. When Ralu and his friends try to chase after the predator, they are surrounded by Viperwolves. The trio scamper off in the distance, a pack of angry Nantang on their tail.



• Viperwolves

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