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Ladder Duo/Solo
Aerial Straps
Russian Bar
High Wire
Cyr Wheel &

Sand Painting
Flying Trapeze
Wheel of Death
Hand Balancing

Rola Bola
Icarian Games
Chair Balancing
Aerial Silk
Aerial Hoop

Rope Duet




Vocalists & Songs
    "It’s a rock show. It definitely packs a bigger punch. We [are] channeling some pretty cool stuff from hip-hop to bebop to early Bowie and Elvis and everything in between. We are really going into rock's history." — Nick Littlemore, Composer

Littlemore can't say he knows in terms of decibel how much louder Zarkana is compared to other Cirque du Soleil shows, but it is still palatable to the ears and the seated audience. The Sound Designer made sure of that; however, "it is definitely more aggressive," said Littlemore. Early on in the conception phase, Littlemore wrote over 100 songs for Zarkana. "I like to write a lot anyway, so it made sense," he said. "It took me a long time to learn how to write for perforamance, especially for things like trapeze. The music needs to be malleable, be different lengths. I pretty much come from acid house and techno. It's four bars; sometimes it's one bar. And this was very different. Some songs had 20 different sections. Pop songs have, like, two. So this was fun." Some may call the result popera, but to him Zarkana is more like an acid opera, seen as a very psychedelic experience. "To be totally honest, I think this is a show about women, the inner complexities of women. We meet all these various ladies along this journey that the ringleader, Zark, takes. We see the extremes, and that allows us to create these characters musically. We have our snake lady, we have the woman of the Earth who is kind of a white witch and everything in between."

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    Zark (2011-2013)

      Garou Jun.09.2011 - Sep.04.2011 (New York City)
      Paul Bisson Jun.14.2011 - Dec.31.2013 (NYC to Las Vegas)
      Stephan McNicoll Nov.12.2011 - Dec.30.2011
      Feb.xx.2012 - Apr.07.2012
      Kit Goguen Jun.xx.2012 - Dec.xx.2013 (NYC to Las Vegas)

    Lia & Castafiore

      Cassiopée Jun.09.2011 - Nov.2015 (NYC to Las Vegas)
      Meetu Chilana Jun.14.2011 - Sep.02.2012 (NYC to NYC)
      Briana Rossi Nov.18.2012 - Apr.30.2016 (Las Vegas)
      Mackenzie Thomas Nov.14.2015 - Apr.30.2016 (Las Vegas)

    Backing Vocals

      Steve Bach Jun.09.2011 - Apr.30.2016 (NYC to Las Vegas)
      Peter Fand Jun.09.2011 - Apr.30.2016 (NYC to Las Vegas)

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    Main Show

    Animation/Opening Tourago / Guiram; Antila ("About Time")
    Juggling (2014+) "Jugling"
    Ladder Eridanus ("Hands Up")
    Aerial Straps (2014-2015) "Straps"
    Flag Throwing Kuma ("Flags")
    Russian Bar Gienah ("Serenity")
    High Wire (2014+) ("Unknown")
    Cyr Wheel & Hoops "Third Kind"
    Sand Painting "Remember"
    Trapeze Zawraq ("Mystic Web", "Trapeze")
    Wheel of Death Crysococca ("Bag of Gears")
    Hand Balancing Rae ("Libra")
    Interlude "Tarientar" (2011-2013);
    "A Phantom’s Parade" (2014+)
    Banquine (2014+) "Banquine"
    Finale (2014+) "Finale"

    Other Songs

    Pickled Lady Funeral "Pickled Lady Funeral"
    Teeterboard (2011, 2013) Crysococca ("Bag of Gears")
    Aerial Duet (2012) "So Green"
    Juggling (2011-2014) Jarseate (“Splash”)
    High Wire (2011-2014) Caph (“Kundalini”)
    Banquine (2011-2014) Asteraw ("Oh Lia (Asteroids)")
    Finale (2011-2014) "Love Duet" / "Of Gospel"
    Rola Bola (2015+) {Reserve} "Juggling"
    Icarian Games Duo {Reserve} "Juggling"
    Aerial Hoops (2015+) {Reserve} "Oh, What a Day?", "Caph"
    Hammock (2015+) {Reserve} Rae ("Libra")
    Aerial Silks (2015+) {Reserve} Rae ("Libra")
    Bed (2015+) {Reserve} Rae ("Libra")
    Handbalancing on Canes (2015+) Eridanus ("Hands Up")
    Balancing on Chairs (2015+) Eridanus ("Hands Up")
    Not in Show Whenever, The Archer

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