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Évolution & Visuals

Milestone Date
Previews Begin 05/23/2013
Gala Premiere 06/29/2013
2,000th Performance 08/14/2017
3,000th Performance 10/03/2019
COVID Hiatus 03/14/2020
Shows Restart 08/19/2021
Recall that back in the summer of 2009, amidst reported delays with IRIS in California and news that not just one, but two new shows would be coming to New York City (Banana Shpeel and Zarkana), another rumor surfaced: of a third musical-revue type show similar to THE BEALTES LOVE and VIVA ELVIS, this time with regards to the then recently departed Michael Jackson. Although there had been rumors of a mash-up between the two artists before – Jackson himself was a fan – spokespeople for Cirque du Soleil said both parties met about doing a show but the idea didn't go much of anywhere. But it was clear that Cirque du Soleil and the Michael Jackson Estate “wanna be startin’ somethin’…”

Almost a year later, on April 20, 2010, the much-rumored alliance between the Michael Jackson Estate and Cirque du Soleil was confirmed, announcing the creation, development, production and promotion of projects – featuring touring and permanent shows – all based on the music and songs of Michael Jackson. The first of these projects would be an arena-based touring show in which fans would experience the excitement of a Michael Jackson concert (this became “Michael Jackson THE IMMORTAL World Tour”) with a second show, a more theatrical-based resident show, to debut in Las Vegas sometime in late 2012.

With the roadmap now set, Cirque launched THE IMMORTAL to great success, but little was heard about the resident offering… at first.

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Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'

    Initially most of the news about Cirque’s Michael Jackson projects was about THE IMMORTAL. And why not? According to Pollstar, by late 2011 Michael Jackson THE IMMORTAL World Tour had become the highest-grossing live show in the country, with nearly $2 million in tickets sold for each night of its run - accumulating nearly $100 million in ticket sales up to that point. And it was only getting better. “We’d marked London for six dates, but they sold out immediately just to Cirque Club Members,” said Daniel Lamarre. “We’re looking to add at least three more shows there. It’s a stampede in Asia with the promoters there, so we’re now putting that part of the plan into place. A show of this kind would normally run two years, and now we’re looking at three, maybe four years. Many cities here in North America were sold out, so we would like the show to come back for repeat dates — but not on this side of the country (West Coast) because we don’t want to cannibalize the new Mandalay show.”

    Wait... the new Mandalay show?

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With Vegas preparing itself for yet another resident Cirque du Soleil spectacular, Robin Leach asked the question on everyone's mind: "When you’ve got seven shows on The Strip, do you now say that this is it for Las Vegas and concentrate elsewhere? Do we have enough? Are you worried about cannibalizing yourself -- it is not you, it is because of the population that is coming here with less and less money as disposable income?" Daniel Lamarre answeres...

    Obviously, we understand that by having more shows, we are cannibalizing ourselves. It is a strategy that we decided we will implement because we would rather cannibalize ourselves than give away tickets to other producers. But as Guy was saying to me, he says find me a theater and if I have a distinctive content, I will bring it to that theater. That is the challenge every time. We are not going to bring a show just for the sake of being in a new theater. We will bring a show if we feel that we have something very different to offer to the public, and that is a challenge that we are having more and more. The expectations of the public are getting higher and higher, so we have, again, to try to push the needle all the time and bring new content. Guy now is surrounding himself with a new team of creators, bringing more and more young creators to make sure that we are going, in terms of creative content, to the next level and that we are bringing a new perspective to the type of show that we are developing.

Michael Jackson ONE held its Gala Premiere on June 29, 2013 and hasn't looked back since...

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