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Fire Within


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Emotion... Emotion... Emotion!

For anyone who's ever dreamt of running away and joining the circus, or anyone who's ever experienced a live Cirque du Soleil production and was left wondering how such a meticulously crafted work of art came to be, Cirque du Soleil’s Fire Within offers an intimate look into the dreams, trials and aspirations of a core group of performers involved in the creation and launch of Varekai, then the most recent live production from world famous Cirque du Soleil. Unlike past Cirque behind the scenes features such as "Alegría: The Truth of Illusion", "Full Circle: The Making of Quidam", "Inside La Nouba: From Conception to Perception" or "In the Heart of the Dralion" – each of which provided only a tiny taste of the entire creative process – "Fire Within" is a day-to-day peek into the lives of Cirque artists, and administrative staff as they come together to work, play, laugh, love, cry and dream.

Focusing on a few of the stories of the performers in the new show, Fire Within begins eight months prior to opening night. It remains to be seen how those on stage and those working behind the scenes will deal with the incredible physical and emotional demands made on them. Who will be strong enough to survive the challenging process — and more importantly, who won't? The producers had unprecedented access to the day-to-day lives of the people who played vital roles in the creation of Varekai. The camera captures the human experience, the burning desire inside each performer to succeed, with elements of drama, comedy, love and loss, work and play, victory and setbacks.

Share the intense ups and downs the performers go through as they work together to form personal and professional relationships in Montreal, the home of Cirque du Soleil. As the tension mounts and the world premiere of Varekai fast approaches, all the disparate elements — performance, costumes, sets, make-up, music — must unite under the Grand Chapiteau (big top). Cirque du Soleil Fire Within takes us, for the first time, deep into the characters and personalities of the extraordinary men and women, both onstage and off, immersed in the creative process of creating the magic that is Cirque du Soleil.

The following episodic reviews were originally published as a series of four incirments in Fascination!, the Cirque du Soleil fan newsletter, starting with Issue #14 (October 2002) and ending with Issue #17 (January 2003). Each review is written by Wayne Leung, reprinted at Le Grand Chapiteau with permission.

Premiere: Sept. 15, 2002 (Global)
January 6, 2003 (Bravo)
Type: TV Series / Reality
Director: Lewis Cohen
Producers: Marie Côté
Vincent Gagné
Arnie Gelbart
Episodes: 13 / 22 minutes long



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