CirqueCon: The Unofficial Gatherings of Cirque du Soleil Passionates


* * * * ANNOUNCEMENT * * * *

CirqueCon 2011: Hollywood! will be the eighth consecutive year of Events for us. In those years we've been to wonderful places such as Vancouver, Montreal (twice!), Mexico, Orlando as well as Las Vegas, New York City, Tokyo and soon LA. As fellow tourists we know we've had many indelible memories, met many many new friends and taken several "trips of a lifetime", and we hope you have, too.

In those eight years the landscape of Cirque du Soleil has changed greatly as well. Cirque Week now seems to be an annual event in Las Vegas, and we like to think in our own small way we helped show Cirque the power that Passionates have when gathered in one place. Cirque has also taken to opening multiple new creations each year, some in exciting far-flung cities of the world.

As you might imagine, organizing an event like CirqueCon takes a lot of work by a lot of people. And after eight years of planning and executing it is time for us to take a break (though we will work hard to make CirqueCon 2011: Hollywood what you have come to expect of us).

This means that CirqueCon 2011: Hollywood! will be the last CirqueCon for awhile. We are going on hiatus and will return if we find a compelling reason and a compelling city in which to gather. We plan to indulge in some of our other passions for awhile.

So if you've ever considered attending a CirqueCon and experiencing for yourself the power of gathered Passionates sharing the wonder of Cirque du Soleil together, now is the time. We'd love to meet you, get newly or re-aquainted with you and introduce you to some interesting people who share your passion. And see a wonderous Cirque show to boot.