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Richasi's Le Grand Chapiteau began operations on June 16, 1999 and since that time we've continued to grow, morph and change. In this section you'll find a list of what we've updated since our inception. There's a lot to take in here so be sure to use the links to the right to access each year's update notes (which will appear when selected). The current year is already in view.


01/29/24: Updated KA CD to 2023 Cover Version
          Updated BAZZAR "Cyr Wheel" music to "Unknown"
          Updated DRAWN TO LIFE Vocalist
          Updated ECHO Vocalist, Added Cube Manipulation
          Updated MYSTERE Aerial Straps, Aerial Silks
          Updated "O" Barge Act
          Added MAD APPLE back-up vocalist; Rola Bola
          Updated TWAS THE NIGHT to 2023 Version

04/24/24: Updated Tour Itineraries for: Alegria INAL, Kooza,
            Kurios, Luzia, Bazzar, ECHO, Crystal, Corteo,
            Messi10, and OVO

06/20/24: Refreshed "O" act descriptions

06/21/24: Updated Mystere Songs to Acts Listings (Experience & Musique)
          Updated Vocalists for Alegria, Drawn to Life, Kooza,
                Saltimbanco, Echo
          Added "Twist'n Shout" note to LOVE; added Walrus remove date
          Updated Corteo, Kooza, Delirium Musique
          Fixed a typo on Luzia Itinerarie (Zurich)
          Added Dislocation to Mad Apple
          Retired Cube Manipulation for ECHO, Added Aerial Loops Duo
          Added Solo Aerial Straps (Reserve) for KURIOS
          Added Contortion Solo and Handbalancing on Canes to KOOZA
          Un-retired CRYSTAL's Duo Canes Act.
          Retired ALEGRIA: INAL's Solo Straps and Dance Trapeze acts
          Updated music for FESTA event
          Fixed BAZZAR Itinerarie; added "Strapeze", retired Aerial Silks
          Added Aerial Pole to JOYA, retured Cube to Reserve

06/24/24: Updated ZAIA act dates, songs, vocalists, etc.
          Retired OVO's Aerial Hoop; added Aerial Net
          X-FANTASY: Updated Vocalists, Added Aerial Pole, Hair Hang
          Added SPIRIT to Events

06/25/24: Experience Music Format change: Mystere, "O", La Nouba,
            Zumanity, KA, Wintuk, ZAIA, ZED, Banana Shpeel, IRIS,
            Zarkana, JOYA, X: The Land of Fantasy, and Drawn to Life
            Grand Tour, Tour 85, Magie, Le Cirque Reinvente, Nouvelle
            Experience, Fascination, Saltimbanco, Alegria, Quidam, Dralion,
            and Varekai

06/26/24: Experience Music Format change: Corteo, Kooza, OVO, Corteo,
            Amaluna, Kurios, Toruk, Luzia, Septimo Dia, Volta, Crystal,
            Bazzar, Alegria: IANL, Axel, Messi10, Twas the Night, ECHO
            and Journey of Man.

06/28/24: Updated Pictures for DRAWN TO LIFE, added more pictures to
            Acts, Theater, and Characters

06/30/24: Added Experience for MAD APPLE (no descriptions, but pix if

07/03/24: Added the SONGBLAZERS logo to the Creations Page. Actual page
            coming soon.

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