CirqueCon: The Unofficial Gatherings of Cirque du Soleil Passionates




 Mar.18.2012: Added "THE JOURNEY AND THE ADVENTURE" An Oral History
		of CirqueCon" by Keith Johnson and Richard Russo 
		(in PDF) to the History page.

 Feb.20.2012: Removed CC2011 specific pages and other pages related 
		to memberships (as we have gone on hiatus). Please 
		enjoy our history! Also added PDF of CirqueCon 2011
		Programme Book and pictures of the 2011 event 

 Nov.27.2011: CC2011 /// Update #11 - We Have a Final Schedule?
		Read the Facebook Page. And check out 
		our Itinerary page for the schedule!

 Nov.13.2011: CC2011 Announcement - We're Going on Hiatus
		Read the Hiatus announcement here.

 Oct.29.2011: CC2011 /// Update #9 - We're a Month Away!
		Read the update at our Facebook Page.

 Sep.28.2011: CC2011 /// Update #8 - We'd Like Your Thoughts!
		Read the update at our Facebook Page.

 Aug.31.2011: CC2011 /// Update #7 - We Have a Group Meal!
		Read the Update at our Facebook Page or check it
		out on our Activities page.
 Aug.05.2011: CC2011 /// Update #6 - We Need Your Opinion!
		Read the Update at our Facebook Page.

 Jun.20.2011: CC2011 /// Update #5 - CirqueWeek News!
		Read the Update at our Facebook Page or check 
		it out on our More Cirque! Page.		

 Mar.16.2011: CC2011 /// Update #4 - We have a Hotel!
		Read the Update at our Facebook Page or check 
		it out on our Hotel Page.

 Mar.09.2011: CC2011 /// Update #3 - We Have Tickets!
		Read the update at our Facebook Page or check 
		it out on our Tickets Page.

 Nov.20.2010: CC2011 /// Relaunch of for CC2011:
		Hollywood! - Announced CirqueCon 2011: Hollywood
		and placed website for the event online.

 May.05.2010: CirqueCon 2011: Hollywood! Splash Page.

 Apr.25.2010: CC2010 /// Update #17 - final update before the
		event! Just a quick note to tell everyone what
		our "final" event schedule will be!

 Apr.09.2010: CC2010 /// Update #16

 Mar.31.2010: CC2010 /// Update #15 - emailed out. Just a couple
		of quick notes about the event. 

 Mar.22.2010: CC2010 /// Update #14 - emailed out with an update
		on T-Shirts (now with payment info!) and a question
		for those attending The Lion King with us.

 Mar.17.2010: CC2010 /// Update #13 - emailed out with a quick note
		about the Banana Shpeel delay and how that affects
		our tickets. Also reminder about Group Meal RSVPs
		and payments. And info about 2010 T-Shirt. 

 Mar.04.2010: CC2010 /// Update #12 - emailed out with a reminder
		about NYC/YUL Hotel Deadlines that are quickly

 Feb.26.2010: CC2010 /// Update #11 - emailed out with a notice that
		all ticket sales through CirqueCon have now closed.
		Also, we're looking to get a few great member stories
		for our programme book AND general event updates
		and reminders.

 Feb.17.2010: CC2010 /// Update #10 - emailed out with reminders
		on BANANA SHPEEL ticket sales, which will end
		next Wednesday (the 24th). As well as quick
		notes on our Hotels and Group Meals. 

 Feb.03.2010: CC2010 /// Update #9 - emailed out with
		info on our Group Meal in NYC, tickets to
		BANANA SHPEEL, and reminders about getting
		a membership, Broadway Night, Dinner at 
		Dallas BBQ (OVO Night) and more!

 Jan.26.2010: CC2010 /// Update #8 - emailed out with a
		lot of updates regarding the event, which
		includes ticket deadline reminder, hotel
		reservation reminder, Group Meal YUL
		reminder and links to the Event FAQ,
		Broadway Night announcement and OVO
		Evening dinner at Dallas BBQ. Updated
		Itinerary online!

 Jan.21.2010: Split up the HOTELS pages between New York
		City and Montréal, to make it easier
		to gather information about the hotels 
		to make for smoother reservations. Some
		other minor cosmetic and asthetic changes
		were made to the site. Added FACEBOOK
		Icon/Link to the main page - join us

 Jan.20.2010: Moved 2010 FAQs from General CirqueCon FAQ
		page to the UPDATES page within the 2010
		event section. Also added a DEADLINES
		box to the UPDATES page for 2010.

 Jan.19.2010: CC2010 /// Update #7 - emailed out with info
		pertaining to both Headquarters Hotels -
		SUITES in YUL. The update also reminded
		everyone about deadlines, Group Meal in
		Montreal, Tickets to OVO/Tour 2010 and
		the MAGIC BUS option.

 Jan.14.2010: Split up the SOCIAL pages between New York
		City and Montréal, to make it easier
		to see what's going on in each city. Also
		updated the CirqueCon FAQ page with info
		pertaining to 2010.

