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One Night

Year 1 (2013)
Year 2 (2014)
Year 3 (2015)
Year 4 (2016)
Year 5 (2017)
Year 6 (2018)
Year 7 (2019)


A philanthropy event to ensure that water is accessible across the globe!

For one extraordinary night, and in an unprecedented manner, all the Cirque du Soleil Las Vegas resident productions become one for ONE DROP, the non-profit organization established by Cirque du Soleil founder Guy Laliberté for the conservation of water. ONE DROP partnered with MGM Resorts International and Lamborghini to present "One Night for ONE DROP", a global philanthropy event in 2013 to raise funds and awareness to ensure that water is accessible across the globe. For one incredible evening, international leaders, neighbors, philanthropists, and global citizens come together to make a dream a reality – a world where every human being has access to water and can live in dignity and health.  
Premiere: March 22, 2013 (Year 1)
March 21, 2014 (Year 2)
March 20, 2015 (Year 3)
March 18, 2016 (Year 4)
March 3, 2017 (Year 5)
March 2, 2018 (Year 6)
March 8, 2019 (Year 7)
Type: Special Event
Status: One Night Only


2013 | Year 1

      Title — "A Solitary Kite..."
    Date — March 22, 2013
    Theater — "O" Theater
    Location — Bellagio, Las Vegas
    Director — Krista Monsonr
    Earned — $5.3 million
    It was only one night, but it might have been the most ambitious production Cirque du Soleil founder Guy Laliberte had ever dreamed up. The evening featured more than 230 artists from the seven Las Vegas Cirque du Soleil productions (and other guest performers, plus 60 in the crew backstage, and another 75 in creative roles for everything from makeup to costumes) in an once-in-a-lifetime performance on World Water Day, Friday, March 22, 2013, at the "O" Theatre at Bellagio Resort & Casino. There were no previews. There wasn't lion's den for family and friends to identify flaws. From conceptual planning last August to the start of rehearsals in December, it all came down to 90 minutes in the "O" theater in the Bellagio with everything on the line.

    Las Vegas resident Krista Monson, who began her Cirque career in 2004 as the artistic coordinator of "O," directed "One Night One Drop." A busy director, producer and collaborator, she has choreographed more than 40 musicals in her native Canada, L.A., Tokyo, Paris, and now Las Vegas. She was the choreographer for the opening and closing ceremonies of the World Championships in Athletics. "It may be one time," said Krista. "but the Olympics is similar. Years of training and one race! There are many, many events in the world that have that one night, that one moment, that one inaugural pulse associated with them." Guy also wanted to really increase the ripple effect of ONE DROP by having one centralized, concerted event that brought awareness and funds to the cause, but also was linked to its mission with artistic expression. "[The show' brought those key elements together. It really allowed Cirque du Soleil to do what we do best and to entertain people and to move people and to transport people, but to do it in a way with a certain resonance that's really linked to this important message."

    The show, an original creation of Krista Monson (Creator and Director), Yago Pita (Creative Advisor), JK Kleutgens and DJeff Houle (Music Directors), Moment Factory (Multimedia), Ruben Permel (Costumes), Sean Jensen and Donald Leffert (Lighting) and Roger Stricker (Hair and Makeup) amongst others, was divided into three acts: "Solitary Kite", "What If The World Was Full of Water" and "Imagine If The Party Stops", each featuring music from Cirque du Soleil's repertoire and guest musical artists and other original compositions. While the dominant theme was water as the essence of life, the plot also charts the trajectory of Alex the Complacent, an artist who has lost his way and enters the world of Cirque to find and reclaim his artistic passion.

    "This [was] really important for Guy. It [was] a massive commitment," said Monson. "Guy was very clear to say to his team -- everybody who lives here in Las Vegas -- ‘create this show to make the world aware of the dangers of water disappearing.' We had one night with one show to move people and help change the world. The cause is a really urgent one."

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2014 | Year 2

      Title — "One Thought, One World"
    Date — March 21, 2014
    Theater — MJ ONE Theater
    Location — Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas
    Director — Mukhtar O. S. Mukhtar
    Earned — $6.0 million
    "In 2014, there are still at least 780 million people around the world who do not have access to a safe and steady water supply," said Laliberté. "It is one of our planet's most urgent problems, but there are sustainable solutions to be had if we focus our efforts and our resources."

    The four-act, 93-minute production told the story of the desertification of our world and the search for water. Mukhtar showed the struggles of Earth’s “Call for Help” in the “Walk for Water” and “Search for Rain” segments. He brought to life the inner innocence of childhood with a dream sequence that “Crystalized” with violin genius Lindsey Stirling of YouTube fame. The third act was titled “Oasis” and featured spectacular acrobatics by trampoline artists through rain and a waterfall in the water celebration titled “Dripping Strings.”

