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Drawn to Life





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Bringing a Timeless, Enchanting Disney Story
to Life in an Unforgettable New Way

When the genius of Cirque du Soleil meets the art of Disney Animation in the spectacle Drawn to Life, Disney Springs’ audiences of all ages experience the animator’s world coming to life in breathtaking ways and in signature Cirque du Soleil style. An eye-filling show of gravity-defying acrobatics, captivating choreography, new musical arrangements, whimsical characters, unique set design and playful costuming, Drawn to Life reconnects adults to their childlike selves and introduces a new generation to the wonders of Cirque du Soleil and hand-drawn animation. At the heart of the story is the love of family and the universally unshakable bond between parents and children that remains undimmed by loss or the passage of time.

Cirque du Soleil’s 50th production, Drawn to Life celebrates Disney’s extraordinary legacy in the art of animation, from the earliest pencil sketches to the spellbinding spectacles of today. It marks the first-ever theatrical collaboration of three creative icons: Cirque du Soleil, Walt Disney Animation Studios and Walt Disney Imagineering. Years in the making, the show resulted from extensive visits Cirque du Soleil teams made to Disney theme parks, Walt Disney Animation Studios, Walt Disney Animation Research Library, Walt Disney Archives, and The Walt Disney Family Museum in San Francisco. “This show is a love letter to the art of animation,” says Michel Laprise, writer and show director. “And it’s just a pure joy for us to explore the richness and the authenticity and the audacity of Disney animation.”

Drawn to Life tells the story of Julie, a courageous and determined twelve- year-old, who shares a passion for Disney Animation with her artist father, who recently passed. She discovers an unexpected gift left by her late animator father: a letter urging her to complete a drawing he left unfinished. From his cluttered desk, Julie is suddenly whisked through a vortex into a world of wonder where comforts of her childhood have come alive and beloved Disney Animation characters serve as her guides. Throughout her quest to complete the animation, Julie learns to erase any self-doubt, to imagine new possibilities and to animate the story of her future. Moving into the distinctive circus tent building at Disney Springs, Drawn to Life blends the heart, humor and joy of Disney storytelling with new acrobatic performances and effects never seen before in a Cirque du Soleil production. Families will be transfixed as an animator’s desk becomes the stage and drawings of characters and objects come alive to fully immerse the audience in the world of animation.

“It’s a show about love. The love of a father for his daughter, who grew up with all the Disney characters, and the love of a craftsman for his craft. Julie will receive a message from her father who will tell her basically: now it’s up to you to take over, to create the illusion of life and find your own signature,” says Laprise. “What fascinates us is that moment when life appears in drawings. Just like in an acrobat’s body, the visceral physicality of animation. The way they perform, the way they create the illusion of life.”

Premiere: November 18, 2021
Type: Resident / Theater
Location: Disney Springs (WDW)

Creative Team

For Cirque du Soleil

Executive Producer
Diane Quinn
Writer & Director
Michel Laprise
Creative Director
Fabrice Becker
Set Designer
Stephane Roy
Costume Designer
Philipe Guillotel
Make-up Designer
Eleni Uranis
Acrobatic Designer
Germain Guillemot
Acro Equipment
Danny Zen
Music Composer
Benoît Jutras
Projection Designer
Mathieu St-Arnaud
Projection Designer
Félix Fradet-Faguy
Projections Producer
  Production Director
Matthew Whelan
Magie Nouvelle
Raphaël Navarro
Puppets Designer
Johanna Elhert
Sound Design
Jonathan Deans
Lighting Designer
Martin Labrecque
Comic Act Designer
Joe de Paul
Kostiantyn Tomilchenko
Andrew Skeels
Lydia Bouchard
Double Wheel Act
Bello Nock

Guest Creators

Aerial Pencil Act
Saulo Sarmiento
Swing to Swing Act
Alexander Skokov
  Teeterboard Act
Nico Lagarde

For Walt Disney Animation

Chief Creative
Jennifer Lee
Clark Spencer
Creative Director
Roger Gould
Creative Legacy
Aimee Scribner
Animation Director
Eric Goldberg
Associate Producer
Liane Dietz
Associate Producer
Angela D'Anna
VFX Supervisor
Darin Hollings
Randy Haycock
Mark Henn
Clean-Up Artist
Rachel Bibb
Clean-Up Artist
Lureline Weatherly
Ink & Paint
Brandon Bloch
Digital Art
Kent Gordon
Mariel Song
Amelia Lewis
Jillian Howell

For Walt Disney Imagineering

Michael Jung
Music Studio
Matt Walker
VP Production
Natalie Woodward
Omar Kamal
Larry Sonn
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