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Assist - [as·sist \ə-sist\ (v.) ] to give supplementary support or aid; to provide with what is useful or necessary in achieving an end; an act of assistance; aide - help. Assist, therefore, is the appropriate location to receive help about the Domain's many passages.

Our Story

With an upgrade from a 2600 to a 14.4/19.2 bps modem, I launched my first ever dial-in Bulletin Board Service (BBS) using Searchlight BBS software in April 1994. The board, entitled "Starfleet Command BBS", took off rather quickly and became a popular destination for my small hometown's computing elite. A year in I changed its name to "SpaceLink BBS" to it away from Star Trek lore and gave it a broader space-fairing theme. Unfortunately the BBS lasted only another full year, shuttering on its two-year anniversary in 1996. I, like everyone else at the time, decided to embrace something new and exciting called the World Wide Web. I received my first email address (, dabbled in Internet chat rooms via IRC, and built my first quaint little home page ("SpaceLink: To Boldly Go...") by September of that year.

With the seeds of Richasi's Domain planted in the creation and later migration from BBS to Internet, the second half of our story can be found within the creation of a few web pages dedicated to Star Trek collecting and with a service called GeoCities. With GeoCities' 3-megabite site limit, I was able to branch out, find a place to house my Star Trek creations - ("The Mego Page", "The Bandai Foreign Figures Page" and "The Playmates Figures Page") - which up to that time didn't have a permanent home, and create a secondary "homepage" entitled "CyberWulf's Domain". Although similar to "SpaceLink: To Boldly Go..." in that it too housed information about myself and links to some of the things I enjoyed, the GeoCities page was developed differently; having a different layout and different attitude.

A combination of the two sites on May 27, 1997 gave birth to what would eventually become what you see today: Richasi's Domain. Over the years Richasi's Domain has gone through a number of design paradigms - from iconic links to java drop down menus and from browser frames to image maps - and existed on four different servers - Strato.Net/Geocities (1996-Feb 1998), (Feb 1998 - 2001/2), (2001/2+). Although we're a little less "fan" oriented today (with the removal of the Star Trek and Lion King-based pages) and more "personal" focused (it's all about me!), my Domain is still alive and kicking and I hope it remains so for years more to come.

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    Richasi's Le Grand Chapiteau is a Cirque du Soleil information archive created in 1999 to entertain and educate passers-by about Cirque du Soleil, an amazing avant-garde circus troupe from Quebec. It provides not only information on each and every one of Cirque du Soleil's creations through the years, it also has pictures, themes and reflections of these shows. Since 1984, Cirque du Soleil has showed that life, death and dreams can and do collide in the most bizarre and eye catching ways. Immerse yourself within Cirque's many fascinating creations through Le Grand Chapiteau. CIRQUECON, the FASCINATION NEWSLETTER and CIRQUEFAQ can all be reached through Le Grand Chaptieau.


    Snapshots is Richasi's personal photo gallery. See images taken to be shared from across a multitude of places visited through the years. From the United States to Europe, and Canada to Japan (and all points inbetween), explore Richasi's adventures in photographs here.

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    Chronicles is a repository of all things fictional, fan-fictional and non-fictional of Richasi's creation. Explore the non-fictional "Reflections of Life" series detailing some of Richasi's expeditions around the world, read one of his Lion King or Star Trek fan-fictions, or select a newly written original fictional piece here.

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    Ancillaries is a depository of things of lesser importance or items that once existed that have been allowed again to breathe; items unused or rarely consumed; leftovers. At any one time you may find links to pages from the Domain's varied history, such as selections from the defunct Star Trek Collectibles Promenade, from SpaceLink, and from various other projects through the years.

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