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The Fall
Flight of Icarus
The Meeting
Synchro Tumbling
Solo Trapeze
Clown Magic
Zeppelin (Cloud)
The Kidnapping
Georgian Dance
Fireflies (Gitans)
Slippery Surface
Lounge Singer
Solo on Crutches
Aerial Straps
Cyr Wheel
Russian Swings

Dance Trapeze
Solo Aerial Strap

Pas de Deux
Water Meteors
Triple Trapeze
Aerial Hoop
Icarian Games




Vocalists & Songs
    “In circus, the music envelops the audience. It makes the audience feel the difficulties, the danger, the lightness or dizziness, and, sometimes, it can even reassure.” - Violaine Corradi, Composer

  Much of the music at Varekai’s premiere was pre-recorded, with the musicians filling in as needed. Two of the interludes had accompanying music from outside Cirque du Soleil – the Cloud and Crutches scenes. Music for these pieces was composed by Goran Bregovic for the film Arizona Dream. These are titled “Dream” and “Death” respectively, and are commercially available on the movie’s soundtrack.
Unlike the Icarus of fabled tale (in which Icarus plummets to his death) the Icarus of Cirque du Soleil falls into a fantastical world of good and evil where he is given the chance to redeem himself. Much of the story is told through the show’s score. To create the musical score for VAREKAI, Violaine Corradi drew inspiration from the vast repertoire of world music. Each piece seems to evoke a meeting or juxtaposition of different cultures, which are not always identifiable. Violaine Corradi combined the sounds of Hawaiian ritual, the songs of 11th century troubadours from the south of France, traditional Armenian melodies and gospel music with contemporary arrangements to conjure up the unique musical universe of Varekai. The 7-piece band includes a bandleader/keyboards player, a second keyboard player, drummer, percussionist, bassist, violinist and a wind instruments player, plus 2 singers — one male (The Patriarch) and one female (The Muse).

"I think the landmark of Cirque music is the quest we have to bring to the world textures and sounds that were forgotten, colors people have never heard before," said Corradi. "Guy looks at every level of the show, but there are two main horses that he's riding, because they're his passion: acrobatics and music," Corradi said. "He's always hands-on with music and acrobatics. If it's not up to his standard, we go back to the grindstone."

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    Female Lead

      Zara Tellander Apr.24.2002 - Jul.11.2004 (Montreal to Denver)
      Isabelle Corradi Jul.10.2004 - Dec.23.2017 (Denver to Frisco)

    Male Lead

      Adrian Berinde Creation Only (See "Fire Within")
      Mathieu Lavoie Apr.24.2002 - Nov.23.2003 (Montreal to Los Angeles)
      Craig Jennings Dec.05.2003 - May.08.2016 (Pomona to St. Petersburg)
      Jamieson Lindenburg May.11.2016 - Dec.23.2017 (Kazan to Frisco)

    Backing Vocals

      Brigitte Poudrier Apr.24.2002 - Oct.2004 (Montreal to Washington DC)
      Wayne Hankin Apr.24.2002 - Jun.2006 (Montreal to Seattle)
      Rafik Samman Apr.24.2002 - Dec.16.2007
      Feb.29.2008 - Apr.2009
      (Montreal to Antwerp)
      (Amsterdam to Bilbao)
      Denise Rachel Dion Oct.2004 - Nov.2007
      Jan.05.2008 - May.02.2010
      Sep.17.2010 - Jan.15.2017
      (Washington DC to Antwerp)
      (London to Munich)
      (Zurich to Lisbon)
      Chris Rua Jun.2006 - Mar.27.2016 (Seattle to Nice)
      Paolo Bolio Nov.2007 - Dec.16.2007
      May.13.2010 - Aug.29.2010
      (Cologne to Oostende)
      Ton van Dort Jan.05.2008 - Feb.17.2008
      Apr.2009 - Aug.16.2009
      (Bilbao to Gijon)
      Luke Notary Aug.28.2009 - Jan.02.2011 (Hamburg to Barcelona)
      Steve Hamel Jan.20.2011 - Jan.08.2012 (Taipei to Rio de Janeiro)
      Damion Corideo Jan.19.2012 - Dec.23.2017 (Belo Horizonte to Frisco)
      Jose M. P. Carmona Apr.14.2016 - Dec.23.2017 (Moscow to Frisco)

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    Main Show

    Charivari Célébration de l’Errance
    The Fall "Fall and Wings"
    Flight of Icarus Vocea ("Luna", "Filet")
    The Meeting "Rain One"
    Synchro Tumbling (2015+) "Euphroia" ("Icariens")
    Batons (2013+) Lubia Dobarstan
    Solo Trapeze (2013+) Kèro Hiréyo ("Trapeze")
    Clown Magic "Las Vegas" from Animal Magic
    Zeppelin Funambul
    The Kidnapping (Unknown)
    Georgian Dance "Movimento"
    Entr'Acte Gitans ("Fireflies")
    Slippery Surface "Sun Drum Fun"
    Lounge Singer "Ne me quitte pas"
    Solo On Crutches Le Rêveur ("Vova")
    Aerial Straps El Péndulo ("Straps")
    Cyr Wheel "Emballa"
    Lightbulb None
    Hand Balancing Moon Licht ("Mutationis")
    Wedding Patzivota
    Russian Swings Oscillum
    Dance Trapeze (2017) {Reserve} Vocea or Kèro Hiréyo

    Other Songs

    Cloud Interlude (Original) "Dream", from Arizona Dream.
    Solo On Crutches (Original) "Death", from Arizona Dream.
    Pas De Deux (2002-2003) Trasparenza ("Oleg and Tatiana")
    Aerial Hoop (2004-2014) Trasparenza ("Duduk")
    Aerial Hoop (2003-2004) "Cerceau"
    Triple Trapeze (2002-2013) Kèro Hiréyo ("Triple Trapeze")
    Water Meteors (2002-2013) Lubia Dobarstan
    Icarian Games (2002-2015) "Euphroia" ("Icariens")
    Juggling (2002-2016) Emballa ("Octavio", "Juggler")
    Solo Aerial Strap (2011-2013) El Péndulo ("Straps")
    B-Girl (2015-2016) Le Rêveur
    Not in Show Resolution (on CD)
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