 Jan.13.2010: CC2010 /// Update #6 - emailed out with a
		member-supported initiative, a "magic bus"
		to and from OVO and the possibility of
		getting together for dinner before OVO
		(our official group meal will be the night
		of Banana Shpeel).

 Jan.11.2010: CC2010 /// Update #5 - emailed out with good
		news regarding tickets to OVO and Tour 2010 -
		Cirque extended our block until end of
		January! Also a blurb about transportation
		from NYC to Montreal (we won't be handling
		that), and a reminder to RSVP with us for
		our Group Meal in Montreal!

 Jan.04.2010: CC2010 /// Update #4 - emailed out with another
		reminder about our ticket purchase deadlines
		for OVO and Tour 2010 Tickets - it's Wednesday
		January 6th at 11:59 EST!!

 Dec.22.2009: CC2010 /// Update #3 - emailed out with a reminder
		about our ticket purchase deadlines, introduced
		our HQ Hotel for Montreal and our Group Meal in
		Montreal at the Restaurant du Vieux Port. RSVP

 Dec.21.2009: Updated pages to remove the old CirqueCon Forum
		link. Replaced it with a link to our Facebook
		page - join us there for discussion!

 Dec.19.2009: Filled out our History section. You can now find
		the programme books for 2007 and 2008, which 
		have never been available online before. PLUS
		new combined versions of our 2005 and 2006
		programme books. Enjoy!

 Dec.09.2009: Just a little housekeeping - added new 2010 Logo by
		Francisco, a seating chart to the TICKETS page and
		a new teaser Desktop Background, submitted by
		member Rich Alford - Thanks!

 Dec.08.2009: CC2010 /// Update #2 - emailed out with information 
		on purchasing tickets to OVO in New York City
		and TOUR 2010 in Montréal.

 Dec.02.2009: CC2010 /// Update #1 - Announced CirqueCon 2010: New 
		York City & Montréal! And placed website 
		for the event online. 
 Oct.04.2009: Launch of 2010/2011 version of
		Added a new page - Who are we? - which tells you
		a little bit about those who put CirqueCon on year
		after year!

 Oct.02.2009: Update #12 (Post Event #1) was emailed out thanking
		everyone for participating in CirqueCon 2009:
		Monterrey! We need your pictures and your stories,
		so please email them to us at the following:!

		Also, interact with CirqueCon in a brand new way;
		to help keep in touch we've launched a Facebook 
		page for CirqueCon, which you can find 
		by clicking here.

 Sep.22.2009: Update #11 was emailed out with a link to our
		final schedule, our programme book (virtual),
		information on getting to and from the airport,
		and on Monterrey's ever changing weather.

 Sep.21.2009: Update #10 was emaield out with a few small
	      pieces of info on the event, the weather and
	      getting to and from the airport. Also updated
	      GOODIES pages with T-Shirt images!

 Sep.17.2009: Updated GOODIES page with POST CARD images -
	      check out our new backgrounds!
 Sep.14.2009: Update #9 was emailed out to announce to our
	      members the option of purchasing a CC2009
	      T-shirt on-site.

 Sep.09.2009: Update #8 was emailed out!

 Aug.21.2009: Update #7 was emailed out - check it out on our
	      GOODIES page!

 Aug.14.2009: Update #6 was emailed out!

 Aug.05.2009: Update #5 was emailed out to remind our members
	      of the information detailed thus far: tickets,
	      hotel, and social activities. More to come!

 Jul.18.2009: Update #4 was emailed out regarding our Social
	      Activities for CirqueCon 2009 in Monterrey!
	      We'll have the Social Activities pages updated
	      in a couple of days; meanwhile, please enjoy
	      the updates via email in both English and

 Jul.09.2009: Update #3 was emailed out regarding tickets to our
	      official CirqueCOn show of Dralion. Please read the
	      update on our TICKETS page. CirqueCon will be unable
	      to facilitate tickets at all this year due to 
	      OCESA. We apologize for this inconvenience.

 Jul.08.2009: Added Email Updates section on the Goodies page
	      for further event information incase emails are not 

 Jun.26.2009: We have dates, hotel and ticket information for
	      CirqueCon 2009: Monterrey! 

	      Our official weekend is as follows: Thursday,
  	      September 24th through Sunday,September 27th.

	      Group Hotel: Holiday Inn Parque Fundidora
	      See the hotel page for further information.

	      Tickets: Not yet on sale, but give us your orders!
	      See the tickets page for further information.

	      Information pertaining to our social activities
	      (Riverwalk, Group Meal, City Tour & Bohemia Night)
	      are forthcoming. Stay tuned!

 Jun.16.2009: Cirque's Kodak 2010 show may have been delayed
		until mid-2011, but we haven't given up the
		dream of taking CirqueCon to Hollywood to
		see it premiere! So, we've just moved our
		event from 2010 to 2011!

