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Costumes & Characters
    "We really felt as if we were building a new mythology, seen through the eyes of people today. So, in the costumes and characters, we tried to paint a picture of life in all its textures and colors, all its lyricism. Life is terrifically inter-connected… with rhythm and chaos revealing a mysterious harmony." - Dominique Lemieux


Mystère invites audiences on a metaphorical journey beginning at the dawn of time. From the first faltering steps of organic life to the emergence of human civilization, the spark of life - fertile, potent and yet fragile - is at the origin of everything. At once celestial and apocalyptic, dark and blazing with light, Mystère traces the progress of Man from infancy to adulthood and explores his desires to understand the universe, his rites of passage, his quest for answers, and his ultimate discovery: that life itself is an impenetrable mystery.

Mystère is inhabited by surrealistic, dreamlike characters that are part flora and part fauna. Inspired by photographs of nature from all over the world, these creatures are an expression of the abundance of life in all its forms. For example: an aerial character inspired by mythological tales, the Firebird is dazzling in scarlet red; his head, crowned in long feathers, and his brightly-colored tail emphasize his every move. On stage, his spectacular flights are tinged with fantasy, like embers carried on the wind. And when perfectly still, the Green Lizard blends in with its surroundings and can observe the world of Mystère. But when it skitters about in its reptilian dance, evoking the origins of life, the lizard shows off its shiny green skin with flashes of bright red.

Combined with the fitted hoods covering the artist's hair, spandex (or lycra) - the primary material used in making the unforgettable costumes of Mystère, including fringes and borders - gives the characters their organic appearance. But some rather unusual items were used as well, such as: piano wire, fishing line, and metallic gift-wrapping paper, just to name a few. A more extreme example rests with the headpieces worn during the Taiko drums number - they use 30-inch-long dried human hair and dyed medical supply IV tubing!

The Double Faces - in constant search of their own identities - wear polyester-resin masks on the back of their heads. When they turn around to reveal their second, ghostly face, the effect is haunting. The Wardrobe department applies more than 2,500 sequins to the Bungee costumes by hand, a 20 hour process. Shoes too are a big deal; there are over 1,500 customized shoes in the department - the smallest shoe size being two, and the largest at thirteen and a half. The lifespan of a costume shoe is approximately three months, though so they're constantly busy.

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Weaving themselves into the tapestry of the universe is an eclectic array of otherworldly creatures, beings with more than just a part to play. Some are airy, vivacious and joyful while others creepy, chilling and menacing. And perhaps as we familiarize ourselves with these playful yet solemn creatures of the wilderness, we may have a better sense of what universal song they are endeavoring to sing...


