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Les Chemins

Year One:
The Encounter

Year Two:
Furrow of Dreams

Year Three:
Kingdom of Tin

Year Four:
The Pixel Frontier

Year Five:
Harbor/Lost Souls



Les Chemins Invisibles - The Invisible Paths

Les Chemins Invisibles (Invisible Paths) was a seasonal outdoor show created by Cirque du Soleil and performed during the summer street events in Quebec City's Saint-Roch district. In 2009, Cirque signed a $34,400,000 CDN, five-year contract with the city to produce performances during the summer months. Admission was free and open to the public; the show was presented 5 nights a week for a total of around 50 shows each summer. The show is about three tribes from separate cultures that meet to share one another's experiences. Les Chemins Invisibles follows the success of the special show 400e anniversaire, which was presented in 2008 to celebrate the 400th anniversary of the city.

Dates: Year 1: June 24 - September 2, 2009
Year 2: June 24 - September 4, 2010
Year 3: June 24 - September 3, 2011
Year 4: June 26 - September 3, 2012
Year 5: June 23 - September 1, 2013
Type: Special Public Event

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Chapter 1: The Enriched Encounter

    Throughout Les Chemins invisibles, members of the Brumes, Brasiers and Sables tribes (the Fog, Fire and Sands tribes) reveal the richness of the blend of cultures and artistic genres when they meet with another tribe, the Embarrassants. These street performers invite the public to four rendez-vous in the heart of downtown Quebec City.

    Each representing one of the three primary colours,-the Brumes, Brasiers and Sables tribes take different roads to finally gather at the Îlot Fleurie under the Dufferin- Montmorency highway overpass. As night falls, they set up ingenious campsites for their rituals, which are rich in sound, images and movements.

    The juggling, dancing, singing and twirling buskers invite the public to literally follow them along each of three separate paths to the Jardin des Embarrassants. The piers and decks of the highway bridges are transformed into the arches of a surreal, colourful cathedral-a true temple of poetry. Les Chemins invisibles is a foray into the intimacy of urban characters, who transform the street into a meeting place that is open to the world.

    Event Photos

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Chapter 2: Furrow of Dreams

    The first chapter of Les Chemins Invisibles revealed the rich encounter between three tribes (Brumes, Brasiers and Sables) and the Embarrassants. This first foray opened the door onto a hopeful, lyrical world bursting with colour and light. The tribes made peace and formed a community in the heart of the Saint-Roch district.

    Furrow of Dreams, follows this newly formed community that has turned the Îlot Fleurie into a place of sharing, harmony and reconciliation. Some of the leaders of the new tribe have gone away with the Embarrassants to show them the world. When they return home, they bring with them a great many wonders. Tapage and Discorde, two characters with a tormented past, are welcomed warmly into the fold.

    The homecoming celebrations revolve around a sacred key that opens the door to the dream world. However, the festivities do not go as planned and fall into lyrical chaos. Under the direction of the tribe’s grand sage, singers, dancers, acrobats, jugglers and musicians perform ever more prowess and guide Tapage and Discorde on their fantastical adventure.

    This great journey into the world of dreams heals Tapage and Discorde’s wounds and helps them find the invisible path of the soul, heart and mind.

    Les Chemins Invisibles features 75 artists from various disciplines who bring the streets of the Saint-Roch neighbourhood to life with a performance that lasts 60 to 70-minutes in total.

    Via Les Chemins Invisibles (The Invisible Paths), members of the Brumes, Brasiers and Sables (fog, fire and sand) tribes reveal the wealth that comes from mixing cultures and artistic genres when they come into contact with another tribe, the Embarrassants. Each sporting its own primary colour, the three tribes-gather at the Îlot Fleurie under the Dufferin-Montmorency highway overpass using different routes.