	      While Keith and Lucy will continue to spear-
		head the Kodak efforts despite the delay,
		Team Triple R (that's Ricky, Rich and 
		Rodolfo) are working hard behind-the-scenes 
		on CirqueCon 2009: Monterrey!

	      We should have an announcement for you shortly
		regarding Monterrey and potentials for a
		2010 replacement-con!

 Apr.01.2009: Check the 2009 Goodies Page for our event teaser 
		backgrounds! You'll find them in two sizes: 
		800x600 and 1024x768. No April Fools, enjoy!

 Mar.24.2009: A Spanish version of the CirqueCon 2009:
		Monterrey! website pages now online.

 Mar.20.2009: Announced CirqueCon 2009: Monterrey! And
		placed website for the event online.

 Jan.26.2009: Added 2008 Group Picture, which you can
		find under our History page, or here!

 Dec.17.2008: preps for next adventure.
	See 2008's event on our history page!

 Oct.26.2008: We have a schedule! Check out our Itinerary page 
	for our entire convention schedule!

 Jun.19.2008: Updated the 2008 Hotel page with the
	announcement of Hilton Tokyo Bay as the OFFICIAL
	CirqueCon 2008 headquarters hotel. Information
	on reserving your room and its amenities can be
	found there. Come join us!

 May.13.2008: Updated the 2008 Tickets page with new
	deadline information. Cirque has extended the 
	deadline for seat reservations until June 1st!

 Mar.13.2008: Updated the 2008 Links page for new and
	exciting links! Find out about Cell Phones in Japan,
	the country's culture and manners, about other theme
	parks than just Universal and Disney, and more!

 Jan.28.2008: Check out the 2008 Tickets page for new
	information pertaining to purchasing show tickets, and 

 Jan.22.2008: With the launch of 2008 we had to do a little 
	clean-up behind-the-scenes; therefore, all 2007 pages
	were removed to focus solely on 2008. You'll find
	2007's event history in our History section, so
	be sure to check out the section for all the ins-and-
	outs from our Orlando event (but not all of the media 
	are available - so pardon our dust!)

 Jan.17.2008: We've got our dates! CirqueCon 2008: Tokyo! will
	take place from Thursday, November 6th through Sunday,
	November 9th. Check out all the 2008 pages for updates
	related to our dates. And if you're looking to join us
	but are unsure about how much it will cost, check out
	our updated budget on our FAQ page.

 Jan.10.2008: We're getting close to confirming our dates for
 	Tokyo 2008 but we're not there just yet. Once we have our
 	"final" dates for Tokyo 2008 we will announce them to you!
 	As a tease, though, we've posted a seating chart for the
 	Tokyo Cirque theater -- be thinking about where you want
 	to sit! (up front, we know!) :)	You can see this on our
 	2008 Tickets page.

	Updated all Tokyo 2008 pages - so check them out
	for updates on the Hotel, Show Tickets, Itinerary,
	Social Activities and More!

	First CirqueCon 2007 Post-Event Update. Removed 2007
	Membership Page, tweaked the front section, and
	removed other irrelevant pages. 2007 section will
	remain active until 2008 crossover!

	Added a "hidden" page for the "make your own" CirqueCon
	2007 T-Shirt. You can find this page here.

 	Just a couple of quick edits to the Tokyo 2008 section
 	of the main page and its Membership page.

	Updated our 2007 Tickets Page to provide everyone the
	complete story how to purchase La Nouba tickets through

	Updated our 2007 Social Activities Page with the final
	update on the Epcot Dessert Party. Dessert #4 has been
	selected, 30 patrons are attending, and the RSVP list is
	closed. Sorry you missed it!

	Also, the deadline to join us at our CirqueCon 2007
	Headquarters Hotel has come to pass.

	Updated our Itinerary Page to provide everyone a glimpse
	of what we have in mind for our Orlando weekend. We hope
	to have a final schedule within the next couple of weeks;
	however, all the Cirque activities are up in the air as
	we await the La Nouba office's final decisions.

	Our second update for CirqueCon 2007 was released to our
	mailing list! Inside were updates pertaining to our
	Epcot Dessert Party (we now have a date and time for the
	party) and some information about expected park hours with
	parade/fireworks times! Also, we updated our FAQ with
	two new questions: 1) What is EMH? and 2) What will	
	the weather be like? More to come!

	We finally have event information regarding CirqueCon 2007 in
	Orlando! Updates to Show Tickets, Hotel and Social Activity
	pages with information on our selected weekend (August 9-12),
	our official headquarters hotel (Port Orleans: French
	Quarter), and some of the ideas we have for Social
	Activities: CirqueSwap, Disney Park Hopping,Epcot Dessert
	Party & more! More to come!

	The re-launch of! We're still working on things
	here behind-the-scenes, to get them just the way we like it.
	So don't be surprised if you see changes in the coming days/
	weeks. In the meantime, please check out our 2007 Membership,
	Show Tickets, Hotel, Itinerary, Social Activities and Goodies
	pages,as well as, 2008 Tokyo's Membership page for information
	on joining us for both events!


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