    Guest performers The Tenors took part in the second act of “City & Technology,” proving the “Power of Music“ and also closed the show with “Hallelujah” by Leonard Cohen for the “New Birth” signaling “The Future of Our Planet” as the theme of the fourth act. Spoken-word poet In-Q mesmerized the audience with his “Mirrors” speech. Musical composer Nick Littlemore created the music for the amazing aerial duet “Rae.” There were incredible contortionists, taiko drummers, gymnastics, aerial artists, a wickedly suggestive yoga instructor and a tall, stacked chair balancer.

2015 | Year 3

      Title — "Through the Eyes of One"
    Date — March 20, 2015
    Theater — The Beatles LOVE Theater
    Location — The Mirage, Las Vegas
    Director — Mukhtar O. S. Mukhtar
    Earned — $6.0 million
    Walking for water has been the life story of many women from developing countries. Who are they? A woman living in a world of water hovers above our world. Who is she? What is her connection to these women who spend their days gathering water for their families?

    Through the eyes of a woman from her world of water, an exploration into the lives of six different women on their journey to find water is taking place. Each of these women has encountered uniquely different life experiences from their explorations, gatherings and surroundings. It is through her eyes that we see stories of love in its many infinite forms and the sacrifices that we must make in our determination to survive. The beautiful discovery of realizing one's individuality gives way to the daily 9 to 5 grid of systematic existence. Some will follow their dreams, while others will choose to forego their dreams to the realities of their life. At the end, what will your memories hold for you?

      Through her eyes, we experience their lives.
      Through her eyes, we experience our lives.
      Through her eyes, we are all connected.

    Also on hand for the night’s festivities is a wide variety of special guests, performers, and spectators including GRAMMY-winning R&B crooner John Legend; as well as Guy Laliberté; model Camila Alves; pop band Plain White T’s; “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” stars Kyle Richards and Camille Grammar; “So You Think You Can Dance?” judge Nigel Lythgoe; UFC icon Forrest Griffin; actress Jane Seymour; Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman; celebrity chef Susan Feniger; Emmy-winning choreographer Anita Mann; and many more.

2016 | Year 4

      Title — "AMANZI: A Quest for Water"
    Date — March 18, 2016
    Theater — Smith Center
    Location — Las Vegas, Nevada (USA)
    Director — Hassan El Hajjami
    Earned — $6.5 million
    This year's annual Cirque du Soleil one-night-only spectacular "One Night for One Drop: Quest for Water" has several new elements. It's the first time that performers from other Strip productions will join Cirque artists. It's the first time that British singer-songwriter Leona Lewis joins the cast along with young dancer Miles Brown of ABC's "Black-ish."

    And it's the first time that former "The Beatles Love" at the Mirage dancer and choreographer Hassan El Hajjami will be the show's artistic director, and because he speaks from experience of caring for his grandmother in a water-less village in Morocco, the show will be named "Quest for Water." In fact, in his contract with Cirque, he won the right to a funded water system for her village so that the residents there would have running water.

      When I was young, I was visiting my grandmother in Morocco. I was shocked by the fact she didn't have water at home. I had to walk with her to the well every day to bring water back home. I was shocked because I was living in France, and it's the same in America — we have everything. You have water, you brush your teeth, you wash your food, you do dishes, you bathe, everything. In Morocco, she didn't have any access to running water in her home. Her quest, my quest for water, became the theme for this new fourth "One Drop" show. She lived in Moulay Yacoub, a smaller village in the center of Morocco. We had a donkey, and I walked with her three miles to the well. It was six miles back and forth every day.

    On hand for the night’s festivities were a wide variety of special celebrity guests, performers, and spectators, headlined by GRAMMY®-nominated singer-songwriter Leona Lewis, who brought down the house with powerful renditions of her hits “Bleeding Love” and “Thunder”; as well as BLACK-ISH fan-favorite Miles Brown and Marsai Martin; pop superstar Natasha Bedingfield; REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ATLANTA standout Nene Leakes; master magician Criss Angel; innovative dance squad Jabbawockeez; Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman; and Cirque du Soleil President Daniel Lamarre; among others. It's an all-volunteer cast and crew led by Hassan, whose stage name is Haspop.

2017 | Year 5

      Title — "Screw It, We’re Moving to Mars"
    Date — March 3, 2017
    Theater — Zumanity Theater
    Location — New York-New York, LV
    Directors — Nicky & Laetitia Dewhurst
    Earned — n/a
    It’s 90 minutes of nonstop veteran circus acts and entertainment as daredevils dice with death, although the banana-chomping, mouth-tossing antics of the truly weird-and-unusual duo known as Daredevil Chickens provide outrageous, gross hilarity, quick clothes changes and near-nudity to take the edge off the white-knuckle, rollercoaster ride of amazing aerialists and acrobats.

    More than 200 performers and other volunteer stage crew units from rigging, costumes, scenic props, hair, makeup, lighting and sound departments all play a vital role in tonight’s one-time-only “One Night for One Drop” clean-water benefit production presented by Cirque du Soleil at “Zumanity” Theater at New York-New York.