Les Épouvantables (Les Bébés)
    Carriers of the world's hopes and aspirations, they quest for nourishment and understanding. By journeying through Mystere, they relive the history of the universe. They are icons of every human ready to embark on a new adventure: the 21st century.
Deus ex machina
    The machine that regulates the existence of everything, living or inate. Inevitably it tyrannizes and grinds down the independent.
    He is the man in pink, named after the first day of the new millennium. He is the narrator no one hears or listens to. The pink master of ceremonies and his puppet contain all the accumulated knowledge of humanity since the beginning of time. He is the fool who bears witness to the past and present while creating nothing.
The Tribe
    The primitive, tragic ghosts of modern humanity. They descend from the skies to provide the earthly beat of our journey. They welcome us, and they bid us fairwell.
The Pets (Birds of Prey)
    These birds of prey have forgotten how to fly. The ever-present and unpredictable Birds of Prey fly rapidly through the world of Mystère. They can be graceful and serene, but when hungry they will attack, devouring their prey with delight.
The Asticots (Double Faces)
    Each one is a segment of the whole and would die if alone. Their double face hides the corruption of their state. They slither, climb and jump and show us magnificant things.
The Archangels (Les Laquais)
    They are terrestrial guardians, the servents, of the happiness and safety of others, even at the cost of their own lives. A tragic chorus. They also are known as "Les Laquais", which means "Lackeys" defined as "Servents".
Gabriel (The Mountain)
    The finest of the Archangels, he is ready to sacrifice everything, including the love of the one he secretly adores.
Inti X & Y
    Inti X: A comic chorus, a tribe of virus, ready to contaminate everybody. Also known as the Spermatites. Inti Y: The male viruses, even less predictable than their mates. Also known as the Spermatos. The Spermatos and Spermatites are the seeds of life, moving about frantically to fulfill their destinies. With their energy, these bouncing characters are like viruses, contaminating the world of Mystère with infectious folly. The comic chorus, always present, always jolly, laughs in the face of the pain of humanity. Perhaps they possess the true wisdom?
La Belle
    Through her fear of ugliness she seeks to avoid pain at all costs. Mystère de la beauté.
The Black Virgin (Black Widow)
    A praying mantis who destroys the illusions and dreams of her victims. She is the antithesis of Belle's beauty and grace.
Vache à Lait
    He is the bearer of every illusion, but staying just beyond reach. He is the protector of youth and a symbol of fertility, and When he sounds his ancient horn, it heralds a rebirth, a new beginning! A metaphoric, androgynous figure, to bear the hopes and dreams of men. The Vache à Lait tantalizes and attacts the babies with the purpose of fulifllment.
The Firebird (Red Bird)
    A red jewel sailing through the sky on a stream of song. The Red Bird leaps ever higher in his futile attempt to take to the skies. Still convinced he can fly, he struggles against his fate. His brilliant appearance and acrobatic skills snap up the energy of the show like sparks that fly int he wind.
The Green Lizards
    Mischievous and skittish, these chamelions can completely disappear before your eyes! But when they skitter about in their reptilian dance, these lizard shows off its shiny green skin with flashes of scarlet.
Mephisto & Vénus
    A thwarted, twisted creature from the deepest of nightmares. Mephisto and his female counterpart Vénus are devilish and dark characters. In Mystère's voyage from the dawn of time, Mephisto and Vénus appear from the depths of the Earth. Together they cast a long dark shadow and expose the sombre, more complex side of the journey of life. Mephisto and Venus appear in times of commotion and noise. Their presence wreaks havoc in any domain. Together they want to create chaos and destroy the balance that exists within the world of Mystère.
The Giants
    A gentle frivolous race of futile feathers and long legs. Among us, there's the Egg Giant, the Pumpkin Giant, the Giraffe Giant, and La Mouche (Fly Giant).
Stas (La Puce, Yellow Bird)
    A mischievous imp, a thousand years old. (NOTE: For a short period in 1997, the role of Stas was replaced by a mysterious character known as the Satyr.)
Escargot (Alice)
    Born of a spring rain, carrier of souls of the ancestors and herald of the future.

    Clown #1: Benny LeGrand

      Please note: Cirque du Soleil cannot endorse any actions perpetrated by Mr. LeGrand while on stage or other areas of the theater. All complaints should be directed to the league of human decency. Since Mr. LeGrand has come into posession of certain documents relating to the internal affairs of le Cirque, it is best that we allow him to continue with the company. We will endeavour however to keep him away from the public as much as possible. [Portrayed by Wayne Hronek (1993 - 1995, 1996 - 1998)]

    Clowns #2: Alfredo et Adrenaline

      The dynamic duo of Alfredo and Adrenaline are no strangers to Cirque du Soleil's stage. Adrenaline (Francine Côté, Canadian) performed with La Ratatouille in Cirque du Soleil's 1985 "Le Grand Tour" and in the 1990 European tour of "Le Cirque Réinventé". Alfredo (James Keylon, USA) performed with Adrenaline at Cirque's G7 Halifax special performance and on tour in 1992 with Cirque and Circus Knie. In 1995-1996 they brought their musical talents to Mystère in Benny LeGrand's absence. (1995 - 1996)

    Clown #3: Jonah Logan

      Performing for a short time in 1997, his clown acts involved pogo sticks and a dog house, among other props.

    Clown #4: Alex El Sobrino

      Alex El Sobrino is Benny Le Grand's Spanish Nephew and usually makes an appearance when Benny is on vacation in Hawaii. [Portrayed by Alex Navarro (1998 - 2000)]

    Clown #5: Brian Le Petit

      Brian Le Petit is Mystère's current clown, and he, like all behind him, run amok throughout the entire production. From his early seating antics of leading people up on stage, stealing their popcorn and even embarrasing them with a bra, Le Petit is sure to please. Not to mention the chaos that ensues once he finds his way on stage! Le Petit who was originally played by Brian Dewurst (a long-time Cirque veteran who had been with the troupe since Nouvelle Experience and can be seen as Old Taps in Alegria: Le Film) for quite a number of years, has more recently been played by others.

{Les Épouvantables}

{Les Épouvantables}



{The Tribe}

{The Birds of Prey}

{The Asticots}

{Les Laquais}


{Inti X & Y}

{La Belle}

{The Black Virgin}

{Vache à lait}

{The Firebird}

{The Green Lizards}

{Mephisto & Vénus}

{Pumpkin Giant}

{Egg Giant}

{Fly Giant}

{Giraffe Giant}



{The Warriors}


{Benny LeGrand}

{Alfredo et Adrenaline}

{Jonah Logan}

{Alex El Sobrino}

{Brian Le Petit}

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