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Grand Tour
Magie Continue
MJ Immortal
Séptimo Día
Alegria 25


La Nouba

Beatles LOVE
Banana Shpeel
Viva Elvis
MJ One
Land of Fantasy


Alegria: Le Film
Journey of Man
Fire Within
World's Away
Luna Petunia
Big Top Academy


One Drop
45 Degrees

Soleil de Minuit
Bar at the Edge
Revolution Lounge
Quebec: 40 Ans
Les Chemins
Gold Lounge
Dream Weavers
Light Nightclub
Le Grand Concert
Cirque VR
Série Hommage
La Forge Étoiles
Cirque at Sea
NFL Experience
Theme Park


Dive into the ever-expanding world of Cirque du Soleil created spectacles in the following four categories: Touring (for those traveling the globe by bigtop or arena), Resident (for those in specially created theaters), Media Productions (for IMAX, Motion Picture, or Television Series), and Noted Special Events & Projects (for one-off, special seasonal, corporate, or other events and projects).

Q. When did these shows premiere?
Q. Why are there two premiere dates?
Q. Where has Cirque toured?



   The information is presented as follows: the premiere year,
   followed by the show title, its exact premiere date and the
   city in which it premiered.

   1984: Le Grand Tour (Jun.16.1984, Gaspe)
   1985: Le Grand Tour (May.14.1985, Montréal)
   1986: Le Magie Continue (Apr.20.1986/May.18.1986, Sherebrook)
   1987: Le Cirque Reinvente (May.07.1987, La Salle)
   1990: Nouvelle Experience (May.08.1990, Montréal)
   1992: Saltimbanco (Apr.23.1992, Montréal)
   1992: Fascination (May.22.1992, Tokyo)
   1993: Mystere (Dec.25.1994, Las Vegas)
   1994: Alegria (Apr.21.1994, Montréal)
   1996: Quidam (Apr.23.1996, Montréal)
   1998: O (Oct.19.1998, Las Vegas)
   1998: La Nouba (Dec.23.1998/Jan.28.1999, Orlando)
   1999: Dralion (Apr.22.1999, Montréal)
   2002: Varekai (Apr.24.2002, Montréal)
   2003: Zumanity (Jul.31.2003/Sep.20.2003, Las Vegas)
   2004: KA (Nov.26.2004/Feb.03.2005, Las Vegas)
   2005: Corteo (Apr.21.2005, Montréal)
   2006: Delirium (Jan.26.2006, Montréal)
   2006: LOVE (Jun.02.2006/Jun.30.2006, Las Vegas)
   2007: Koozå (Apr.19.2007, Montréal)
   2007: Wintuk (Nov.01.2007, New York City)
   2008: ZAIA (Jul.26.2008/Aug.28.2008, Macau)
   2008: ZED (Aug.15.2008/Oct.01.2008, Tokyo)
   2008: Believe (Sep.26.2008/Oct.31.2008, Las Vegas)
   2009: Ovo (Apr.23.2009, Montréal)
   2009: Banana Shpeel (Nov.19.2009, Chicago | Apr.29.2010, NYC)
   2009: Viva Elvis (Dec.16.2009/Jan.08.2010, Las Vegas)
   2010: Totem (Apr.22.2010, Montréal)
   2011: Zarkana (Jun.9.2011/Jun.30.2011, NYC) 
   2011: IRIS (Jul.11.2011/Sep.27.2011, Hollywood)
   2011: MJ THE IMMORTAL World Tour (Oct.02.2011, Montréal)
   2012: Amaluna (Apr.19.2012, Montréal)
   2013: MJ ONE - Mandalay Bay (May.23.2013/Jun.29.2013 Las Vegas)
   2014: KURIOS: Cabinet of Curiosities (Apr.24.2014, Montréal)
   2014: JOYÀ (Nov.08.2014, Riviera Maya, Mexico)
   2015: TORUK-The First Flight (Nov.20.2015/Dec.21.2015)
   2016: Paramour (Apr.16.2016/May.25.2016, NYC)
   2016: Luzia (Apr.21.2016, Montréal)
   2017: Sép7imo Día: No Descansaré (Mar.09.2017, Buenos Aires)
   2017: Volta (Apr.20.2017/Apr.27.2017, Montréal)
   2017: Crystal (Oct.05.2017, Lafayette)
   2018: Bazzar (Nov.15.2018, Mumbai, India)
   2019: Alegría (Apr.18.2019, Montréal)
   2019: Messi10 (Spain)
   2019: "The Jump" (Las Vegas)
   2020: X: The Land of Fantasty (Hangzhou, China)
   2020: Disney 2020 (Walt Disney World)

