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Journey of Man

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Journey of Man


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The Journey


The Forest / Flounes

The young life begins in a place filled with incredible sights and sounds; childhood is seen as a fantastic fantasy world where everything is larger than life. It is here where the Universal Child meets his instincts, the Flounes, who take him by the hand and guide him on his way. These two clowns introduce Child to his emotions. The male Floune is the risk-taker, always sure of himself. For him, everything is possible. Willing to try anything, he is full of wild energy. The female Floune is bright but cautious. She is balanced and respects both sides of every choice. They are each other's counterpart.

The second stage of life begins in a forest outside of Boulder Creek, California. Among the giant redwood trees fly the birds of this narration: the Bungees. It is also where our child explores his inner self and comes in contact with his instincts for the first time. These instincts, represented by two clowns - a male and female - are as complimentary to one another as they are not. Known only as Flounes, they provide consciousness to our child. The male is the confident risk-taker. He has an enormous cache of energy and is willing to try just about anything, no matter how dangerous it may be. The female, the intelligent and thoughtful one, is as cautious as she is considerate. She weighs all the consequences of a choice carefully before deciding to act. The two of them were previously seen in Nouvelle Expérience.


• "The Forest"

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