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Raising awareness and the need to mobilize so that safe water is
accessible to all, in sufficient quantity, today and forever.

ONE DROP was established by Guy Laliberté in 2007 as a non-profit organization to support the awareness to and conservation of water, and although most of what ONE DROP does is beyond Cirque du Soleil's pervue (both were founded by Laliberté, but are two separate entities), the two companties do cross paths from time to time.

In addition to the Poetic Social Mission that started it all, Cirque and ONE DROP have collaborated on AQUA - a touring multi-sensory experience that takes people on a journey into the world of water; and in in One Night for One Drop, a philanthropic event for one extraordinary night, and in an uprecedented manner, all Cirque du Soleil Las Vegas resident shows come together to stage an amazing one-time performance in support of water awareness.

Learn more about ONE DROP at their website:






  • A technical component aimed at improving access to water and promoting responsible water management and preservation principles (i.e. provide water filters, install water capitation and drip irrigation systems, protect water sources, etc.);

  • A microfinance component for granting loans to populations who already have better access to water so they may start productive revenue generating activities (thus ensuring project sustainability);

  • And a social arts and popular education component designed to raise collective awareness as well as educate and mobilize the population on water-related issues. ONE DROP’s project sites include Nicaragua, Honduras, Haiti, El Salvador, India and Burkina Faso.
  • With its uniquely artistic approach ONE DROP implements site-specific safe water and education initiatives while allocating mission-related financing loans. Worldwide, ONE DROP’s ongoing creative projects also raise awareness about water-related issues and encourage smarter water practices. Through its mandate – “water for all, all for water” – ONE DROP has developed integrated, innovative and sustainable programs aimed at improving water access and management of this vital resource throughout a one-of-a-kind “tripod” approach based on the complementary nature of three components.

    The organization is overseen by an international Board of Directors Chaired by Founder of Cirque du Soleil, Guy Laliberté. The Executive Team is led by Catherine Bachand and includes extensive nonprofit and programming experience. ONE DROP is a proud signatory to Imagine Canada’s Ethical Code Program, a national standards program that monitors and supports nonprofits in Canada. In developed countries, ONE DROP’s artistic, educational and engaging activities are aimed at raising individual and community
    awareness of water-related issues and of the need to mobilize.

    In order to provide water-access to more people, faster and at lesser costs, ONE DROP chooses to join forces with international and local partners to multiply the impact of its programs, avoid duplicating expertise, and benefit from complementary experiences. ONE DROP has also developed a distinctive intervention model based on clusters of countries. ONE DROP believes the impact of its actions must be felt long after the organization has moved on to other shores. By implementing projects in several adjacent countries, ONE DROP achieves critical mass while increasing efficiency and optimizing regional results.

    And it’s working: from its inception, ONE DROP has significantly and sustainably improved the living conditions of 300,000 people worldwide.

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