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Russian Swings

The traveler takes a dive to explore the underwater world, which first looks peaceful until he disturbs three cacti relaxing on the ocean floor. And then, under a luminous red moon, nine artists perform a stunning Russian swing act. For the first time at Cirque du Soleil, the two swings are mounted on a turntable so that the audience can enjoy the performance from all angles. The pushers demonstrate impeccable timing by flinging their partners up to 10 meters (33 feet) in the air.

In Mexico, fiestas are joyous, intense rituals during which revelers party on, sometimes for days on end. Mexicans light up the sky with fireworks over plazas and public squares every chance they get. During the nine days of Las Posadas, for instance, hitting piñatas filled with fruit and nut, filling up on tamales and drinking traditional ponches or atoles are all good reasons to celebrate with friends, family… or with complete strangers.

Much more than mere blasts of energy, fiestas represent a deep emotional release and a source of renewal that testify to the complex psyche of the Mexican people. To the rhythm of festive music, a fiesta is in full swing as Russian Swing artists leap in the air, their costumes taking on stunning patterns in a majestic, sweeping transformation. The bright patterns are a loving ode to the embroidered textile fabrics created by the Otomi people.

LUZIA returns the Russian Swing to Cirque du Soleil in a similar form as Varekai’s – with flyers routinely vaulting between the swings in ever more difficult routines – but with less gusto.

It’s only natural to want a rousing, energetic act to close out your show. It brings the audience to their feet, clapping and gasping and generally having a grand old time. The Russian Swings here weren’t as strong as I would have hoped, unfortunately. Yes, it is thrilling to see acrobats vault from swing-to-swing, or even fly high into the air to flip and spin their bodies in an ever-dizzying array of twists, but the energy just wasn’t there. Perhaps it was the choreography. Perhaps it was the music. The music starts, stops, speeds up, gets slower, and then simply ends. It’s a muddled mess of tempos and themes that does not work hard enough to compliment the action on stage. I find this more than a little disappointing because Russian Swings could be – should be – a rip-roaring and inspiring conclusion to your show! But here it simply exists. It’s a good act don’t get me wrong, but it needs a little more oomph. Alas, even the creators had trouble with this one I hear: the piece of music we heard during our performances was at least the third one they’ve tried thus far!


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