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Costumes & Characters

The design concept of the costumes for MESSI10 was influenced by the world of football and the artistic vision of Costume designer – James Lavoie. The inspiration was to create a universe that can be familiar and exciting for two different audiences – the football fans and the circus fans.

There are colors, patterns and gradients borrowed from the world of football to help reflect the energy and attitude of the sport, but this is a Cirque du Soleil show; a parallel world where the designs are bigger, bolder and where usual boundaries don’t apply. For every costume that looks “fashionable” with cues from street wear and athletic wear, there’s another that explores the limits of this universe, like the grass suits worn by The Commentators or The Streaker who is not wearing a great amount of costume at all.

While the costumes were custom created for specific characters, time was spent with each artist watching their act, talking to them and feeling their energy in order to know what would work for them. Alongside the one-off characters, there are group performances for which costumes have been created to work with many different body types. Each costume has its own textile process, it is printed, dyed, silk screened and laser cut. There are up to 10 custom processes for an individual fabric and many different fabrics in each costume.

Beyond the technical considerations, the costumes were designed to bring out the passion that the artists and acrobats have for the circus and for football while inspiring that same passion for life among the audience. The show is about pushing yourself to the extremes, about being the best one can be and exploring the greatness that’s within.


The Number 10s
    There’s a number 10 inside us all. The show’s most iconic character is, in fact, not one single character, but portrayed by ten exceptional artists and athletes with a set of unique talents and strengths, that embody the message behind each skill represented in the show. In a way, they must all be cohesive and dynamic whilst speaking to 10 unique visual themes. For example, one of the artists wears an LED number 10 beneath a beautiful translucent material that creates an aura and glow around their character.
The Young Man
    The young man is the first character we see in the show. He represents anyone with a dream of greatness and the ambition to achieve their dreams. As the show’s 1st number ten, his passion, sacrifice and determination set the scene as this energy travels throughout the show, and he too explores all the elements needed to realize the dream of becoming the perfect number 10.
The Savior
    An intriguing individual, this character appears at significant moments throughout the show, carrying the weight and pressure of the world on his shoulders, in the form of an ever increasing net tower of balls. He is a physical representation of the responsibility of balancing the demands of life, family, training and all the support and discipline one needs to become the perfect number 10. Finally, in the sections dedicated to fans and family, through the support he receives, he is able to unload the tower of balls and fly to his full potential.
The Referee
    In a regular game, the referee is responsible for keeping the peace and bringing law and order, but this referee loves to be the center of attention. While it’s mostly his diabolical decisions and inability to maintain law and order that’s drawing people’s attention, the fluorescent accents on his uniform aren’t going to help him hide from the spotlight of the glaring crowd. By far his most important accessories are his red and yellow cards, which at times he waves with wild abandon for comedic value. A huge fan of football and dreaming of being the perfect referee, his role is to not only try and reinstate order amongst the chaos of what is happening on stage, but to interact with the crowd and encourage them to participate in this incredible journey.
The Commentators
    Commentators are renowned for living and breathing the beautiful game through words. These pitch-side experts take their role to the extreme with their tailored "turf" suits and microphone headsets. They've commentated many a performance, but none that will trigger their passionate vocabulary quite like what they witness on this stage.
The Streaker
    There’s always that one guy, the distractor of attention, showing up to steal the limelight when you least expect it. He’s cheeky, in more ways than one, and, as on TV, the crowd never quite knows when the streaker going to make a run for it, but they do know that they’re glad there’s some well-placed real-time pixels to protect his modesty.

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