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"Cosmic Wind"

Never Originally Aired (CBC, Canada)
Episode 13: "Cosmic Disco" (Bravo, USA)

A discotheque occupies an entire planet situated somewhere in intergalactic space. As is the case for all Saturday night hot spots, entry into the disco can be difficult. A customs officer hand picks the clientele very selectively. For one inoffensive crank in particular, admission is very difficult. The discotheque attracts an odd clientele - extraterrestrials, creatures of the sun, an intergalactic adventurer named Milla Jovovich, Conrad MacLeod from the film Highlander (played by Christophe Lambert), and Deepak Chopra, guru of to stars. It seems to be similar to a discotheque on Earth…. but in appearance only. When extraterrestrials party, their lovers' quarrels are more shocking, flirtation is more scintillating, feats are more flamboyant, beautiful women are different, and getaways are clearly more spectacular!

First Aired: Did Not Air (CBC)
July 4, 2004 (Bravo)

    Cirque du Soleil Artists

    • Customs Officer from Mystere -- Performed by Nicky Dewhurst.

    • Aeriel Hoops from O -- Performers display acrobatic poses demanding great strength and flexibility inside a hoop suspended above the tage. Performed by Greg Wise, Sebastien Stella and Yuliya Eremina.

    Guest Artists

    • Acrobatic Wheel ("Wheel of Death") -- Performed by Joseph Dominick Bauer.
    • Aerial Spiral -- Performed by Elmira Zemskova.
    • Contortion -- Performed by Vladimir Gagarine.
    • Illusion, Screen and Various -- Performed by Michael Menes.
    • Juggling (pins) -- Performed by Jason Garfield.
    • Slack Wire -- Performed by Andrey Ivakhenko.
    • Two Big Extraterrestrial Creatures (Los Katos) -- Performed by Kim Hilton and Kalli Manoloaros.
    • Whirling Dervish -- Performed by Gregangelo Whirling Circle Dervish.
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