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"Wind of Imagination"

Never Originally Aired (CBC, Canada)
Episode 10: "Construction" (Bravo, USA)

A small boy is playing very seriously in a sandbox. To amuse the youngster, the Guide from the show Varekai uses solar wind to lift him to the top of a building under construction, with workmen all around. The child also meets the architect and the two become fast friends. Thanks to the Guide's solar wind antics, the building site is a place where the rules of construction and logic are not always respected, or even necessary! What would the boss say if he saw the workmen chasing each other around and finding refuge in the building's pipes? Or the power line technician behaving like he were on Broadway? Even the architect is affected and draws ridiculous blueprints that the foreman tries to follow! The workmen sing and dance while on the job… Who, in fact, is in charge of this very peculiar construction site? Perhaps it's not the one we suspect…

First Aired: Did Not Air (CBC)
June 13, 2004 (Bravo)

    Cirque du Soleil Artists

    • The Other Life of the Guide from Varekai -- Wherever the wind carries the show Varekai, Rodrigue guides Icarus throughout his odyssey in the strange forest. He is in turn the spectre of the injured angel, the provocative sorcerer, the tamer of shadows, the guardian of fire, and the Skywatcher's accomplice in the young man's rebirth. Deep within a forest, at the summit of a volcano, exists an extraordinary world-a world where something else is possible. A world called Varekai.The Guide is played by Brad Denys.

    • Russian Bars from Alegria -- Flyers perform balancing acts on or summersaults from a bar perched on the sturdy shoulders of powerful bearers. Performed by Performed by: Victor Bryndine, Aliaksei Liubezny, Olekksii Poletaiev, Ivan Saveliev, Anatoli Baravikou, Marcos De Oliveira Casuo, Tamir Erdenesaikhan, Victor Moiseev, Oleg Plotnikov, Viatcheslav Volkov and Myro Khetaguri

    • Aeriel Cube from Mystere -- A tube-like cube is suspended and the artist performs acrobatic poses. Performed by Paul Bowler.

    • Chinese Poles -- Performed by Christian Durocher.

    Guest Artists

    • Dance (Zeugma, Collective of Urban Folklore) -- Performed by: Éric Vincent Carrié, Dominic Desrochers, Karine Hippolyte, Émilie Macot, Josée Mayrand, Sylvie Mercier, Julie Nolet, Christian Robert, Frédérique-Annie Robitaille, Carolyne Roy and Anita Rudichuk.
    • Fantasy -- Performed by Valentin Urse.
    • Hand-to-Hand (Acrofolie) -- Performed by Frédéric Arsenault and Martin Laliberté.
    • Juggling (Favored Nations) -- Performed by Michael Moschen.
    • Rola Bola -- Performed by Victor Dodonov.
    • Triple Rope -- Performed by Brigitte Scherrer.
    • Wheel -- Performed by Mr. Pi (Brad Denys).
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