    • Brumes tribe: On Saint-Dominique street, between Saint-Roch and de la Reine
    • Brasiers tribe: Corner Du Pont street and Saint-Vallier east
    • Sables tribe: Corner de l’Éperon street and Saint-Vallier east

    As night falls, they set up ingenious campsites for their rituals, which are rich in sound, imagery and movement. The juggling, dancing, singing and twirling performers invite the public to literally follow them along each of three separate paths to the Jardin des Embarrassants.

    Event Photos

    Creative Team

          Jean-François Bouchard     Senior Creation Director
          Julien Gabriel             Original concept & Writer
          Jean -Jacques Pillet       Adaptation and Director
          Marie-Hélène Delage        Artistic Coordinator
          Philippe Gosselin          Artistic Coordinator
          Jean-Jacques Pillet        Choreography
          Johanne Gélinas            Choreography
          Jacqueline Lemieux         Assistant to Choreographer
          Édesia Moreno              Assistant to Choreographer
          Lucien Bernèche            Costumes
          Chantal Gagnon             Makeup
          Mario Bouchard             Set Design
          David Ouellet              Accessories
          Jacques Boucher            Sound
          Mathieu Poirier            Lighting
          Frank Dufaux               Projections
          Alain Vinet                Musical Director & Arrangement
          Francis Covan              Composer

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Chapter 3: The Kingdom of Tin

    As the sun sets over the horizon, in his “royaume de tôle” (tin kingdom), the Emperor beckons all to take part in an out-of-the-ordinary urban cabaret presented outdoors under the Dufferin highway overpass in Quebec City’s lower town district. Le Royaume de tôle—the third chapter of Les Chemins invisibles created by Cirque du Soleil—is a striking mélange of acrobatics, street dance, music and multimedia bearing the distinct signature of Cirque du Soleil.


    • Opening (Dance)
    • Fil de Fer
    • Boleadoras and Fire (mix of fire-related disciplines)
    • Perche
    • Fiesta (Diabolos, Korean Plank, Tumbling)
    • Hoop Manipulation
    • Trapeze Duplex
    • Trampoline/Wall
    • Finale (Dance)

    Event Photos

    Creative Team

         Jacques Méthé			Executive Producer
         Joanne Fillion			Director of Creation
         Oliver Dufour			Creator & Director
         Oliver Dufour			Projection Designer
         GhislainTurcotte			Head Choreographer
         Harold Rhéaume			Choreographer
         Michael Duffy			Movement Coach
         Marie-Chantale Vaillancourt	Costumes
         Nathalie J. Simard			Makeup
         Jacques Boucher			Sound
         Hubert Gagnon			Lighting
         Studio Élément
           Éric Denis			Projection
           Jean-François Dugal		Projection
           Thierry Roussel Garneau		Projection
           Simon Giguère			Projection
         Alain Vinet			Musical Director
         Bob & Bill				Composers & Arrangers
         Bob & Bill				Musical Direction, Lyrics
         Bob & Bill				Recorded Musicians
         ElsieanneC aplette			Additional Music, Lyrics
         Éric Lafond			Director of Production

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Chapter 4: The Pixel Frontier

    The Pixel Frontier saw a child’s dreams take the public at sunset on a voyage into the heart of his imaginary world where traditional meets virtual, and where the child becomes aware of the beauty of human contact through scintillating exchanges that multiply all around him.

    Performed outside under the Dufferin highway overpass in Quebec City’s downtown area, right in the heart of the Saint-Roch district, The Pixel Frontier — the fourth chapter of the Les Chemins invisibles event created by Cirque du Soleil — combines acrobatic performances, dance, music and multimedia, all in the signature Cirque du Soleil style.


