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Bringing time-honoured circus posters into the 21st century!

  "As part of its cultural action, Cirque du Soleil takes many actions in conjunction with the creation, production and distribution of its own works and products. "These actions translate to various activities in many sectors, such as that of incorporating arts in the community. SAFEWALLS therefore naturally fits into this context." - Martin Bundock, curator of SAFEWALLS and Senior Arts Integration Advisor at Cirque du Soleil.
SAFEWALLS was an artistic project curated by Cirque du Soleil bringing time-honoured circus posters into the 21st century by pairing up with renowned international street art and lowbrow artists (lowbrow is an artistic movement that uses the graphic codes of popular genres such as comics, advertising, graffiti and anything not considered fine arts). This project celebrated Cirque's roots—the street—as well as the creative freedom and raw energy associated with street arts. Through SAFEWALLS, the epic imagery of Cirque du Soleil and the tradition of circus posters comes to life, as interpreted by some of the best contemporary artists around the world.


The term "safe walls" refers to legal spots in the urban landscape for local street artists to do their work without the fear of sanctions. SAFEWALLS commissions urban artists from all over the world to create daring and original posters inspired by Cirque du Soleil shows. In addition to being displayed in predetermined cities where Cirque du Soleil was presenting one of its big top shows, the final artworks were used for the production of limited-edition, signed and numbered posters. Each month—for a period of 12 months—three artists were commissioned in each city to create a poster inspired by the show. Thus far 17 artists - have created limited edition and deluxe prints for Cirque du Soleil Zarkana, Zumanity, Corteo, Ovo, Totem and KÀ, inspired by the gorgeous visuals of Cirque du Soleil sets, costumes and makeup.

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