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USA Lobby Cards


Lobby Cards, like movie posters, are promotional materials sent to movie houses and theaters for use in advertisement displays. These cards, as their name suggests, are smaller pieces (generally 11" x 14"), printed on card-stock, and usually in sets of eight, each featuring a different scene from the film in question.

The Lobby Cards for SpaceCamp: The Movie followed this convention in the United States with these cards. Note they are copyrighted by the National Screen Service Corporation and were supposed to be sent back to 20th Century Fox (the film's distributor) to be destroyed after the film left theaters; however, some have remained in the hands of collectors and survived.

US Lobby Card US Lobby Card US Lobby Card
US Lobby Card US Lobby Card US Lobby Card
US Lobby Card US Lobby Card

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German Lobby Cards


The Lobby Cards for SpaceCamp: The Movie in foreign markets, especially these from Germany, conform to a different standard.

Although still showing scenes from the film (some of which re-create those seen on the US Lobby Card release), they are in a different dimensional format and paper composition.

These cards are akin to regular printed paper, semi-glossy for photographs though, rather than card stock and quite flimsy. They, like their American counterparts, were also to be sent back to the film's distributor to be destroyed. And again like their American counterparts, found their way into a collector's hands and saved.

German Lobby Card German Lobby Card German Lobby Card
German Lobby Card German Lobby Card German Lobby Card
German Lobby Card German Lobby Card German Lobby Card
German Lobby Card German Lobby Card

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Press Kit w/Photos


A press kit, often referred to as a media kit in business environments, is a pre-packaged set of promotional materials of a person, company, or organization distributed to members of the media for promotional use. They are often distributed to announce a release or for a news conference.

The common components of the SpaceCamp Press Kit include: A two-page "Announcement" sheet, a press-release detailing the film for potential audiences and announcing it is now in theaters (to be used by newspapers as the movie's advertisement); A six-page "Cast Listing" sheet, a full listing of cast and crew for the film, as well as, full source music listing and accreditation; A forty-four page "Production Notes" packet, a backgrounder with historical information on the company and film, a fact-sheet listing specific features and statistics, biographies of key cast members and production crew; And a packet of eight black-and-white, high-gloss/high-resolution photos for newspaper print. black and white, high-gloss photos for news print.



Press Kit Docs Press Kit Docs Press Kit Docs
Press Kit
Press Kit
Full Cast List
Press Kit
Production Notes
Press Kit Photos Press Kit Photos Press Kit Photos
Press Kit Photos Press Kit Photos Press Kit Photos
Press Kit Photos Press Kit Photos Press Kit Photos

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SpaceCamp: The movie was wide-released to theaters (969 screens) in the United States on Friday, June 6, 1986 by Twentieth Century Fox. The film was also released in limited international markets to very little success (Japan on 12 July 1986, Australia on 30 October 1986, France on 12 November 1986, and Sweden on 19 Decemebr 1986).

The budget for SpaceCamp: the Movie has not been released; however, the film grossed only $2,918,072 in its opening weekend in the United States, and grossed only $9,697,739 in the US by the end of its short run.

The film has become something of a cult classic due to its lack of success and as such I've been able to collect a few posters from the film.

Teaser Poster Official Poster
Teaser Poster (US) Official Poster (US)

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Movie Book


Space Camp
A novelization by Joe Claro
Based upon the Screenplay:
W.W. Wicket & Casey T. Mitchell
A Scholastic, Inc., Book | 1986
ISBN: 0-590-40385-0
SRP: $2.50 US / $2.95 CAN

The movie tie-in is a rather thin book of just under 140 pages from Prologue to Epilogue, containing twenty-eight (28) numbered chapters (30 total including the beforementioned Prologue and Epilogue), and includes eight (8) pages of black & white photos from various scenes.

Back Cover: SpaceCamp! Every summer, people flock there from across the country for official astronaut training on real NASA equipment...and to fulfill a dream. This summer, five kids are heading for SpaceCamp: cool Kevin, no-nonsense Kathryn, punk-rocker Tish, clumsy Rudy, and twelve-year-old genius named Max. Five individuals, each as different as night and day. Can their instructor, Andie, teach them to work together as a team? And will SpaceCamp prepare them all for the adventure of a lifetime?


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Movie Book


The Original Soundtrack Album was released commercialy in the United States and Japan in various formats. The release features the score of John Williams (Jaws, Star Wars, Jurassic Park, Harry Potter) packaged in 14 tracks with a runtime of approximately 48 minutes.

  1. "Main Title".............. (3:08)
  2. "Training Montage"........ (1:53)
  3. "The Shuttle"............. (4:54)
  4. "The Computer Room"....... (1:52)
  5. "Friends Forever"......... (2:19)
  6. "In Orbit"................ (3:15)
  7. "White Sands"............. (6:49)
  8. "SpaceCamp" [End Title]... (4:06)
  9. "Viewing Daedalus"........ (2:43)
  10. "Max Breaks Loose"........ (2:20)
  11. "Andie is Stranded"....... (4:06)
  12. "Max Finds Courage"....... (2:18)
  13. "Re-Entry"................ (3:54)
  14. "Home Again".............. (3:29)

The soundtrack was available on RCA vinyl records (33 RPM, 12" LP) and cassettes in the United States and on CD in Japan in 1986; however, it has been out of print for quite some time. As such the soundtrack is highly rare but can generally be found in used music stores or online auction sites (but beware of bootlegs!)

Consequently, the CD version (RCA SCC-1016) was released only in Japan as a "CD Club" special. About 1,000 were pressed making a genuine copy of the CD copy extremely rare.


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Movie Miscellaneous


The following items presented here are of a miscellaneous nature.

As you can see I have one of the original Space Camp patches featured in the film (there have been subsequent remakes of this patch on sale at Space Camp), and the Japanese Movie Programme Book cover-to-cover.

Movie Camp Patch (Original) Movie Camp Patch (Original)
Movie Patch Japanese Book

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