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   In the case of Le Magie Continue, Cirque du Soleil originally
   performed at Expo 86 in Vancouver before beginning their
   Canadian tour. Thus, the official start of the 1986 tour is
   May 18, 1986.

   In the case of La Nouba, Zumanity, KÀ, LOVE, ZAIA, Believe, and
   ZED, Cirque du Soleil staged preview performances of these
   productions before their official Grand Opening/Gala Premiere.
   Therefore, public performances began on the first date, but an
   official premiere celebration did on occur until the second.

   NOTE: Cris Angel BELIEVE was scheduled to hold public previews
   or have its "soft opening" beginning Sep.01.2008 with the
   GALA Premiere on Sep.12.2008 before it was delayed. It was
   delayed a second time by having previews begin on Sep.12.2008
   and the GALA on Oct.10.2008.

   NOTE: BANANA SHPEEL was scheduled to hold public previews in
   New York City starting February 4, 2010. It was pushed back
   to February 25, 2010 and again to March 17, 2010 before
   finally settling on April 29, 2010.

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   [Touring Productions]

    Saltimbanco (1992-2012)

    o) Apr.23.1992 to Dec.19.1993 - North American Tour
    o) Mar.11.1994 to Sep.14.1994 - Japanese Tour
    o) Nov.02.1994 to Jan.08.1995 - Montreal Special
    o) Mar.09.1995 to Feb.01.1997 - European Tour I
    o) Oct.13.1998 to Nov.08.1998 - Ottawa Special
    o) Jan.07.1999 to Nov.25.2001 - Asia/Pacific Tour
    o) Feb.14.2002 to Jul.03.2005 - European Tour II
    o) Aug.04.2005 to Dec.03.2006 - Latin American Tour
    o) Jul.31.2007 to Aug.23.2009 - North American Arena Tour
    o) Sep.17.2009 to Apr.03.2011 - European/Africa Arena Tour
    o) Apr.21.2011 to Sep.04.2011 - Australia Arena Tour
    o) Sep.21.2011 to Dec.30.2012 - World Arena Tour

    Alegría (1994-2013)

    o) Apr.21.1994 - Dec.30.1995 - North American Tour I
    o) Mar.22.1996 - Dec.25.1996 - Japanese/Hong Kong Tour
    o) Mar.06.1997 - Feb.07.1999 - European Tour I
    o) May.20.1999 - Oct.02.2000 - Beau Rivage
    o) Oct.10.2001 - Apr.07.2002 - Australia/Singapore
    o) Jun.12.2002 - Sep.26.2004 - North American Tour II
    o) Oct.29.2004 - Nov.27.2005 - Japanese Tour II
    o) Jan.05.2006 - Aug.28.2007 - European Tour II
    o) Sep.14.2007 - Sep.22.2008 - South American Tour
    o) Oct.15.2008 - Apr.06.2009 - Asian Tour
    o) May.27.2009 - Aug.14.2011 - North American Arena Tour
    o) Sep.07.2011 - Dec.22.2013 - European Arena Tour

