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"Gone with the Winds"

Never Originally Aired (CBC, Canada)
Episode 08: "Traveling" (Bravo, USA)

Exposed to solar wind, an airport employee suddenly finds herself at the edge of the American desert. She is excited by this opportunity to hitchhike her way to adventure. She won't be disappointed, since the Aviator from the production Quidam, the Lizard from Varekai and the Comet from "O" all take it upon themselves to ensure that her journey across the desert will be extraordinary! Neither heat, nor thirst nor fatigue will prevent her from taking part in many encounters and facing adventures that are often absurd. During her travels, she will fear for her life, ride a scooter and be the object of seduction on more than one occasion. She will meet an astronaut, the entire crew of a cruise ship as well as the Formula 1 driver, David Coulthard.

First Aired: Did not Air (CBC)
May 30, 2004 (Bravo)

    Cirque du Soleil Artists

    • The Other Life of The Aviator from Quidam -- Just like the other Quidam characters who are obsessed with futile preoccupations, trying to fill the void of their existence, the Aviator has skeletal wings, but doesn't look quite ready to take off. Perhaps he doesn't know he has wings. Perhaps he knows, but can't fly. Perhaps, like Icarus, he has tried and failed. Or perhaps he simply wants to escape this world and its problems. The Aviator is played by Jason Papp.

    • Flight of Icarus from Varekai -- In a net suspended above the ground, an acrobat performs poses requiring flexibility and agility. Performed by Anton Chelnokov.

    Guest Artists

    • The Art of Movement (Les Yamakasi) -- Performed by Williams Belle, Yann Hnautra, Laurent Piemontesi, Sericka Kingmen and Sami Saula
    • Contortion -- Performed by Natalia Vasylyuk.
    • Dance on Stilts -- Performed by Odious Odell Knight III.
    • Icarian Games (Kourbanov) -- Performed by Alexandre Kourbanov, Yulia Kurbanova, Evgueni Bogdanov, Ivan Issaev and Dmytro Taratutenko
    • Irish Folk Dance (Blackthorn) -- Performed by Leah M. Densmore, Sinead Green, Beth C., Erin M. and Rae D. MacNeil, Sarah L. Mallon, Nicola McEwan, Aisling A. and Dierdre B. Porter and Shannon Quin
    • German Wheel -- Performed by Chris Robert Lashua.
    • Lasso -- Performed by Angelo Iodice/A.J. Sylver.
    • Slackwire -- Performed by Fan Zhang.
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