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The Kekunan Clan

With their quick reflexes and nerve, my brothers and sisters of the Kekunan Clan are masters of the art of flying the Ikran, known to the Sky People as the Mountain Banshee. Lightning fast reflexes, cool composure and a courageous heart help them command the magnificent aerial predators.

Ikran Makto training begins at a very early age. Clan elders use an ikran toy as an education tool to demonstrate the dynamics and physics of flight. Clan youth are taught specific manoeuvres that mirror the behaviors of real Ikran, such as diving, gliding, and turning. This develops concentration and quick reflexes – two indispensible traits of highly skilled riders. In order to become hunters with their clan, all Na'vi must participate in the ceremony known as "Iknimaya"; they must select, capture and bond with an Ikran. Once the Na'vi make the dangerous climb up into the Floating Mountains to the Ikran rookery, they must choose their own Ikran; if the Ikran also choses them, it will try to kill them. If the Na'vi survives and is able to make the Tsaheylu, or bond, the first flight seals the connection between the Ikran and the rider for life.

The visor these riders wear shields their eyes from vicious winds. An Ikran can reach incredible speeds, particularly while diving towards a target. The lens is made from a clear yet strong material, naturally created by a neighbouring clan of chemists, the Tawkami. The material is carefully cut and shaped by clan elders who custom-fit each rider. No two masks are alike. Young clan members spend a consistent sixteen hours polishing the lens to translucent perfection. It is a laborious task and a lesson in patience and focus. Once finished, the mask is awarded the riders who successfully complete a rite of passage.

The Kekunan dress in bright, boisterous colors, a symbol of their unbreakable confidence and a tribute to the creatures that surround and sustain them, let's meet them, shall we?


• Kekunan Clan

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