    Quidam (1996-2016)

    o) Apr.23.1996 - Nov.27.1998 - North American Tour I
    o) Mar.04.1999 - Jan.06.2002 - European Tour I
    o) Feb.07.2002 - Dec.21.2002 - North American Tour II
    o) Feb.07.2003 - Apr.04.2004 - Japanese Tour
    o) May.06.2004 - Dec.11.2005 - Asia/Pacific Tour
    o) Jan.19.2006 - Oct.22.2006 - North American Tour III
    o) Jan.04.2007 - Aug.26.2007 - Asia/Middle East Tour
    o) Oct.11.2007 - Mar.17.2008 - Mexican Tour
    o) Apr.20.2008 - Apr.19.2009 - European Tour II
    o) Jul.11.2009 - Nov.21.2010 - South American Tour
    o) Dec.11.2010 - Aug.11.2013 - North American Arena Tour
    o) Sep.15.2013 - Jun.21.2015 - European Arena Tour
    o) Jul.02.2015 - Feb.26.2016 - Asia/Pacific Arena Tour

    Dralion (1999-2015)

    o) Apr.22.1999 - Dec.14.2003 - North American Tour
    o) Jan.14.2004 - Jan.07.2007 - European Tour
    o) Feb.07.2007 - Jun.15.2008 - Japanese Tour
    o) Jul.17.2008 - Aug.24.2009 - Australian Tour
    o) Sep.17.2009 - Dec.31.2009 - Mexican Tour
    o) Oct.20.2010 - Dec.23.2012 - North American Arena Tour
    o) Feb.06.2013 - Sep.06.2014 - European Arena Tour
    o) Oct.02.2014 - Jan.18.2015 - North American "Goodbye" Tour

    Varekai (2002-2017)

    o) Apr.24.2002 - Jul.23.2006 - North American Tour
    o) Aug.10.2006 - Oct.07.2007 - Australian Tour
    o) Oct.25.2007 - Jan.02.2011 - European Tour
    o) Jan.20.2011 - Jul.10.2011 - Asia/Pacific Tour
    o) Sep.15.2011 - Oct.13.2013 - Latin American Tour
    o) Dec.13.2013 - Sep.06.2015 - North American Arena Tour
    o) Oct.08.2015 - Oct.15.2017 - European Arena Tour
    o) Nov.09.2017 - Dec.23.2017 - North American "Goodbye" Tour

    Corteo (2005-2015; 2018+)

    o) Apr.21.2005 - Dec.28.2008 - North American Tour
    o) Feb.04.2009 - Jun.06.2010 - Japanese Tour
    o) Jun.26.2010 - Feb.08.2013 - European Tour
    o) Mar.30.2013 - Dec.13.2015 - Latin American Tour
    o) Mar.02-2018 - Aug.22.2019 - North American Arena Tour
    o) Sep.26.2018 - Present     - European Arena Tour

    Delirium (2006-2008)

    o) Jan.27.2006 - Jul.01.2007 - North American Arena Tour
    o) Sep.13.2007 - Apr.19.2008 - European Arena Tour

    Koozå (2007+)

    o) Apr.19.2007 - Dec.05.2010 - North American Tour
    o) Feb.02.2011 - Apr.01.2012 - Japanese Tour
    o) Jun.07.2012 - Dec.16.2012 - North American Tour II
    o) Jan.05.2013 - Apr.04.2015 - European Tour
    o) Jun.04.2015 - Dec.27.2015 - North American Tour III
    o) Mar.09.2016 - Jul.31.2016 - South American Tour
    o) Aug.25.2016 - Mar.17.2019 - Asia Pacific Tour
    o) May.30.2019 - Present     - European Tour II

    Ovo (2009+)

    o) Apr.23.2009 - May.13.2012 - North American Tour
    o) Jul.13.2012 - Jun.16.2013 - Australian Tour
    o) Feb.12.2014 - Feb.21.2015 - Japanese Tour
    o) Apr.08.2016 - Aug.30.2017 - North American Arena Tour
    o) Oct.05.2017 - Jan.20.2019 - European Arena Tour
    o) Mar.07.2019 - Present     - South American Tour