    The inspirational time-machine journey had its one-and-only dress rehearsal Thursday afternoon (March 2nd) after six months of behind-the-scenes preparation. Juggling heart-stopping circus acts from around the world, putting all the logistics into place and ensuring that everything runs smoothly is the responsibility of Krista Monson, who directed the first “One Drop” at Bellagio in 2013.

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2018 | Year 6

      Title — "Jewel: The Source"
    Date — March 2, 2018
    Theater — MJ ONE Theater
    Location — Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas
    Directors — Nicky & Laetitia Dewhurst
    Earned — n/a
    Cirque du Soleil's annual One Night for One Drop event has featured some big names in recent years, including singer Leona Lewis and pop culture icon William Shatner. But this year's show doesn't just have a star. It's all about that star. Grammy- nominated singer and songwriter Jewel teamed with performers from various Las Vegas Cirque shows for an original production to benefit the international foundation One Drop dedicated to providing access to safe water in some of the world's most vulnerable communities. "Seeing my life story portrayed by these artists, Nicky and Laetitia, and not even done with words but literally just with movement, it's been like a peyote-journey spirit trip," she laughed. "It's been incredible. I've always been protective of my story … but I really felt like Cirque is very uniquely qualified to talk about these themes in a very metaphorical way, to be symbolic without getting mired in the details. This has been a perfect forum."

    Jewel told her own story in the 2015 memoir "Never Broken," which went beyond the well-known tale of an Alaskan teen beginning her music career after living out of her car. The One Drop show similarly goes in a different direction. "I wrote my memoir because I finally felt, at 40, that it was time, and I knew what I wanted to say: We all have pain and what do we do with pain," Jewel said. "In talking with Nicky and Laetitia, I didn't want [the show] to be about me. It doesn't go into being discovered, being homeless. It really isn't about my music career at all, it's much more relational. If you're in the audience you should feel like this is your story. It's about love and loss and betrayal and forgiving. Who can't relate to that?"

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2019 | Year 7

      Title — n/a
    Date — March 8, 2019
    Theater — "O" Theater
    Location — Bellagio, Las Vegas
    Directors — André Kasten & Leah Moyer
    Earned — $6 million
    Think of One Night for One Drop as an all-star variety show. This splashy affair — quite literally, thanks to the aquatic flare of the O Theater — was written and directed by André Kasten and Leah Moyer, who choreographed Cirque shows such as Mystere and The Beatles LOVE. It featured a 90-minute acrobatic spectacle set to the music of Academy Award-winning, world-renowned score composer Hans Zimmer, who performed three arrangements live, including a specially adapted piece from Interstellar.

    Drawing inspiration from the principles of human connection, friendship, beauty, nature, love and loss, main character Everyman goes through a journey of enlightenment. “We wanted to bridge the gap between the audience and the people going through this, to speak about relevant topics around us so they can relate to humanity,” Kasten says. While there are both pivotal moments and tumultuous times along the journey, his counterpart, Drop, personifies that the power of change begins within. Michael Duffy, who played the lead mad scientist role in Zarkana, played Everyman. “To be in this theater is just an honor,” Duff says. To embody Everyman, Duffy used physical acting, dance and more. “My favorite zone to be in is when utilizing as many different talents as possible.”

    Another highlight: Choreographer Alexander Ekman brought his take on Swan Lake, which he staged in Norway, to the O Theater stage. Ekman was enchanted by the theater’s moving stage, which converts seamlessly from swimming pool to shallows to dry land. “I love water,” says Ekman, who was born in Stockholm, Sweden. He says that rhythm and water are two major sources of inspiration. He chatted as his dancers moved and splashed in unison. Their actions were somehow both liquid and rhythmic. “It’s so fun to be here. It’s so cool to have this stage. It makes me want to make another water piece.” Ekman especially loves the opportunity to share his passion for a good cause. “When you work with charity [there is] a beautiful mindset that comes with it. Everyone is working for free. It’s very beautiful.”

    In addition to Ekman, Zimmer and singer Czarina Russell, the performance and party was attended by director and producer Nigel Lythgoe, host of CBS’ The Talk Eve, star of Second Wives Club Shiva Safai, General Hospital actress Lisa LoCicero and star poker player Daniel Negreanu. Las Vegas headliners from up and down the Strip came to join their Cirque du Soleil counterparts, including Marie Osmond, Xavier Mortimer, Tape Face, Carrot Top, Blue Man Group and castmembers from Absinthe, Magic Mike Live, Opium and Chippendales, among others.

    Creative Team

    • André Kasten — Co-Director
    • Leah Moyer — Co-Director
    • Michael Brennan — Music Composer
    • AnnMarie Milazzo — Lyricist and Composer
    • Marie-Pierre Guay — Make-up Designer
    • Samantha Bentson — Hair & Wig Designer
    • Guy Brassard — Costume Designer
    • C. Sean Jensen — Lighting Designer
    • Bill Mansfield — Sound Designer
    • Jeff Thomson — Scenic Designer
    • John Cartin — Assistant Director
    • John Cartin — Acrobatic and Synchro Choreographer

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