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Fil de Fer
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Trapeze Volant
Russian Bar &
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Vocalists & Songs
    "The first show we put together showed how a character could be beautiful; this production shows how each person is both strange and unique." - Rene Dupere

This is how composer Rene Dupere summarizes the essence of the new show. The characters in the first sketches by Dominique Lemieux, the costume designer, set the standard. Rene's intuitions have guided him toward music inspired by the noises and rumours of an unfamiliar world. Body noises, crowd noises. These envelope the characters and animate the show's tableaux. The composer imagines sounds that breathe with the artists' movements. His score creates a cohesion that links a series of diverse acts. "In the same way that Michel Crête's set designs pierce the canvas of the Big Top to extend to the exterior; the characters have a past and a future beyond the show."

For Rene, this show constitutes a synthesis of five years of musical exploration.In 1985, an innovative sound space was created. Loudspeakers were installed under the performance areas of the Big Top. After experimenting with synthesizers, Rene reintroduced a fanfare and acoustical instruments. Rene taught classical music for 14 years before pursuing a career as a composer, arranger, and performer. He has been involved in more than twenty stage and screen productions. A member of La Fanfafonie, Le Cirque du Soleil's first orchestra, he is the only composer of the orchestra that took its place. In 1988, he won the Best Instrumental Record award given by ADISQ. "We say humans are equal," says Rene. "Above all, they are unique. Everyone is a little different." His music opens the door to the strange, the edge of reality.

Those who have seen Nouvelle Expérience know how new the experience is indeed. And the music of René Duperé too. "For a week we got together, wondering what do we mean now?" explained René Dupere. We said to each other: we're going to create a strange spectacle. "We didn't want to confine ourselves to a specific time. We tried to make a show that evoked instead of described; the same goes for my music: I don't have to describe what's going on. Everyone knows a wire act is dangerous, you don't need a drum roll for that. The "Fixe" composition, which accompanies the trapeze number, most characterizes what Dupéré wanted to do. "Fixe; this is where I started from. There are sounds of animals, voices, violin. It's not the composition that will sell the most, but it's the most representative in terms of the strange."

René Duperé remains convinced that his music can live on its own. "It's a record that can be played; my first concern is that the music is heard, retained. I am a melodist, a colorist."

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    Lead Female

    • Cécile Ardail — May.08.1990 - Nov.21.1993 (Montreal to Las Vegas)

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    Main Show

    Prologue Grosse Femme
    Contortion Méandres
    Korean Plank Bascule
    Solo Trapeze Fixe, Ballant, Baleines
    Fil de Fer "Fil de Fer", Fanfare
    Aerial Straps L'oiseau
    Trapeze Volant Sanza, Azimut
    Antipodisme Suite Chinose
    Film Scene (Unknown)
    Russian Bar Éclipse
    Balance on Chairs Havi Vahlia
    Epilogue Bolero, Fanfare

    Other Songs

    • None.

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