    Totem (2010+)

    o) Apr.22.2010 - Jan.30.2011 - Premiere Tour (CAN/EUR)
    o) Mar.03.2011 - Dec.18.2011 - North American Tour I
    o) Jan.05.2012 - Feb.05.2012 - London Special
    o) Mar.02.2012 - Jul.06.2014 - North American Tour
    o) Aug.22.2014 - May.21.2016 - Asia/Pacific Tour
    o) Jul.01.2016 - Present     - European Tour II

    Michael Jackson THE IMMPORTAL World Tour (2011-2014)

    o) Oct.02.2011 - Aug.21.2012 - North American Arena Tour
    o) Oct.12.2012 - Apr.21.2013 - European Arena Tour
    o) May.09.2013 - Jan.14.2014 - Asia/Pacific Arena Tour
    o) Feb.28.2014 - Aug.31.2014 - North American Tour II

    Amaluna (2012+)

    o) Apr.19.2012 - Mar.22.2015 - North American Tour
    o) May.06.2015 - Jun.11.2017 - European Tour
    o) Jul.26.2017 - Dec.16.2018 - South American Tour
    o) Jan.23.2019 - Present     - North American Tour II

    KURIOS: Cabinet of Curiosities (2014+)

    o) Apr.24.2014 - Dec.31.2017 - North American Tour
    o) Feb.07.2018 - Jun.02.2019 - Japanese Tour
    o) Jul.04.2019 - Present     - Singapore/Australian Tour

    TORUK-The First Flight (2015+)

    o) Nov.12.2015 - Mar.26.2017 - North American Arena Tour
    o) Jul.06.2016 - Aug.26.2018 - Asia/Pacific Arena Tour
    o) Oct.10.2018 - Present     - European Arena Tour

    LUZIA: The Waking Dream of Mexico (2016+)

    o) Apr.21.2016 - Present     - North American Tour

    SEP7IMO DIA – No Descansaré (2017-2018)

    o) Mar.09.2017 - Sep.23.2017 - South American Arena Tour
    o) Oct.19.2017 - May.06.2018 - North American Arena Tour
    o) Jun.20.2018 - Sep.23.2018 - South American Arena Tour

    VOLTA: Find Your Free (2017+)

    o) Apr.20.2017 - Present     - North American Tour

    CRYSTAL (2017+)

    o) Oct.05.2017 - Sep.01.2019 - North American Arena Tour
    o) TBA                       - European Arena Tour

    BAZZAR (2018+)

    o) Nov.15.2018 - Present     - World Tour

    Alegría: In a New Light (2019+)

    o) Apr.18.2019 - Present     - North American Tour

    Messi10 (2019+)

    o) TBA - European Arena Tour

   [Resident Productions]

    o) in Las Vegas, Nevada:

    - Mystère / Treasure Island
    - "O" / Bellagio
    - Zumanity / New York, New York
    - KÀ / MGM Grand
    - LOVE / The Mirage
    - Criss Angel BELIEVE / Luxor [Closed Apr.17.2016]
    - Viva Elvis / Aria, CityCenter [Closed Aug.31.2012]
    - Zarkana / Aria, CityCenter [Closed Apr.20.2016]
    - Michael Jackson ONE / Mandalay Bay

    o) Others (inside USA)

    - La Nouba / Walt Disney World; Orlando, FL [Closed Dec.31.2017]
    - Wintuk / Madison Square Garden; New York City, NY [Closed]
    - Banana Shpeel / New York City & Touring [Closed]
    - Iris / The Kodak Theater; Hollywood, CA [Closed Jan.19.2013]
    - Paramour / Lyric Theater; New York, NY [Closed Apr.26.2017]

    o) Others (Outside USA)

    - ZAIA / The Venetian; Macau, China [Closed Feb.19.2012]
    - ZED / Tokyo Disneyland; Tokyo, Japan [Closed Dec.31.2011]
    - JOYÀ; Riviera Maya, Mexico

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