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"Wind of Life"

Never Originally Aired (CBC, Canada)
Episode 11: "Puppets" (Bravo, USA)

A craftsman is bustling about his charming toy store on a snowy Christmas Eve in Salzbourg. This imaginative and passionate man has only one ambition: that his small wooden puppet comes to life. In fact, he acts as if it were already the case. The back room of the shop is set up to celebrate the marionette's birthday. The puppet even has a birthday hat on his head! Crouched in a corner of the workshop, Vénus, one of the giants from the show Mystère, is watching the scene and she decides to assist by blowing solar wind. The toys in the shop receive their share of the giant's solar spell, but the magic wind also spreads out in unexpected directions. Although she only intended to give life to the craftsman's wooden son, Vénus gets much more than she bargained for.

First Aired: Did Not Air (CBC)
June 20, 2004 (Bravo)

    Cirque du Soleil Artists

    • The Other Life of Venus from Mystere -- Venus is the female counterpart to the male, devilish, dark character Mephisto. In Mystère's voyage from the dawn of time, Mephisto and Venus appear from the depths of the Earth; together they cast a long dark shadow and expose the sombre, more complex side of the journey of life. Mephisto and Venus only appear in times of commotion and loud noise; their presence wreaks havoc in any domain. Together they want to create chaos and destroy the amicable balance that exists within the world of Mystère. Venus is played by Rosalie Éthier.

    Guest Artists

    • Aerial Straps -- Cirque Éloize, Performed by Nicolas Roche
    • Body Puppets -- Performed by Laura Kibel
    • Contortion -- Performed by Jinny Jessica Jacinto
    • Contortion in Cylinders -- Long Twins, Performed by Bing and Jun Long
    • Diabolos -- Performed by Gérald Cibola
    • Icarian Trio -- Performed by Valeriy Aleshin, Valeriya Aleshina and Filipp Koutznetsov
    • Illusion -- Performed by Muriel Brugman and Scott Nelson Shawl
    • Juggling -- Performed by Jochen Schell
    • Musical Fantasy – Pans Concerto Performed by Michel Lauzière
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