    • Opening (Dance)
    • Hoops
    • Dance Trapeze (Female Duet)
    • Acrobatics (Play/Dance) — "Cube Ninja Body"
    • Chinese Poles
    • Straps (Male)
    • Hand-Balancing (Female) — "Flos Metallum"
    • Acrobatic Bicycle & Inline Skates
    • Double Skipping Rope
    • Cyr Wheel w/Bear Mask
    • Clown
    • Acrobatics Finale

    Event Photos

    Creative Team

         Jacques Méthé		Executive Producer
         Joanne Fillion		Director of Creation
         Richard Dagenais		Director of Creation
         Pamela Schneider		Creator & Director
         Pamela Schneider		Projection Designer
         Dawn Wilson		Assistant to the Director
         Dawn Wilson		General Stage Manager
         Sacha Kleinplats		Choreographer
         Andrew Tay			Choreographer
         James Lavoie		Set & Props
         James Lavoie		Costumes & Makeup
         Jacques Boucher		Sound
         Nol Van Genuchten		Light & Multimedia Designer
         Moment Factory		Video Content Production
         Philippe Aubertin		Acrobatic Designer
         Rob Bollinger		Artistic Director
         Rob Bollinger		Head Coach
         Jason Wasserman		Illustrator
         Alain Vinet		Musical Director
         Francis Collard		Musical Arrangements
         Francis Collard		Musical Direction
         Beatrice Bonnifassi	Lyrics
         Francis Collard		Musical Composition
         Beatrice Bonifassi		Musical Composition
         Dominic Dagenais		Musical Composition
         Catherine Ledoux		Musical Composition
         Éric Lafond		Production Director

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Chapter 5: The Harbor of Lost Souls

    The Harbor of Lost Souls, the fifth and final installment of the series, has the employees of an old customs officer offering him a most unforgettable night to celebrate his birthday. In this mysterious realm, the jolly schemers awaken a strange world in which the old man will re-live some of the pivotal moments of his long life. In a stream of festive tableaux, the liberating power of memories whisks him away on a journey during which he will discover long forgotten parts of his inner self.

    Inspired by the Port of Quebec, a place steeped in history, The Harbor of Lost Souls directed by Martin Genestwas a unique outdoor show. In a new setting, both physically and artistically, the international cast of 35 artists hailing from countries such as Italy, Russia, Ukraine, Canada and the United States, will give a 50-minute performance.

    “For Martin Genest, the site where the show will be presented inspired a concept that draws on the memories of the bustle that once filled the Port of Quebec. We hope that the unforgettable night the old customs officer is about to experience will delight spectators and fill them with wonder,” said Richard Dagenais, director of creation at Cirque du Soleil.

    Acts & Music

    • Opening — "The Irish Parade"
    • Prelude to Duo Trapeze — "Odoodem"
    • Duo Trapeze — "Ooshou Dom Be"
    • Film Studio/Icarian Games — "Action"
    • Circus/Unicycles and Juggling — "Vintage Parade"
    • Aerial Hoop — "Flying Horses" and "Angelic"
    • Prelude to Russian Cradle — "Feast Dance"
    • Russian Cradle — "Feast Day"
    • Wheel of Death — "Victory"
    • Banquine — "Wenninsun"
    • Irish Dance/Finale — "The Irish Parade"

    Event Photos

    Creative Team

         Richard Dagenais			Director of Creation
         Martin Genest			Director
         David Pulin			Assistant to the Director
         Félix Dagenais			Assistant Director (Atomic3)
         Alison Crawford			Artistic Director
         Sonya St-Martin			General Stage Manager
         André Morency			Dramaturge
         Harold Rhéaume			Choreographer
         Philippe Aubertin			Acrobatic Performance Designer
         Philippe Aubertin			Coach
         Guillaume Lord			Set & Props Designer
         Alain Vinet			Musical Director
         Bob & Bill				Music Designers
         James Lavoie			Costume Designer
         Laurence Mongeau			Assistant Costume Designer
         Geneviève Maranda			Assistant Costume Designer
         Elisabeth Lehoux			Make-Up Designer
         Louis-Xavier Gagnon-Lebrun		Lighting Designer (Atomic3)
         Jacques Boucher 			Sound Designer
         Claude Leduc			Illustrator

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