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Space Camp News (Newsletter)


Space Camp News was the official newsletter of Space Camp & Space Academy from 1985 until at least 1995, when the publication mysteriously ended.

In its early form, the newsletter was printed on 8 1/2" x 11.0" paper and stapled together in the upper left-hand corner. Later issues were printed on tri-fold paper, approximately six pages in length cover to back (though some issues were smaller), and colorized.

Although a schedule of at least two issues per year in one of the four seasons (Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall) were followed, there were somtimes three issues per year. In later years, however, the publication schedule became erratic, producing "special editions" and other notations.

The following documents (in Adobe PDF format) are from my personal collection; however, they do not represent the entire run of the newsletter.

Fall 1989 Spring 1990 Fall 1990 December 1990
Vol 5 No 2
Fall 1989
Vol 6 No 1
Spring 1990
Vol 6 No 2
Fall 1990
Vol 6 No 3
December 1990
Spring 1991 Summer 1991 Winter 1992 Summer 1992
Vol 7 No 1
Spring 1991
Vol 7 No 2
Summer 1991
Vol 8 No 1
Winter 1992
Vol 8 No 2
Summer 1992
Winter 1993 Special Edition
Vol 9 No 1
Winter 1993
Vol 9 No 2
Special Edition

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Space Camp Application Books


Produced yearly and mailed out to potential trainees and/or alumni alike, the Space Camp Application guide was the way to receive information about the Space Camp and Space Academy programs in the 1980's and 1990's. How else could you learn about the camp and/or apply to the program?

With the coming of the World Wide Web, Space Camp retired the printed application booklet - by 2004 - choosing instead to send out small post-card sized mailers or brochure sized pamphlets that directed potential trainees to its website It also digitzed the application guide book for ease in distribution and, no doubt, to save costs.

What I have here are scans of the guide books in my posession - from 1988 on - and the electronic copies of the guidebooks offered after the printed versions ceased to be created.

1988 1989 1990 1991
1988 1989 1990 1991
1992 1992 1992 1992
1992 1993 1994 1995
1996 2000 2001 2004
1996 2000 2001 2004
2005 Youth 2005 Groups 2006 Youth 2006 Groups
2005 Youth 2005 Groups 2006 Youth 2006 Groups
2007 Youth 2007 Groups 2008 Youth 2008 Groups
2007 Youth 2007 Groups 2008 Youth 2008 Groups
2009 Youth 2009 Groups 2012 2015
2009 Youth 2009 Groups 2012 2015
2016 2018 2019 2019 Groups
2016 2018 2019 2019 Groups

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Space Camp Post-Cards


Through the years the US Space & Rocket Center and the Space Camp Foundation have printed and made available post cards to the public for purchase. And over the years I have collected a number of them.

Some were given to me, others I purchased on-site, whilst the rest I rescued from obsurity on eBay. As such you'll find these cards represent an array of history - and change - beginning with some of the first Camp structures in 1985 through to 2007.

Post Card Post Card Post Card Post Card
Post Card Post Card Post Card Post Card
Post Card Post Card Post Card Post Card
Post Card Post Card Post Card Post Card

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Magazine Articles


Space Camp has been featured in a number of magazines, trade books, and newspapers since it's inception in 1982. Collected here are just a small number that I have in my collection...

An article from Boys' Life Magazine circa 1986 entitled "United States Space Camp" reviews the camp as it existed then. Starlog #108, from July 1986, contains two articles - one about Camp and one about the Movie. Starlog #109, from August 1986, also contains two articles: one about Camp itself, and an interview with Tom Skerritt who played Zach Bergstrom in the Movie. And a 1988 review of Space Camp as published in Odyssey Magazine, a space publication for kids.

Boys Life 1986 Starlog #108 Starlog #109 Odyssey 1988
Boys Life 1986 Starlog #108 Starlog #109 Odyssey 1988

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Space Camp Patches


Patches are an essential part of any space mission - every mission has one - and so the same rules apply for Space Camp. The following patches are those I have collected over the years representing the camp in general.

Some come from the Alabama campus (so noted), the Florida campus (also so noted), and even the short-lived California campus. Although there are many others - representing the international camps and other programs offered by the Alabama campus, I sadly do not have those.

Old Camp Patch Old Camp Patch Space Camp Alabama Space Academy
Advanced Academy Space Camp California Space Academy Red Prize Famous Thikol Team Patch
Space Camp 20th Anniversary Space Camp 25th Anniversary MMU Patch 30th Anniversary Patch
30th Anniversary Patch

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USSRC Miscellaneous


The following items presented here are of a miscellaneous nature.

At present, as you can see, there's very little here. That's okay! As I find and re-discover interesting items from my collection that just don't fit into the categories above, they'll be posted here.

Space Camp Graduation Document QT 360 Movies QT 360 Movies
1991 Grad Doc Hab 1 Atrium
Hab 1 Hallway
Hab 1 Room
Flight Deck
Mission Control
Training Center

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