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Journey of Man

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Journey of Man


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The Journey


Synchronized Swimming

The magical odyssey begins with a resounding "Big Bang" as an explosion of light and sound sends shock waves rippling throughout the universe. As the cosmic dust clears, the Taïko Drummers appear as prehistoric cave dwellers. Within a womb-like cave, an embryonic child appears and the pulsating tribal rhythms of the Taiko Drummers signal the initial heartbeats of life. Graceful Synchronized Swimmers interpret the miracle of birth in a breathtaking underwater performance. As water is a necessary element for all living things, the bubbling deep blue water serves as a harbor to bring forth life.

The Child, pure and innocent, is the Universal Child -- seen in Saltimbanco. He is surrounded in a womb-like cave, which consequently is the only man-made set in the entire film. His companions are the Tribe - the Taïko drummers from Mystère, under the direction of Pierre Dubé. Together, they set the scene for the first stage in development: the breath of life. Next, an elegant display of aquatic synchronization dazzles us. Water, the universal element, provides nourishment for our child and sets the scene for his birth.


• "Birth"

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