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Septimo Dia

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Séptimo Día


Set & Stage


Skipping Ropes
Aerial Revolver
Hand Balancing
Arms/Legs Ballet
Hair Hang
TV Overdose
Russian Cradle
Sand Painting
Water Tank
Grill & Chains
Suspended Pole
Track & Banquine




Vocalists & Songs

While members of Cirque du Soleil were rehearsing their acts for Sép7imo Dia — Charly Alberti and Zeta Bosio were in a studio in Los Angeles working with Grammy-winning engineer Gustavo Borner on the mixes of the music that will be heard both in the show and on an album set to be released to coincide with its March 9, 2017 premiere. "The songs that people want to hear will be there,” assures Alberti. The album (and recorded music for the show, as there will be no live band), represents a year of work by Alberti and Soda bassist Zeta Bosio, who have gone through Soda’s legacy, to “take apart the songs and then totally rebuild them.”

Cirque has staged few productions dedicated to musical artists; its performers have paid tribute to The Beatles, Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley. The collaboration between Cirque and the Latin American rock heroes has proved to be as anticipated as it was unlikely: 50,000 tickets were sold in the first day of sales for the Buenos Aires shows, breaking a record in Argentina. Sép7imo Día comes ten years after Soda Stereo, who sowed their fame in the 1980’s, first in Buenos Aires and then by forging a path in Latin America, played a reunion tour attended by over a million people in nine countries, including the US. Since then, the artists, and Soda’s now multi-generational fans, have mourned the loss of Gustavo Cerati, the trio’s frontman, who died in 2014 at age 55. “If this wasn’t about the music we wouldn’t have done it,” says Alberti.

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    Main Show

    Prologue Juegos, En El Séptimo Día
    Opening Celebration Cae el Sol / Planta
    Skipping Ropes Picnic en el 4to B / Te Hacen Falta Vitaminas / Mi Novia Tiene Bíceps
    Character Segue Ella Usó, Un Misil
    Aerial Revolver Prófugos
    Handbalancing on Canes En Remolinos
    Arms & Legs Ballet Crema de Estrellas
    Segue El Temblor
    Hair Hang Luna Roja
    Segue Fue
    TV Overdose Sobredosis de TV
    Segue Danza Rota
    Diabolo Planeador / Persian Americana
    Russian Cradle Wheel Signos
    Sand Painting Un Millon de Años Luz
    Water Tank Hombre al Agua
    Grill & Chains Ciudad de la Furia
    Campfire Crema de estrellas / Te Para Tres
    Suspended Pole Primavera Cero
    Fast Track Setup Sueles dejarme sólo / Corazón Delator
    Fast Track & Banquine De Música Ligera
    Finale Terapia de amor intensiva
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