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The Vortex
Time Tripping
Hide & Seek
Lost and Alone
Smooth Criminal
Human Nature
Shy & the Glasses
Warriors of Peace
Ngame Gives Birth
Heroes Regroup
Smarty Pants
MJs Girls
Dirty Diana
The Glove
The Billie Jeans
Mephisto's Trap
Ngame's Tribute
Man in the Mirror
Elec. Love Parade
Walk Out




Music & Sound

Michael Jackson’s music spans many genres and has a radiating force that emanated from his focusing power, his unique voice as well as his charisma and energy on stage – a combination that would leave concertgoers breathless. Often described as epic in breadth and scope, Michael’s dynamic, multi-layered music lends itself perfectly to the controlled environment of a theatre. The sound system created exclusively for the Michael Jackson ONE Theatre immerses the audience in a concert ambience.

Working with the multi-track master recordings alongside Musical Director Kevin Antunes, Sound Designer Jonathan Deans explains: “When Michael recorded albums, he actually performed in the studio, dancing, singing with the choir. You can hear him at work. The recordings literally explode with his high vocal and physical energy.” The audience will experience this vividly when hearing the music in the Michael Jackson ONE Theatre; Michael’s essence is right there, all around.

Michael Jackson ONE features hits that have been rearranged yet remain close to the album versions and are treated in a cinematic fashion. Kevin Antunes, who was also the Musical Designer on Michael Jackson THE IMMORTAL World Tour, took the multi-track master recordings and ornamented them in surround sound. Some of the sound feels like it surrounds the spectators or comes from above or behind, literally sending chills down their necks.

Jonathan Deans took all the musical layers and literally placed them strategically inside the volume of the theatre on separate groups of speakers. The sound comes at the audience from different angles, and it makes the experience very realistic, as if one were standing on stage in the middle of an orchestra and the sounds of the instruments were coming from different directions. And the sound systems has the whole room covered: helicopters fly in surround sound above the audience while Vincent Price’s laugh at the end of “Thriller” begins in the main speakers, moves around the room and ends in the speakers in each seat. Because of the technology that went into the seat design, the audience can in fact hear certain sounds that have never been heard before with a unique, surround sound feel.

Antunes added layers and instruments to the music, and brought certain unnoticed elements of the songs to the fore. He added a lot of power to the guitar solos, including the pick slides, whammy bar and other 1980s dive sounds. Included in cast of 61 dancers and acrobats, are one vocalist and one guitarist performing live on stage.

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    • Valerie Kimani — May.23.2013 - Jul.xx.2018
    • Tymara Walker — Jul.04.2016 - Apr.24.2018 (Backup)
    • Selloane Nkhela — Jul.01.2018 - Present

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