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Hoop Diving
Adagio Quatuor
Cyr Wheel &
Fútbol Freestyle
Pole Dance
360° Swing
Aerial Straps
Russian Swings
Fiesta Finale





The sound of a plane is fading away as a parachutist is free falling towards a land of memories. He lands in a field of cempasuchil flowers (yellow marigolds) surrounding a gigantic metallic key. As he turns the key by curiosity, the traveler gets taken away on a magical journey through time and place, somewhere between dreams and reality.

A peaceful setting of tranquility awaits as you enter the Grand Chapiteau. The stage is awash in cempasúchil flowers in bloom, arranged in neat rows around its central apex, being tended to by two diminutive robots (the bots more than resemble those from C:LAB’s "ROGA" video – a video presented by Steven Openheart as part of the LED talks on a type of yoga he developed specifically to diminish the stress and sense of exclusion robots can feel when exercising) – "achoo!" – and a pair of hummingbirds who do their darndest to pollinate every flower in the field. All overseen by the huge sun disk projecting a calming shade of blue.


But soon this serene, quiet locale is disturbed by the outside world. At the tell-tale sound of a prop plane flying overhead, a man suddenly jumps into view - a tourist out looking for adventure - with a small parachute pack on his back. As he makes his free- fall, the tourist unwisely consults a map; it is blown out of his hands within seconds. Losing his map is the least of his worries, however. When it comes time to deploy his chute... it won't open! Tumbling now head-over-heals as panic ensues, he wrestles with the pack, willing it to open when it too flies out of his grasp – ay dios mio! Out of time, and out of luck, he reaches for a handle poking out of the top of the pack just as it twists away. Tugging reveals it's a small umbrella!

Undaunted, he opens the umbrella and uses it to gently coast to the ground. And after taking a moment to collect himself, he comes within a hairs breath of being clobbered by his pac, which has fallen from the sky with a THUD. Thankful for his good luck, he rummages through it to find his water canteen, which he slips out to quench his thirst. But wouldn't you know it's bone dry? Before he can complain too loudly about his situation though, he spots a rather interesting looking relic nearby... a monument that looks like a large bronze key. As curiosity wins out over thirst, he saunters over and turns its handle... unwittingly winding up and unlocking the imaginary world of LUZIA.


• ("Unknown")

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