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Costumes & Characters

Amaluna costume designer Mérédith Caron has brought a company of fabulous and eclectic characters to life through the magic of her creations. She imagined the world of the show – the mysterious island of Amaluna – as existing somewhere in the Mediterranean as a true meeting place between East and West, a distant land where ancient and modern times overlap and blend harmoniously, and several different eras and cultures have seemingly melded into the same location. Her complex multidimensional costumes evoke a world of day and night that is unquestionably contemporary, yet overlaid with the spirit of the Elizabethan period and containing subtle references to the Orient and Scandinavia. “It’s the encounter of humanity, the glorification of the beauty of the human being,” she explains.

The Amaluna costumes are a symbiosis between theatre and acrobatics. For Mérédith, the character and the costume are inseparable. “One calls out to the other. It is a communion, a symbiotic relationship,” she says. “But above all, it is the artist that I dress.” To dress the artists, Mérédith has created “progressive” costumes with multiple configurations. Some of them put on a parade uniform for the more theatrical moments in the show, and performance costumes when they perform their act. Many of the garments are equipped with pads and other removable parts – the wearers might, for example, remove the sleeves and keep their doublets on, or remove the doublets altogether and perform in their shirts.

Amaluna recreates a fabulous female mythology on stage. Inspired by Asia Minor, the corseted costumes of the Amazon warriors are augmented with ponytails and high-heeled black and red leather boots in a look that is more fantasy than historical reality. The world of Amaluna is also populated by a layer of unruly half-human, half-animal characters, freely inspired by the world of Shakespeare’s Tempest. Lizards, peacocks and fairies rub shoulders with each other.

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    Prospera is a shaman with magical powers, but she is very much driven by human emotions. The welfare of her daughter is her most important concern. She knows she must let Miranda find love and make her own way in the world, but she can use her powers to influence the way this comes about, and she will always be a protective force in her daughter’s life. (Queen Prospera wears a large golden mantle composed of four rectangles on which are printed in sublimation the cover image of GAIA, the book of photographs taken in space by Cirque du Soleil founder Guy Laliberté. It shows a majestic cloud system captured at a distance of 350 km above the earth’s surface.)
Miranda & Romeo

    Miranda is a girl on the brink of womanhood. She’s a romantic, full of fun, enthusiasms, dreams and mischief, who revels in the stimulating world of Amaluna with all of its rich traditions, culture and splendid flora and fauna.

    Prospera has a hand in conjuring up the storm that leads to the arrival of a group of young men, and she influences the events that bring their leader, the dashing Prince Romeo, and Miranda together. He is as hungry for true love as she is, but he doesn’t yet know how difficult the path ahead will be. (Why Romeo, not Ferdinand? Rainville defended this oddity with: "Romeo is an iconic young lover's name." What about Miranda? "Miranda just felt right because it’s about awakening and that’s pretty much what the name means.")

    Half-lizard, half-human, all jealous, Cali has known Miranda all her life and although she thinks of him only as a pet, he is in love with her. And he’s determined to prevent Romeo from winning her.
Manservant & Nurse
    Romeo’s manservant Jeeves arrives with the young men and promptly falls head-over-heels in love with Deeda, Miranda’s childhood nurse. The feeling is mutual, and pretty soon they are starting a family.
Peacock Goddess
    Representing love, mystery, and beauty. Through her dance she teaches Romeo about femininity and sensitivity. However, every great teacher gives a test to make sure the student has learned their lesson. So, as the Black Peacock she snatches Miranda away to see if Romeo will fight for her. Does he love her enough to risk everything?
Goddesses & Amazons
    The Moon Goddess, the Balance Goddess, the Valkyries and the Amazons are a strong female presence in Amaluna. They use their powers sometimes to help and sometimes to hinder the young lovers in their challenge-filled quest for happiness.


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